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QT internal cosmetics

A Cosmetic Revolution: QT internal cosmetics

With sales figures growing 460 percent in a month, you’d forgive the Christchurch creators of QT internal cosmetics, QT Belle, QT Beau and Encore for resting on their laurels, enjoying the accolades and surfing the rising wave of their cosmetic revolution, while leaving early adopters to shout from the rooftops about just how effective these products are for improving hair, skin and nails, reversing fine lines and wrinkles.


QT internal cosmetics


But no exoneration is needed, because the innovators at QT are so confident in the powers of their product, they have proceeded to enlist 150 ordinary Cantabrians to become evangelists for their product. Confident that every participant will go on to spread the good word, Marketing Manager Callum Stewart organised the ‘30-Day Challenge’.

The George Hotel hosted the volunteers who received a month’s supply of products. They were asked what they would like to improve with their skin and will rate their changes at the end of the challenge. The participants receive ongoing tips and advice on nutrition, skin, hair, exercise and motivation and they can share pics of their progress on a closed Facebook page. QT is excited to show you the evidence – the recorded results and before and after pics will feature in Metropol on completion of the challenge.

Become part of the QT crusade at and follow QT on Instagram and Facebook. You can buy QT Belle, Beau and Encore online, at the NZ Nutritionals factory shop in Sheffield Crescent and the range is coming soon to premier department stores and beauty counters around New Zealand.




Age-reversing love affair: QT

If, as a follower of poet Frost, you “never take notes in a love affair” I advise you to grab a pen right now. Record the term ‘internal cosmetic’ and learn it well, for a brand-new love is about to change your life.




Local company QT is going global and revolutionising aging with its high strength Belle and Beau supplements. They are clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve hair and nails using a unique combination of powdered ingredients sourced from nature. Simply mix the powder with water or into smoothies in passionfruit flavour for Belle and mango for Beau, stand back and watch the alchemy happen.

Where existing supplements often rely on a solitary component, QT Belle and Beau each contain five active ingredients. Belle contains Tremella for cellular hydration, Lotus to brighten the complexion, natural Silica for structure and repair and Marine Collagen for dermal elasticity. Beau supplies Blackseed for pathogen defence, Activated Charcoal to brighten the complexion,

Maca for stamina and radiance and Marine and Bovine Collagen for skin and muscle definition, and both supplements contain Vitamin C for nutrient absorption.  After the age of 30 we can lose 20 percent of our collagen per year, but Belle and Beau reverse that trend, with results often apparent within 3 to 5 days.


Friends will wonder what you’ve had done; tell them it’s a new romance. Find it at