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Hair Colour Newbie: Surreal Hair

You’ve scrolled Instagram and picked through Pinterest to find your dream ‘do – but can the image translate to real life? Surreal Hair and Beauty’s Michelle Marsh gives us the low down on what to consider before colouring.


THE STYLE: Balayage and Foilage is where sections of the hair are painted with lightener then colour. It gives a beautiful low maintenance look which is extremely popular, especially with younger or first-timers, says Michelle.

Balayage and Foilage can be tailored to suit both the hair – and budget – of the client. Using just the right amount of colour in the right areas can be more fashionable and on trend says Michelle.

THE STYLIST: Experience is everything when it comes to colouring hair, and Michelle ensures all her team are qualified to the international Redken Colour Certificate in both Balayage and Foilage. The team have experience with different hair colours and length. Surreal Hair and Beauty is a large and diverse team who work with customers of all ages.

THE UPKEEP: Michelle says it is important to use salon products for aftercare, as these will protect both your hair and the colour. Your hair stays healthy, it aids the longevity of the colour and helps it grow out naturally.

Book an appointment with Cherise, Majenta or Ashlie to receive $50 of your first appointment. Check out their work on Instagram at @ashlierosehair @majenta_ kennedyhair @cherise_jayne


Make you ‘pop’

Edith Head once said “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”.



And yet despite the importance of dressing well, sometimes you just need a little bit of help to look and feel amazing.

After 30 years working across hair, fashion and beauty, Vicki Ogden-O’Fee isn’t just a little bit of help – she’s a whole lot of help! Vicki is offering free 15-minute consultations where she can help clients develop their personal style.

“When you feel good in yourself and how you look, you radiate confidence,” she says.

Whether you’re a university graduate setting up your new professional wardrobe, a mum returning to the workforce, or a busy professional who simply doesn’t have the time to shop, Vicki can make things simple and easy.

“We don’t just do hair, we do beautiful. Whether it’s a style tweak or a top-to-toe makeover; a one-off outfit or a wardrobe reinvention; together, we can uncover your shine.”


New Year, new you!

It’s not only a New Year, but it’s a new decade, making makes 2020 the ultimate time to turn heads with a courageous new look.



What could be more courageous – and exciting – than being a silver siren?

Because today, going grey doesn’t mean letting yourself go, V For Hair and Beauty Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee says. “We can give you a shimmering sexy blonde or cool iris sparkle, or many more.”

The V For Hair and Beauty team ‘gets’ silver grey hair and has all the latest techniques and products to make embracing your grey easy, with ongoing training keeping them at the top of their silver grey hair game.

Rather than leaving a harsh regrowth line, their techniques will disguise new growth with a soft, flattering look and easy maintenance regimes will keep your silver grey hair looking amazing.

Head in for a complimentary consultation and seize this exciting time to reinvent and trademark the new era.