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Have a pool summer: Mighty Staggz Pools

A backyard swimming pool, glinting in the summer sun, keeping the children exercised, cool, and happy for hours while you chill in the shade with a glass of something delicious is a cherished Kiwi dream. Enter Quentin Stagg, pool enthusiast, proud Cantabrian and Director of Canterbury’s own Mighty Staggz Pools, to bring your dream to life.




With 10 years’ experience in pool building and maintenance under his belt, he began Mighty Staggz Pools, a family run business based in Oxford, focused on using the best of Canterbury products. The company creates new swimming pools, refurbishes tired existing pools and has just added an exciting range of cedar products to the thriving business.

The cedar products are all custom-designed and made to fit your needs and your space. Shipped all over New Zealand, there are shade products, pergolas, and the unique and luxurious indoor cedar bath tubs. “Our indoor bath tubs are something quite special,” Quentin says. “They really add ambience, a rustic and eco style to your bathroom.”

Might Staggz offers a range of shapes and sizes in new fibreglass predesigned and custom swimming pools, plus lagoons in any shape, and spa pools, as well as all the pumps, filters and accessories you need. Refurbishing an old swimming pool is a joy for Mighty Staggz, if it’s become a bit of a headache in the backyard. They reline a derelict concrete or liner pool with fibreglass and suddenly the pool is an asset and a source of pleasure for its owner. The team has developed a unique process of spraying fibreglass on site.

For the qualified and experienced team of four, integrity and honesty form the heart and soul of the business. They’re big on problem solving, and they work to your needs and your space. Importantly, they love creating areas where families have fun, and pools that people can enjoy for a lifetime.

Visit for pools and find Mighty Staggz on Facebook to check out the new cedar products.


6 reasons to dive in this summer: 

  1. Swimming is the ultimate way to keep fit
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Is a lifesaving skill
  4. Helps maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs
  5. Tones muscles and builds strength
  6. Pool party anyone?


Swim Fit

Swim Fit

Splish splash, a swimming pool is like a large bathtub. A little cooler than the home bath, the expansive space allows for exercise time, play time and leisure time. The beauty and value of swimming have once again been brought forward in the headlines with Michael Phelps and his record winning performance at the last Olympic Games.


Swim Fit


The health benefits of swimming are well-known. Swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise regime that utilises most of the muscles, making it effective for both cardio and muscular endurance.  Gliding through the water with the various swimming stroke options, including the back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and the fan favourite freestyle, offers a non-resistant way of enhancing and maintaining your physical health.


Aqua aerobics is a popular exercise class which is offered at your local pool and can coincide with swimming laps. If staying above water is not a simple task, ask at the service centre desk or a pool lifeguard for a floatation board which can be used to help maintain your above water efforts.


Physical concerns with swimming are minimal as this exercise keeps the body buoyant and is easy on the muscles. The main health concerns factor around the water quality at the pool facility or in a natural environment of a river, lake or an ocean area. The concerns stem from bacteria, pathogens or excrement from animal or human waste.


These types of external concerns can develop side effects in a person ranging from a mild case of itchy skin to more severe side effects such as bacterial infections.
Swimming, when done either as recreation or on a more serious level as an exercise option, can provide fun, enjoyment and health benefits.



Sophie Pascoe

Canterbury’s Golden Girl: Q&A with Sophie Pascoe

Sophie Pascoe has taken adversity and turned it to gold. We catch up with the inspiring Canterbury medallist about finding your ‘why’ and making history.


Sophie Pascoe


You received an MBE when you were just 15 and continue to kick goals. How does it feel to be part of the history books as one of the country’s most successful women?

It’s humbling to be one of the country’s most successful women, by doing something I love every single day. I love what I do; I love the challenge and the thrill. To see me as one of the best in the country alongside some of the most incredible women; my disability hasn’t defined that. I’ve gone and done that myself.

When you’re young and have a goal to be the best in the world, you never really intend to create history with that. Now I want to be a successful female and leave a legacy, so others can see that if you put the hard work in, you can achieve.


