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Lighting the way: Trenzseater

Whether you are a classicist, a seeker of the unique, or a connoisseur of the contemporary, Trenzseater has the lighting design to illuminate your world.



New designs emerging from Europe feature metallic finishes but done in a fresh way.

“We are seeing some beautiful, very unique gold and silver leaf among recent standout offerings,” Ben says.

“We are even seeing gold and other metallic tints on glass, which looks amazing and is difficult for mainstream manufacturers to copy – they shine and sparkle in the most amazing way when you turn them on. Conversely, dulled-down and worn-in bronze and matte black features create a lived-in feel that lends a touch of understated elegance.”

There is a large range of timeless light fittings too, which you can be sure to love for a lifetime because they simply will not date.

Ben says lighting “sets the tone and the look of a home, and it’s one of the first things we consider when looking at an interiors project.

If you ensure light fittings reflect your personal style, you can’t go wrong.”

Once style is established, next consideration is scale. Ceiling height and room size must be carefully considered, especially when it comes to installing pendant lights.

“Scale and dimension of the piece is crucial,” Ben says. “A huge beautiful light fitting can’t reach its full potential in a narrow and restrictive space.”

However, with the eye and experience of Ben, Hamish and the team at your side every step of the way, choosing and positioning lights is a pleasure.

“It’s a gift that keeps on giving, when you’ve got a beautiful light fitting. It lifts your spirit every time you flick that switch.”




Offering a portfolio of international brands which are imported and distributed around the country, brothers Ben and Hamish Lewis travel extensively, handpicking fittings for their style, name, quality, and heritage.

“All of our lighting is sourced mostly from Europe and America,” says Ben, who cites the Jonathan Browning, Bomma, Buster + Punch and Eichholtz brands as among some of his clients’ favourites.

Examples of all light fittings selected by Ben and Hamish are displayed on the showroom floor, so you aren’t limited to looking at a catalogue and hoping for the best.

Trenzseater offers a full interior design service with a deserved reputation for detailing some New Zealand’s finest residences and commercial premises, gaining international recognition through awards at the International Design and Architecture Awards, the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review.

Most recently they won their category in the International Design and Architecture Awards in London last year.




Distinctive Luxury: Trenzseater

Trenzseater’s vision is built on the foundation of custom-made luxury design which is authentic, personalised, distinctive and instantly recognisable. Directors Ben and Hamish Lewis offer a full interior design service with a deserved reputation for detailing some of New Zealand’s finest residences.



Their interior design service has gained international recognition through awards at the International Design and Architecture Awards – in September of this year, Trenzseater took home the prestigious International Interior Design Award! They have also received accolades at the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review over the years.

Trenzseater has a large portfolio of renowned international brands that it represents and exclusively distributes through its beautiful showrooms. Sourced from Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, and the United States of America, the collection of brands demonstrates Trenzseater’s commitment to bringing the finest in international design to New Zealand.

The selection of outstanding international brands includes names such as Eichholtz – renowned for its grand opulent scale and exquisite taste in beautiful objects, lighting and accessories. The very desirable Italian Vittoria Frigeiro label’s pieces radiate austere perfection, sophisticated details and contemporary design with time-honoured traditions for the luxury market.

Lighting brands have been hand-chosen for their excellence in design, innovation and beauty. Historic British luxury Bert Frank draws influence from the design codes of the industrial era, but with a modern twist. Bomma of the Czech Republic showcases that country’s historic expertise in stunning hand-blown glass, while Buster and Punch lighting and hardware draws inspiration from London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes.


Jonathan Browning lighting from San Francisco employs beautiful aged bronze, brass and steel finishes, combined with crystal. The Venetia Stadium collection from Venice features silver and gold leaf on the interior of the shades. Authentage lighting from Belgium is timeless and classic for both interiors and exteriors.

Trenzseater’s selection of superb rugs and carpets is unrivalled. Belgian Limited Edition create an exquisite collection of rugs, artisan designed in wool, silk and cowhide. Kasthall’s hand-tufted and woven rugs from Sweden are known for vibrant colour and eclectic design. Finnish company Wood Notes specialise in spun paper yarn carpets and rugs that provide a unique and beautifully simple aesthetic. Mohebban rugs from Milan are full of chromatic and tactile contrasts while Italian silk rugs from GT Design are innovative and luxurious.

Furniture choices are equally distinguished: Desalto from Italy specialise in a beautiful collection of dining chairs, bar stools and tables using unique materials and components. LUXY produces commercial chairs that are beautiful and comfortable for natural movement.

Trenzseater’s own curated collection of sofas, armchairs, ottomans, sideboards and tables, consoles and entertainment units, coffee and dining tables, barstools, and bedroom furniture is the most comprehensive anywhere and exclusively made in New Zealand.

Drapery and upholstery fabrics exude modern elegance with an international collection available. Visit Trenzseater at 121 Blenheim Road and




Raising the bar

The word is out and you’d better believe it – bar carts are back!




From bespoke French cabinetry models through to art-deco Hollywood-glam and retro stainless-steel models, the bar cart is your mobile, multi-tasking must-have – something your grandmother could have told you years ago! So, wheel on in the star of the show and please, do note how beautifully it’s dressed.

Top Shelf: soda siphon, whiskey, gin, vodka, brandy, rum, Campari, sparkling wine/champagne, orange liqueur (Curaçao, Cointreau or Grand Marnier), vermouth and aromatic bitters.

Bottom Shelf: shaker tins (small and large), pint glass (for stirring), jigger (for measuring), bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer plus mesh strainer, tonic and soda water (it must be both!), sweet syrup in a glass jug (equal parts sugar and water) Collins glasses, rocks glasses and ice.

