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Piccadilly Bookshop

Bursting With Books: Piccadilly Bookshop

For 25 years, Piccadilly Bookshop has made sure quality bestsellers fill the stockings of Canterbury book lovers each Christmas.


Piccadilly Bookshop


No matter who you’re buying for this year, there’s something in stock for everyone. The shelves are packed full of new releases, young adult novels, paperbacks, biographies, magazines, and cover a wide range of specialist topics, like local history, military information, travel, science and sports.

Every single book has been hand-picked by the staff, a network of regular contacts from New Zealand and overseas publishing companies, as well as customer recommendations, so you know it’s advice you can rely on. To make your experience even easier, customers can first scour the store’s Summer Reading Guide, distributed to more than 30,000 households, available instore and on the website. Then, pop into Piccadilly Books in Avonhead Mall, where the expert staff can guide you to the perfect purchase.

While you’re there, you’ll also discover bargains! A huge influx of new books has meant they’ve had to create extra shelf space, so there’s now permanent price reductions on books at the sales tables, “Last Copy – Last Chance”. It’s not only books on offer this Christmas and holiday season, they also have you covered with Christmas cards, wrapping paper, calendars, diaries, gift stationery and toys.

And, they can help to choose, wrap, calculate postage and send your presents from the Avonhead Postshop and Kiwibank in-store. So, support local this festive season, and help celebrate 25 years of expert service with the staff and customers at Piccadilly Bookshop.




Piccadilly Bookshop

A bookworm bonanza: Piccadilly Bookshop

There is nothing more satisfying than having your feet up while turning the pages of a spellbinding book. Piccadilly Bookshop Owner fweqNeville Templeton gets that. With links to the major publishing houses and distributors, he and Manager Robyn Joplin ensure customers always have access to the cream-of-the-crop in titles and authors.

Piccadilly Bookshop


Situated at the entrance to Avonhead Shopping Centre, you can’t help but be drawn to browse the tables heaped with the hottest in best-seller novels, celeb biographies, thrillers, chillers, chick-lit, romances, historical, hysterical, children’s classics and children’s latest, plus books for gardeners, cooks and hobbyists. If you’re a word-nerd bookworm, then consider this a book bonanza at its most bountiful!

Open seven days a week, the shop has expanded twice during its 24 years in operation, to stock twice the range of bookshop merchandise, including magazines, calendars, cards, gifts and stationery.
In fact, the pickings at Piccadilly are so good that once you’ve chatted with the helpful, friendly staff; sneak-peeked the inside jackets of a few potential must-haves; bought the book you came for; added a couple of magazines for good measure and gasped over the gorgeous stationery and pretty pens that you know your desk would love… only then can you whizz across to the NZ Post shop and Kiwibank, tucked in the corner of the store, pay your bills and grab a car rego form while you’re at it.
Absolutely nothing beats a bit of a dally at Piccadilly!