You’re the proud winner of nine gold medals and six silvers across three Paralympic Games. What have been some of your most defining moments, not just as a sportswoman, but also as a person?

So many accidents happen on a daily basis that change lives forever. This definitely changed my family’s and my own. Every time I go out and achieve and have my family, in particular my dad, who was part of my accident, in the stand, seeing this typical Kiwi bloke who doesn’t share a lot of emotion, shed a tear, that’s my defining moment.

That two minutes up in the podium listening to the national anthem takes everyone back to the moment it started. I wouldn’t have had this life if it didn’t happen, but I don’t want to be defined by my disability.


Being a high achieving sportsperson not only requires the ability to push yourself physically, but also mentally. What has it taken to get where you are today?

It’s taken so much more than just myself to get there. People might see just me, but man do I have a support team around me!
There’s times I have to make – I don’t want to use the word ‘sacrifices’ – but there are decisions I have to make in order to make myself successful, even just whether to go out on a Friday or Saturday night, knowing how that’s going to impact the following day or week.

As an athlete, you have to think how you can be better than the rest of your competitors and remember what your ‘why’ is. Every day you get up and tell yourself ‘why’ you are doing this.

You have athletes that don’t make it and those who do; those who do are that special breed that questions themselves on every single move; they become perfectionists. It’s about routine but you’re still human, not a robot. There’s days you might fail, days you don’t ask why. You have to learn from that, come back the next day and do it better.


You’ve been taking a break to recover from an operation on your leg, how does it feel to be back in the pool?

A forced break is never treated as luxurious. It’s been challenging getting back in the pool. It’s been hard, it’s taxing on the body and mind trying to get your body back to a high standard. I love being back though. I know what my ‘why’ is and I’m back with my support team. It’s great, but it has been challenging. It’s always hard to come back into it after a bit of time off, but that’s a great challenge in being able to see the rewards of the hard work pay off – hat’s what makes training enjoyable.


How will the next two years look as you prepare for the world para-swimming championships in Kuching, Malaysia, next year and then Tokyo?

The World Champs in August is my pinnacle event for next year. It’s also the stepping stone leading into Tokyo in many ways, not just in qualifying, but seeing who is new coming into the sport. When you are the ‘expected’, retaining that is bloody hard. There’s always going to be those hunting the expected but it’s about being prepared for the ‘expected’. The next two years will be full on, but exciting to know time is ticking down towards Tokyo. I’m really looking forward to it.


How does a regular day in the life of Sophie Pascoe look?

I train a couple of times a day, swim sessions that are two hours in the morning, an hour and a half in the afternoon. I have a gym session x3 during the week, along with prehab (a personalised maintenance programme for athletes to prevent injury) every morning. I get the recovery in there by having a nap every day – that’s vital for an athlete, not luxurious. There’s some yoga in there and recovery physio and massage during the week as well..


Why do you think you’ve been able to be such an incredible success?

Again it comes back to the reason why. I have many whys – I love what I do, I love winning, I love making my parents proud and I love being something more than ‘the girl that’s missing a leg’. Those are pretty powerful impacts for the reason why I do this. Holding those close and making them work with my goal is what makes me successful. We learn from the times we fail and get back up. We, as a family, were struck with adversity at two and a half years of age. It’s about overcoming adversity and that’s how you find success.



QEII Recreation and Sport Centre

An adrenalin-charged project: The new QEII

Not since the Commonwealth Games of ‘74 has there been such excitement in east Christchurch. The new Taiora QEII Recreation and Sport Centre, sporting an adrenalin-charged hydro slide, is world-class.

QEII Recreation and Sport Centre


Apollo Projects, specialising in aquatic and sport centre design and construction, completed the 15-month build, on time and on budget. Councillor David East commended the work. “These thoughts, spaces and the layout have been exceedingly well delivered by Apollo Projects.”
The remediated ground was rammed with aggregate piers every 2.1m; a solid foundation for the Travis swampland.

