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The Importance of Cosmeceuticals for your skin: Skin Rejuvenation Clinic



  1. What is a cosmeceutical?
    Cosmeceutical is the word to describe the amalgamation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, products that have active pharmaceutical grade ingredients to make visible differences to the skin, all backed by clinical evidence. The skin is the body’s largest organ and its primary function is to act as a barrier to the environment. Any product applied to the skin has to be able to penetrate into the dermis to where the active cellular regeneration is occurring.

  2. Cosmetics vs Cosmeceuticals
    A cosmetic product might smell and feel nice on your skin but it’s only ever going to be a ‘coat and cover’ solution, meaning it blocks the skin’s ability to lose water making it feel more hydrated but it’s only a temporary result. Cosmeceuticals, however, have higher concentrations of active ingredients, often with a driver to penetrate into the skin and carry these active ingredients to where they are going to have an effect.

  3. What are the ingredients to look for?
    Vitamin A –
    speeds up the skin’s cell renewal process – to reduce pigmentation, refine skin texture and reduce fine lines.
    Vitamin C –
    a powerful antioxidant to stimulate collagen production, firming the skin.
    AHAs and BHAs –
    the alpha and beta-hydroxy-acids are exfoliators and re-texturisers to refine and brighten the skin.
    Antioxidants –
    strengthen the skin to slow the signs of aging.

    Cosmeceuticals need to be prescribed by a dermal therapist or your cosmetic doctor after a full skin analysis. See Dr Brigid or Denise at the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic to be guided on the best products for you.


Body & Skin Confidence

Body & Skin Confidence: Viora Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

We chat to skin guru Nicky Quinn about the latest technology in non-invasive treatments – Viora Skin Tightening and Body Contouring.


Body & Skin Confidence


Can you tell us a bit about your body contouring and skin tightening treatments?
Viora body contouring and skin tightening is a non-invasive and gentle treatment that uses radio frequency and vacuum therapy to tighten and tone the skin, contour the body and shrink fat cell volume. Loose or saggy skin is often formed after pregnancy, weight loss or just through aging as we lose the natural elasticity in our skin. It’s been great for tightening the “mummy tummy” loose skin, reducing cellulite and tightening up the skin around the eyes, jawline, legs and arms.


How does it work?
The radio frequency initiates tissue heating in the dermis layer of the skin, as well as the hypodermis below it (fat storage layer) to stimulate new collagen formation and facilitate the reduction of fat cell volume, resulting in improved and tighter skin texture. For body contouring, the combined mechanical vacuum therapy works on lymphatic drainage, minimising the look of lumpy skin and sculpting the body. Treatments take about 30 minutes, and we recommend between four to eight treatments for best results. It’s a fantastic alternative for those not wanting to go under the knife!


Are the treatments safe?
Yes, the treatments are FDA approved and clinically proven. The radio frequency energy used is non-ionising radiation, and on a scale of frequency is lower than the radiation from a TV or FM radio. In addition, it isn’t light based energy, so there is no danger of a skin response, unlike with laser treatments. It’s fast, effective and completely pain-free, with no downtime. Most clients describe the treatment as very relaxing!


Body & Skin Confidence


Body & Skin Confidence


Skin tightening treatments start at $199
Nicola Quinn Beauty & Day Spa
209 Papanui Road, Merivale
03 355 6400



KM Surgical

Enhancing your looks: KM Surgical

KM Surgical has cemented its position as the top tier provider of cosmetic, appearance and skin medicine.


KM Surgical


Now located at Avenue Health 202 Bealey Ave, an experienced specialist and nursing team offer a hospital level facility for surgeries, with theatres at top specification, and day-stay surgery accreditation. KM Surgical has a surgical focus on advanced level local anaesthetic procedures rather than general anaesthesia. These procedures are safe with quick recovery.  “We focus on achieving natural results with facial rejuvenation, liposuction and laser resurfacing,” Dermatologist and Director Doctor Ken Macdonald says. KM Surgical offers a Vertical Vector Facelift (MACS lift), which is very effective at correcting sagging facial tissue, such as jowls, neck and cheeks. It works by tightening tissues under the skin.

“For good results you have to tighten tissues under the skin,” he says. Upper and lower eyelid rejuvenation is a popular option also, and severe sun damage can be treated with laser resurfacing. KM Surgical also offers a full range of appearance medicine treatments, such as injectables and thread lifting.  The laser suite caters for an extensive range of options: veins, nails, tattoos and scars.
KM Surgical also has expertise in body contouring with tumescent liposuction, which remains the definitive treatment for fat removal, and it can be combined with augmentation via fat transfer to face, buttocks, breasts and scars.

Dr Macdonald says they have been building the cosmetic practice for 15 years, but the field is always advancing, and the team ensures it is at the forefront of new approaches and technology.  Treatments can usually be scheduled within a month of the initial consultation, but the team strongly encourages clients to discuss options thoroughly, think carefully and obtain sound advice before they go ahead with elective surgical procedures.

With KM Surgical having its own facility, the procedures are cost effective and finance is available. “We do not advise overseas cosmetic surgeries which are high risk.”



Louise Highet

Loving the skin you’re in: Louise Highet has dedicated her career to helping people feel better about their image

Aging naturally, yet gracefully is something we all aspire to achieve. Registered Cosmetic Nurse, Louise Highet will help you achieve both skin health and skin beauty.

Louise Highet

From a nursing career which has included both hospital and primary health care, Louise then pursued the field of dermatology and cosmetic medicine. Optimising skin health and confidence quickly became her passion.
As a result, Louise now offers her wealth of knowledge and over five years’ experience of cosmetic medical injectables and other advanced aesthetic procedures. Safety and education is her top client priority and she personalises each client’s treatment plan accordingly, from her upstairs, boutique premises in High Street.

Louise HighetLouise sees many clients who all seek hydrated, youthful and glowing skin. Some of this, she says, is an inside job, requiring hydration, adequate sleep and nutrients; Louise takes a holistic approach to skin health and beauty.
Louise aims to leave her customers walking away feeling and looking refreshed, natural and well rested, with results that last over time. Providing a range of non-surgical treatments of dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, clinical grade skin-care and peels, along with sophisticated platelet-rich plasma and dermal needling treatments.
Not believing in administering skin interventions in isolation, Louise realises that educating clients throughout their aesthetic journey is key. She shares her top recommendations on keeping your skin in a beautiful state of health, leaving you feeling refreshed, and confident. Visit