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More than a pharmacy

Unichem Prestons is more than just a pharmacy. The warm, welcoming staff know all their local customers by name and the strong community focus ensures everyone feels a real sense of belonging.



Opening a year and a half ago in the new Prestons subdivision, the service-focused pharmacy has grown quickly, garnering a large following of loyal regulars in a short amount of time.

Offering everything from vaccinations, free blood pressure checks and throat swabs, to NZ Post, passport photos, drycleaning and ear piercing, the pharmacy also specialises in fitting compression stockings.

A new automated tablet packaging system ensures distribution accuracy, and the pharmacy also provides a home visit service option for elderly customers who would like support with medication management, says Unichem Prestons owner Ed Dawwas.

“One of our pharmacists can come out to your home, communicate with your doctor and chat about your medication, helping to solve any problems or concerns.”

Shopping for Christmas presents? The extensive range of gifts, as well as the best in beauty and health products, means finding the perfect present for even that hard-to-buy-for family member is easy.

Unichem Prestons also holds regular community events, such as the popular ‘Ladies Day’ in October, where attendees learnt about hormone cycles and changing bodies, from the teenage years to menopause. “We are a one-stop service-focused shop, that always aims to go above and beyond for the Prestons community.”

Located on 420 Marshland Road, follow the pharmacy on Facebook to find out about special deals, sales and upcoming events. Phone  03 281 7889.


A positively well winter: Unichem Prestons Pharmacy

Apart from yearning for winter to be over, there are many practical steps we can take to safeguard against winter illness; the first step is to think positive – think winter wellness!



Unichem Prestons Pharmacy have everything covered when it comes to equipping us for this most challenging season – from flu jabs to expert advice and remedy recommendations from owner and pharmacist Ed Dawwas and his friendly team. Flu inoculations are integral to winter health, but Ed also recommends natural supplements as extra protection against succumbing to those pesky viral or bacterial infections.

Vitamin C is a natural immune booster for all seasons, but in winter especially, it helps reduce the severity and duration of ailments, as well as providing antioxidant support in both tissue and wound repair. Gut and digestive health is a major contributor in boosting immunity and, because probiotics are designed to maintain and restore good gut bacteria, probiotics are superstar supplements when it comes to winter wellness.

Another star supplement and natural active vaccine is Buccaline. A 1×7 tablet treatment provides three months protection against bacterial complications of colds – i.e. sneezes, runny noses, sore throats and coughs, while a second course provides full winter protection. It’s the ideal additional protection to the flu vaccine, so for optimal protection, both are recommended.

With these supplements available in tablet, powder and liquid form, Ed and his team happily advise customers on which will work best for them. Find Unichem Prestons Pharmacy at Shop 3 420 Marshland Road, phone 03 281 7889 or visit


Unichem Prestons

The heart of community: Unichem Prestons

Home is where the pharmacist is – at least that’s how the saying goes at Unichem Prestons. Pharmacist and pharmacy owner Ed Dawwas points out, “We are different because we like to engage with our community”.


Unichem Prestons


So much so, as one of their many services, they can conduct a home visit to help you in your medicine management. As we welcome autumn with a true sense of community spirit, the pharmacists at Unichem Prestons are preparing the surrounding community for the upcoming cold and flu season by providing free flu vaccines to pregnant women and patients sixty-five and over. To further protect yourself and loved ones from the potential cold and flu, pharmacists at Unichem Prestons are ready to answer your questions about other forms of preventative care including supplements and medicines.

Ed Dawwas describes Unichem Prestons’ role in the community as this: “We’re the first or last point of contact before a patient goes to the doctor or home with their medication. We have an obligation to enable patients to manage their health and what the doctor has prescribed them”. Be a part of the Unichem Prestons community. Like them on Facebook to find out about future events such as their upcoming Women’s Health presentation.


For more information, phone 03 281 7889 or email pharmacy@