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Luxury in Hanmer: Village Lake Apartments

For the ultimate luxurious getaway, set in the heart of beautiful Hanmer Springs, one simply cannot overlook Village Lake Apartments, where exceptional hospitality awaits.


The modern spacious apartments are the perfect place for any occasion, whether a romantic getaway, family escape or even a corporate meeting.


Village Lake Apartments provides you with luxury and refinement which is second to none.

All apartments feature a fully self-contained kitchen, full laundry facilities, spa bath (the accessible apartment has a tiled walk in shower), under floor heating and gas fire.

Comfort is prominent, with luxurious beds in all the apartments ensuring the best night’s sleep and stylish décor to match, Village Lake Apartments truly has a ‘home away from home’ vibe.

Within a few minutes’ walk of the Hanmer Hot Pools and other local amenities, Village Lake Apartments should be the only choice for those wanting the best.

Check online for their amazing mid-week deals or treat yourself to that special weekend away.




The case for doing nothing

Out of our ‘the busier the better’ bustling world arises a welcome rebellion that is switching off phones, brains and the eternal to-do list.



“I’ve done nothing today” is often a statement of shame-ridden guilt.

However, that very nothingness can be a productive, even lucrative, something. It’s just in disguise. A new movement to purposely slow us all down is fast taking over the globe.

Busyness has been attributed to success and worthiness – while doing ‘stuff all’ often holds the stigma of being lazy, unmotivated or unproductive.

If only we could see the measurable physiological anti-anxiety benefits that our mind and bodies get from gazing glassy-eyed out the window in the midst of a hectic day.

There is a good reason that many of the best inventions, songs and ideas are born in the middle of the night. The mind is empty, quiet and still. We are just lying there in the dark – doing nothing. Enter creativity.

Some cultures are better than others at embracing the health-enhancing art of nothingness.

The Dutch have a catchy succinct word for the concept – Miksen. It is a verb, a.k.a a doing word, that means to ‘do nothing’.

The Italians indulge in a concept known as ‘la dolce far neinte’ translated as ‘the sweetness of doing nothing.’

The Chinese have mastered the concept of ‘wu wei’, meaning inaction, which is seen as central to living a life harmoniously.

Mid-afternoon snoozes are a time-honoured tradition in the heat of the Mediterranean, but we shouldn’t need global warming to nudge us to nod off.

The concept of allowing 40 winks in the middle of a work day is being discussed as a productivity-boosting bonus in the office – to recharge batteries and counterbalance chaos.

Our minds need to empty out the old in order to refill.

Enjoying doing nothing doesn’t mean checking emails, chatting or watching TV while flopped catatonically on the couch.

That’s cheating. It can take a while for wound-up minds to wind-down and get comfortable with the habit.

We innately know when to switch off. It just takes a little neuron rewiring to make it easier, with practise, to tap into our inner timetables.

This sweet neutral state of ‘effortless being’ is a natural trait to all living things.

Observe animals both in the wild, and the ones chillaxing on our carpets or wandering nonchalantly in the garden – they have it sussed!

The nothing experience needs to be guilt-free to be of real benefit.

Imagine not achieving everything, or indeed anything, on your daily agenda.

Are there any adverse consequences? Doing zilch and zoning out can create momentum, motivation and more energy for the hours and days to follow.

When a person stops and does absolutely nothing for a moment, or two, or three, the benefits can be empowering and enlightening. Add in some nature – and that equals bliss.


Beauty Progress

Hottest beauty treatments

A summer menu of beauty treatments is what we’re all craving.

1. Facials
A treat and a necessity, facials do so much on so many levels.

A thorough facial includes a skin analysis as skin changes with the seasons.

It’s vital to know what your skin needs and what products to use or avoid over summer.

For ultimate radiance, time a facial a few days before a big event.

Summer is not the best time for peels or enzymes, but for hydration and more hydration.

2. Exfoliate and let your skin shine
Make sure you exfoliate before getting a fake tan, for a smooth, even finish.

After a removal of old cells, summer skin can now breathe, and makeup and tanning treatments won’t be dull or patchy. Take extra of the décolletage area, which is sensitive especially as we age, with hydrating gentle products. Exfoliating is the first step before waxing to avoid ingrown hairs.

3. Fabulous feet
From cuticles to ankles, a long, luxurious pedicure is not just for feet – it relaxes the entire body and sets the mood for summer.

Heels especially are on show in backless sandals.

Express pedicures are perfect for busy lives.

4. Eye framing
There are amazing products for Hollywood-style brows, but swimming and sweltering sun means something a little more permeant and fuss-free is a godsend.

Tinted eyebrows and eyelashes are a summer essential.

5. Moisturise all over
‘Tis the season to lather deliciously scented nourishing oils and creams regularly.

Having a massage is a way to relax, rejuvenate and get that deep moisture boost at the same time.