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Getting winter ready! – Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

The days are getting shorter and colder, and we get it – all you want to do is snuggle up and never leave the house. But life beckons us to reluctantly crawl out of our caves, and mustering up the mental and physical energy to get through the day doesn’t come easily to the best of us.



Metropol caught up with Head Pharmacist at Unichem Cashel Pharmacy, Annabel Turley to get her top three essential vitamins to keep you in tip-top shape this winter.

  1. Vitamin C: Taking regular Vitamin C supplements is the key to a top-performing immune system all winter long, Annabel explains. “Not only is it a godsend when it comes to warding off colds and flus, Vitamin C also helps protect and improve the function of cells, supports the absorption of iron and helps to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, skin and teeth,” she says.
    Unichem Cashel Pharmacy offers a range of vitamin C brands that are high quality and fast-absorbing.
  2. Vitamin D: According to recent studies, there is in fact a link between Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Vitamin D deficiency, which explains the winter slump. This little warrior can battle depression, anxiety, fatigue and muscle aches!
    “It’s vital for healthy immunity, energy and mental wellbeing,” Annabel says. “It is also unfortunately not present in most foods, but relatively high doses can be found in cod liver oil capsules which are available here at the pharmacy.”
  3. Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is required to make healthy red blood cells that are needed to carry oxygen throughout the body. Researchers have discovered that individuals with B vitamin deficiency may find themselves more sensitive to cold temperatures. and the result is poor circulation, Annabel explains. “So this means cold hands and feet and general intolerance to low temperatures.”
    Unichem Cashel Pharmacy not only offers vitamin B12 supplements, but they can also do B12 injections.


Protection against influenza

When it comes to influenza, prevention is better than treatment, says Unichem Prestons pharmacist Ryan McNamara.

To make sure you’re protected this winter, all you have to do is pop in for a quick consultation with a pharmacist – no appointments necessary – and one of the experienced pharmacist vaccinators will administer the vaccination instore.

If you’re over 65 or pregnant, you’re eligible for a free flu vaccine, but even if you don’t fall into either of these categories, it’s a reasonable fee for the vaccine which can be administered to patients 13 years and older.

After the vaccination, patients will be required to wait 20 minutes in store to check for any adverse reactions and your GP will be informed to update your records.

The Unichem Prestons team also offers flu vaccines off-site for large groups and workplaces, and to residents at Alpine View retirement village.

Ryan says making the vaccination free in pharmacy to those most at risk, (pregnant and elderly) adds another layer of protection for the local community.

“Having it instore and available to the general public means it’s easily accessible and convenient to everyone,” he says.

“The earlier you get your vaccine, the sooner you’re protected, with the main flu season running from May to September, though it’s important to remember that it’s never too late in the season to get your vaccine.”

It is available at Unichem Prestons pharmacy from April. For more information and updates on availability, keep up-to-date via the Facebook page.

For more information, phone 03 281 7889 or email


Pharmaceutical stand-out

Four words that mean so much in the time-poor 21st century are ‘convenient, one-stop, shopping’. Unichem Cashel Pharmacy provides so many services under the one roof, you can forget the stress and just enjoy the experience.



The pharmacy is staffed by qualified pharmacists and offers the following to customers:
• Medicine management – full advisory service on medications and supplements.
• Prescriptions – from qualified pharmacists in the fully functioning dispensary.
• Vaccinations – including flu, whooping cough, meningococcal disease and shingles.
• Emergency contraception – seven days a week, 364 days a year, no appointment necessary.

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy also offers extensive consultations and treatments:
• Fertility awareness
• Weight loss
• Stress loss
• Appearance medicine clinics
• Vitamin B12 injections
• Personalised health – based on the client’s own genetics and DNA
• Health check
• Erectile dysfunction consult
• Smoking cessation – with programme tailored to client’s specific needs.
• Urinary tract infection and cystitis
• Oral contraception
• Detoxification programme.

Completing the point of difference that makes Unichem Cashel Pharmacy stand out from the rest is their vast range of general services:
• NZ Post – both New Zealand and International postage
• Car Registration and User Charges
• Photo processing
• Passport photos
• Dry cleaning
• Wellness talks – Head
Pharmacist Annabel is available for keynote presentations, technical lectures and workshops, as well as pharmacy training and media comment.

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy at 111 Cashel Street is the ultimate in convenient, one-stop shopping… need we say more? Phone 03 595 1289. Open Monday-Friday 8am-6:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm, with public holidays 10am-5pm.


Making medication easy

Embracing innovation and technology, Unichem Prestons’ new robotic packing machine will result in many benefits for patients, including compliancy and convenience.



Owner Ed Dawwas has been operating a Robotic Dispensing Machine at the Woodham Road Pharmacy for the past two years, and was so impressed with the impact of this medication sachet system on patient compliance, that he decided to bring it to Prestons.

He says the system is an excellent way to manage a patient’s medication and ensures that patients take the right medication, at the right dose, at the right time.

Medications are conveniently packed into the sachets at the appropriate dose times, and each individual dose is labelled with the patient’s name, dose time and the medicines to be taken at the specified time.

“The medication sachet system is especially good for making it easy to remember to take your medications, customers who are on multiple medications or complicated regimens, customers who are travelling or needing to take medications away with them (for day trips, lunch excursions) and safety as all medications are in one place and can be easily stored.”

It also provides patients with a continual supply of medications, so they never feel like they’re going to be caught short without them.

When they are due to pick up a new supply of medicines, patients receive automatic reminders, and there’s flexible, daily delivery options for the local community.

“We have a great community, and we would like them to benefit from this service,” Ed says.

For more information, phone 03 281 7889 or email


More than a pharmacy

Unichem Prestons is more than just a pharmacy. The warm, welcoming staff know all their local customers by name and the strong community focus ensures everyone feels a real sense of belonging.



Opening a year and a half ago in the new Prestons subdivision, the service-focused pharmacy has grown quickly, garnering a large following of loyal regulars in a short amount of time.

Offering everything from vaccinations, free blood pressure checks and throat swabs, to NZ Post, passport photos, drycleaning and ear piercing, the pharmacy also specialises in fitting compression stockings.

A new automated tablet packaging system ensures distribution accuracy, and the pharmacy also provides a home visit service option for elderly customers who would like support with medication management, says Unichem Prestons owner Ed Dawwas.

“One of our pharmacists can come out to your home, communicate with your doctor and chat about your medication, helping to solve any problems or concerns.”

Shopping for Christmas presents? The extensive range of gifts, as well as the best in beauty and health products, means finding the perfect present for even that hard-to-buy-for family member is easy.

Unichem Prestons also holds regular community events, such as the popular ‘Ladies Day’ in October, where attendees learnt about hormone cycles and changing bodies, from the teenage years to menopause. “We are a one-stop service-focused shop, that always aims to go above and beyond for the Prestons community.”

Located on 420 Marshland Road, follow the pharmacy on Facebook to find out about special deals, sales and upcoming events. Phone  03 281 7889.