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Making scents of it

Finding the perfect perfume, or one for a very special occasion, can be overwhelming for fragrance connoisseurs and newbies alike. When you add in the often high price tag, it’s understandable that care and consideration are prerequisites for your hunt. Here are our tips for sourcing your signature scent.


Keep it in the family
Trained “nose” – the technical term for a fragrance master – Johanna Monange, says there are four fragrance families – fougère, floral, Chypré and oriental.
Floral, the largest, denotes base odours which are sweet, soft and gentle. Chypré is dry and warm, woody scents. Oriental is associated with soft and sensual odours like vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood, and fougère is more masculine and aromatic, based on lavender and bergamot.
Once you know your family, you can narrow down your search. Start by thinking of the smells you already enjoy and go from there.

On the pulse
Beauty and fragrance maestro Mona Kattan, of Huda Beauty, says you should test perfume by spraying it on your pulse points – the inside of your wrists, behind the ears, and inside your elbows. The skin here is naturally warm, making the scent reveal itself over time.

In the bottle
Mona says the less alcohol a perfume has, the more oil-based it will be – which generally means it will last longer on the skin. Another tip to prolong your scent is to moisturise well before application.


Marc-Antoine Barrois

A worldly fragrance: WORLD introduces exclusive fragrances by Marc-Antoine Barrois

French couture and perfumery have always been interconnected. After working for Jean-Paul Gaultier, French couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois opened his first boutique in 2013. As a designer he seeks the art of simple luxury without ostentation. Now he has launched his first perfume – B683.

Marc-Antoine Barrois

Much like his designs themselves, the scent is elegant and discreet. Subtly combining refined woody essences, sensual spicy notes and the heady smell of leather, avant-garde perfumer Quentin Bisch has crafted a perfume which is both heady and sober, modelled on the fantasy universe of Marc-Antoine himself.
After a perfume, a candle is a way of living a smell daily: entering a room, closing your eyes and slowly inhaling it for the enjoyment.

Marc-Antoine BarroisWith the desire to then fill the Marc-Antoine Barrois Maison de Couture boutique at N°6 rue de Budapest in Paris with the scent of authenticity and refinement, a scented candle was developed to explore the universe of the couturier.
Working around the same leathery, woody and spicy frame as the fragrance, the aptly named N°6 candle incorporates amber scents, smoothed with smoky notes, resulting in a scented candle which shows his taste for refinement.
Both the scent B683 and the candle No.6 are now available exclusively at WORLD.


For more information visit the Christchurch store at 11/181 High Street in the city, phone 03-974 3028 or visit