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The International Culinary Studio

A culinary crusade: cooking up your future with the International Culinary Studio

The International Culinary Studio recognises the number of people that love their jobs working with food and wish they could get qualified; the many enthusiastic amateurs, aspiring to a professional finish on their creations, if only fulltime work, family and other responsibilities didn’t take up all their time.

The International Culinary Studio

The culinary studio can solve those dilemmas simply and economically with its online accredited courses. You complete the course whenever, and wherever, you are – it fits into the life you lead.
International Culinary Studio Marketing Manager, Tracy Kruger says one recent student is a mother, who worked full time nightshift. She had no fancy equipment in her kitchen, but through working to suit her lifestyle, at her own pace and after completing her hours in the industry, she received her Diploma in Patisserie and now has her own business. She will soon be able to give up her night job to do what she loves.
Professional chefs and restaurant owners endorse the studio: it enables staff to continue their role while gaining their qualifications. Theory is online and students can watch the lessons over and over, even complete quizzes on their phones.
They upload videos of themselves cooking, which chef instructors watch. The courses offer personalised one-on-one interaction with an executive chef in a way that isn’t possible in a standard classroom lesson. Students taste test their work using a flavour wheel and can take 12 months to complete but could get qualified in six. So, what are you waiting for? Change nothing in your life but upskill now!

The International Culinary Studio

Work your culinary magic: How the The International Culinary Studio is helping people of all ages further their passion for cuisine

The International Culinary Studio is marching to the beat of its own delicious drum, no cliché concepts here! In fact, this revolutionary innovation – an online culinary school and chef courses – has been touted as a world first.

The International Culinary Studio

From helping aspiring chefs to chase their dreams and fulfil their potential by becoming qualified in the foodie field, to helping those with experience further enhance their skills, the learning model has been designed in recognition of the fast-paced lives people are leading and the need for flexibility when it comes to upskilling.
It seems age really is just a number when it comes to capability with the International Culinary Studio blessing even the little ones in our midst with some impressive culinary prowess thanks to its Mini Chef and Mini Baking Programmes.
Every busy parent’s dream, these comprehensive courses educate children on all of the fundamentals, with a generous dose of finesse and fun thrown into the mix. Five lessons at four hours each run across five days.
The Mini Chef Baking Programme starts with an introductory module incorporating dressing for the kitchen, personal hygiene and safe food handling, before baking some delicious biscuits. Swiss rolls, pavlova/meringues, chocolate mousse and almond tuille, and cakes/cupcakes are also on the menu.
The Mini Chef Cooking Programme begins with the same introductory module and lessons include learning how to make pasta, parmesan twists, dessert and even offers an industrial kitchen tour through the studio’s virtual kitchen.
For more information about what the International Culinary Studio can offer you and your family, visit

Chef Andy Cordier

Ahead of the gastronomic game: Q&A with Chef Andy Cordier of the International Culinary Studio

The International Culinary Studio is a world first. A response to a substantial appetite for a blended learning experience, this compelling concept is serving up a generous portion of innovation. Metropol talks to Chef Andy Cordier about what’s cooking for the studio in 2018.

Chef Andy Cordier
Chef Andy Cordier of The International Culinary Studio

When did your passion for food begin?
I know it’s a cliché, but my mother loved entertaining and from a young age I was her ‘kitchen hand’. I soon learnt to decorate the table to five-star standards and of course was always trying to improve on her recipes. Her friends loved being invited to our house for a buffet and together with my mother, we never let anyone leave without having an awesome experience of which the food and table setting were a talking point.

Your online culinary school has been touted as a world first – tell us about the concept
International Culinary Studio is the first to offer a blended learning experience with a ‘City & Guilds (C&G)’ Qualification as the optional exit level. This is offered to individuals and companies for their employees who are not in the position to go to a face to face environment, but they can gain a qualification whilst at work. Our Learner System teaches people how to cook using videos, tutorials, interaction with me or one of the other chefs online via live demonstrations, chatting to their peers also in the industry, and being assessed in the workplace. It is easy to use and students can complete their courses as quickly as they would like to. The examinations are done online and C&G Certification is issued from London (UK). The World Association of Chefs (WACS) recognises this as a benchmark for chefs in the industry.

How do you think cuisine in NZ stacks up against the rest of the world?
Having worked and travelled across the world, New Zealand has by far one of the best ranges of culinary choices in terms of restaurants and many diverse, experienced chefs working in multi-cultural establishments. Christchurch can be very proud of its new range of restaurants.