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Toolkit for weight loss: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Recent data indicates that over 60 percent of Australians and New Zealanders are overweight or obese; more concerningly, as obesity levels increase, research suggests more people are now dying from obesity-related causes than from smoking.



Cashel Pharmacy run a Practitioner Weight Management Program incorporating evidence-based techniques and clinical tools to help people change behaviours to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss – and it’s achieving great results.

Setting specific weight and physical activity goals is associated with better weight loss outcomes. These are set out as SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and with a Timeframe). They specify what a person will do, when, where, and for how long.

Other weight loss tools implemented in the six-week programme are Regular Self-Monitoring, a cornerstone of successful weight loss intervention and dietary improvement; Mindfulness, which strengthens a patient’s connection with their own hunger and satiety cues, reduces stress-related eating and helps establish a new relationship with food; and Problem-Solving Therapy, a behavioural change technique that empowers patients to stay on track when faced with obstacles and setbacks by providing a series of steps through which patients can understand challenges and devise effective solutions. Problem-Solving Therapy also assists in replacing negative thoughts with more-positive thoughts.

With regular support from the Unichem Cashel Pharmacy Practitioner team and using the aforementioned techniques and tools, patients can achieve a lasting and healthy weight loss.

Find Unichem Cashel Pharmacy at 3/111 Cashel Street, phone 03 595 1289 or visit



Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Top service recognised: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy has much to be proud of. Recently it was awarded the Pharmacy of the Year award. Talking to owner, holistic pharmacist and qualified nutritional and environmental practitioner, Annabel Turley, it is easy to see why.


 Unichem Cashel Pharmacy


“When it comes to customer service, we go that extra mile and we offer quite different services to other pharmacies,” Annabel says.
“For instance, one of the many services we offer is in appearance medicine, with a registered nurse working on-site, three days a week, providing anti-wrinkle injections and other associated appearance medicine services.”

The pharmacy which is now the only pharmacy in the CBD’s retail precinct also offers: a natural health clinic, a weight loss clinic, a women’s health clinic, a stress clinic, and most impressively, a DNA genetic profiling clinic that maps 54 genes. “The genetic profiling is a road map for wellness. It enables clients to be proactive with their health, because though our genes never change, once we find out where we may have future problems – be it cardiovascular, or whatever – we can make the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle to keep us as healthy as possible,” Annabel says.

When you factor in that this quite extraordinary pharmacy also provides a New Zealand Post outlet, a photo laboratory service (photo printing and passport photos), and a dry-cleaning service, amongst its myriad of other services, it gives an idea of what it took to achieve the award it so truly deserved.


Email or phone 03 595 1289.


Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Holistic Health: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

The team at Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is passionate about bringing an holistic approach to your health. “We treat the whole person, rather than offering a ‘bandaid’ approach,” says Annabel Parrant, owner, pharmacist and qualified practitioner in nutritional and environmental medicine.


Unichem Cashel Pharmacy


Unique to Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is its DNA profiling clinic. A simple ‘Buccal Swab’ from the inside cheek analyses a select range of genes that are key influencers of your general health, wellbeing and performance.

You receive a wellness profile from Annabel, offering comprehensive advice on how to work within your individual genetic ‘playing field’, whether that be large or small, to maximise your wellness. “Your genes are not your destiny and it’s important to know how your diet and lifestyle can make a big difference to your genetic potential,” Annabel says.
At $499, the wellness profile lasts you your lifetime, because your genes are always yours and they don’t change.

Women’s health clinics enable the team to help restore hormonal balance disrupted by PMS, peri-menopause, endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome. They work alongside any medical treatment with diet and lifestyle support, plus referrals.
Annabel says they also work a lot with issues of stress and not sleeping.


You can make an appointment for clinics, or walk in (every day but Friday for DNA tests) and you will need an appointment for DNA results analysis. For more information, visit


Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

Action in the city’s heart: Unichem Cashel Pharmacy is providing a fantastic range of services right in the centre of the CBD

Many Cantabrians have said that central cities come to life with essential services placed in top locations. That’s now happening. One great example is the new Unichem Cashel Pharmacy, right opposite Ballantynes.

Unichem Cashel Pharmacy

This year the retail heart of Christchurch is back to teeming with life. Cashel Mall, BNZ Square, and The Crossing have everything city dwellers want or need during lunch breaks. Plus, a visit to the Unichem Cashel Pharmacy holds more time-saving value than ever before. It now offers medical aesthetic services, so people can boost their wellbeing on the fly.
Not only for collecting your prescriptions, the pharmacy – which also boasts a Post Shop – offers booked appointments with a registered nurse. Flu jabs are administered here, as are initial complementary skin consultations. These then can lead onto service-oriented appearance medicine, such as dermal fillers, collagen-inducing needling, or simply a spot of nutritional counselling.
This is a no-nonsense, caring place where health, nutrition, beauty and cosmetic medicine align within a highly medically-regulated pharmacy setting.
All consultations and treatments happen in confidential, private surroundings, with intensively trained, experienced registered nurses. Pharmacist owner Annabel Turley has introduced this service three days a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Cosmetic medicine treatments such as botox and dysport injections are administered in a private room and clients’ initial consultation includes a full assessment of a client’s skin requirements, and his or her overall lifestyle and health.