“There was a creative health and wellness focus; a change from just swimming; a place to reconnect and meet the entire community’s needs,” says Apollo’s Business Development Manager Iain Ansell, who was ironically working at QEII during the quakes. “The addition of the hydrotherapy pool reflects a worldwide trend for aging populations.”
There are five pools, a splash pad, spa, sauna, steam-room, weights and gym, wooden sprung fitness studio and spin room. A floating floor allows half the 25 x 25 main pool to repurpose from 2m to 1.2ms. Pools are low-maintenance stainless steel, from the company behind Singapore’s Marina Bays Sands infinity pool.

QEII Recreation and Sport Centre

The inflatable rafts of the AquaSphere Hydroslide snake down 120m of exhilarating twists and turns. Add aqua toys, rope bridge and a lazy river, and its thrills rival any theme park.
“Project Manager, Steve Hastie, did a fantastic job leading a great team. A project of this size delivered on time and budget demonstrates a real win for the Canterbury and the construction industry.”


Honeymoon must haves: five things to sort before your romantic getaway

While we’ve never needed an excuse to keep the style party going long after the curtain has fallen on our big day, the honeymoon presents such a significant opportunity to introduce some chic newbies to our wardrobes that we couldn’t let the opportunity go by without making a fashionable fuss.


If your wedding falls in 2018, and you’re planning on jetting off somewhere where the sun never sets, then we’ve got you covered from top to toe with our honeymoon must haves.

  1. Resortwear: Ok, the name is potentially misleading; you don’t actually have to be at a resort to wear it. It could be a beach in the Bahamas or a promenade in Portugal. The aim of this style game is to provide you with sophisticated but practical options for your romantic getaway. Brands like Seafolly, Zimmerman and Marc Jacobs have the style goods.
  2. The ‘It’ bag: Whether it’s an oversized tote or a tiny clutch, having a bag for your personal items is mandatory. There’s not a one-size-fits all accessory for everyone but we play favourites with totes thanks to their versatility. Scale their use up or down at will; whether you just want to pack your daytime essentials, or throw in your entire wardrobe for your honeymoon so you can travel light, then this is your answer.
  3. Make a splash: A chic bathing suit fits into the fundamentals category when you’re flocking to summer fun on your honeymoon. We’ve selected a tongue-in-cheek option, but opt for whatever you feel most comfortable in – it’s absolutely key.
  4. The night and day dress: Having a go-to dress that can transition with ease from day to night means you’re covered when you’re having one of those ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ moments. We love the styles that are chic enough to escort you to a dinner, but casual enough you can throw it over your ‘kini when you head down to the beach.
  5. Glowing skin: Your honeymoon is the adventure of a lifetime, but it’s also the perfect time to give your skin some R&R time, so be sure to have makeup free days and get back to basics with some great cleansing.
Lagoon Pools

Prime time for pools: Julie from Lagoon Pools tells us why winter is the best time to get your pool installed

With colder weather approaching, it may not seem like the time to be thinking about a swimming pool. However, now may be exactly the right time, says Lagoon Pools’ Julie Hastings.

Lagoon Pools

The busiest time is from September onwards, with people wanting their pool in by Christmas,” she says. “Pools can be put in all year round. Winter installs are very popular and allow for a no-rush, stress free time.”
While the actual installation of a pool only takes four to five days, there are a number of other things to consider and plan.
Julie and husband Warren are the owners of Lagoon Pools. It supplies most of the South Island with pools by ‘Leisure Pools’, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of composite fibreglass swimming pools.
Julie and Warren will help with every stage of the planning and installation, if required. Council consents generally take at least 20 working days to secure. Landscaping can take time, especially when you consider designing the layout, choosing pavers and fencing and having them installed. It can be a lengthy process, so it pays to get started early.
The Leisure Pools website – – has lots of information about the pools available,
as does the Lagoon Pools site – – which provides information about the accessories available to make your new pool even more enjoyable. Automatic cover systems and hidden covers are popular. Fountains and strip lighting can make your pool a focal point of your landscaping, even in the winter months.
Contact Julie on 0800 92 72 82 or via  the website.