On Standby: lemon, lime, paring knife, y-peeler, juicer and measuring cup.

Make mine a whisky on the rocks. Cin Cin!


Exclusive design range hits Christchurch: TRENZSEATER

Leading furniture and interior design company, TRENZSEATER, has announced it is now the exclusive New Zealand distributor for one of Europe’s largest luxury brands for home furnishings, Eichholtz.



Eichholtz is renowned for its opulent scale and grand statement pieces through its collection of designer furniture, lighting and accessories. It has provided the industry with game-changing styles and inspiration for years, thanks to its experienced team of stylists and 3D designers. TRENZSEATER co-founder Ben Lewis, who developed the company with brother Hamish Lewis in 2004, says they now offer room settings on products available to order, and will soon be installing Eichholtz showrooms into their Christchurch and Auckland stores.



Eichholtz is always a showstopper when it displays its collection in the best international fairs each year; their collections are stunning and are always one step ahead in design circles. Having the Eichholtz display in the TRENZSEATER stores will ensure customers are exposed to these trends and collections as soon as they are released.



As well as having an exciting range of lighting, drapery, blinds, wallpaper, rugs and accessories on display, the company is also proud stockists of furniture which is designed and manufactured in New Zealand. TRENZSEATER also offers a full interior design service, which has been recognised in the International Design & Architecture Awards, the Andrew Martin Design Review in London, and International Design Awards (IDA) in L.A. It was also one of 20 international designers to feature in The World’s Leading Design Names for 2018 book and 2019 edition.



With stores also located in Auckland and Queenstown, Canterbury design fans are lucky enough to have a TRENZSEATER situated close by, handily located at 121 Blenheim Road, Riccarton, with plenty of parking available.For more information, phone the local team on 03 343 0876, or visit and



Let your light shine: Trenzseater

It goes without saying that the right lighting can transform a stylish house into a much-loved home.




The advice of a good interior design specialist can take the headache out of choosing and positioning lights – especially one that has the world’s top lighting companies at his fingertips. Enter Trenzseater’s Ben Lewis, a New Zealand design talent with a notable pedigree.

Trenzseater is distinguished by its truly international style – modern but also sophisticated, playful and elegant. The company’s interior design projects have been recognised within New Zealand and internationally for two consecutive years with three honourable mentions at the International Design Awards (IDA).



The business offers a portfolio of European light fitting brands handpicked by Lewis and his brother Hamish for their style, name, quality and heritage. Citing the Bomma, Buster + Punch and Eichholz names as some of his clients’ favourites, buyers can see examples of all

Trenzseater products in the showroom. Lewis says one of the hottest looks emerging from Europe are metallic finishes done in a fresh way, with gold and silver leaf among recent standout offerings. “We are even seeing gold and other metallic tints on glass, which looks amazing and is very hard for mainstream manufacturers to copy.

There are also dulled down and worn-in bronze and matt black features,” Lewis adds, “which create a lived-in feel that lends a touch of understated elegance. Many of the designs arriving in the showroom have a truly timeless look about them, meaning you will love them for a lifetime rather than a season.”




Super-sized accessories: making a big statement

Interiors and the trends thereof are tied in with the rag trade. And, as with the clothes on our backs, interior designers play with proportion.


It’s an interesting thing to watch. Look at any fashion image which truly works on a model and it’s often because of sizes, lengths and exactly how they’re juxtaposed.
Right now accessories are huge. Literally huge. Such as earrings which, when swinging, dust off your shoulders. They’re often super-colourful, maybe representing a slight challenge to the introverted.
So it is with home design objects… light fittings, lamps, mirrors and decorative items. Currently they’re BIG. Perversely enough, a mega-sized, clashingly bright or patterned vase, bowl, clock, or piece of furniture can make even a small space seem richer, infused with more personality; more expansive. So no need to be shy! Take a walk on the opulent side.


The distinction’s in the detail: Queenstown’s new design destination Trenzseater

The distinction’s in the detail, according to Ben Lewis, a high-end Kiwi interior designer and General Manager of Trenzseater. With stores in Christchurch, Auckland and most recently Queenstown, Ben’s designs are picking up awards, accolades and mentions in international publications.


Trenzseater in Queenstown means Southern Lakes dwellers will have ready access to stylish, luxurious and supremely comfortable Kiwi-designed furniture, room and whole-house schemes.
Architecturally designed by Peter McMenamin from BuildBIM Architecture, the new Queenstown showroom on Frankton’s Hawthorne Drive is a one-stop-shop for on-trend New Zealand-made furniture, along with opulent, authentic lighting, hardware, soft furnishings, wallpaper and accessories. The design destination also showcases exclusive product from international design-manufacturers such as Artwood, Buster+Punch, Eichholtz and Jonathon Browning.
A visit to the store in person and online will no doubt reinforce Ben’s vision of what’s happening with layering in design. He says a great design will have very-well-considered and sometimes subtle iterations of texture, pattern and colour. Often materials used will be quite diverse, with large-scale objects such as lamps and decorative whimsy pieces providing the wow-factor.

TrenzseaterBen believes interiors are becoming more eloquently curated spaces, with personality embedded in detailing such as glamorous studs or trims. The ability to elegantly assemble various highly resolved design elements and to produce fabulously feel-good relaxing, dining and sleeping spaces is what Trenzseater’s interiors experts do best.
Ben himself has been named as one of just the world’s 20 leading designers in this year’s Luxe et al magazine. That’s no small feat.