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Get summer ready: Woven Veranda

We’re quickly ramping up for the time of the year when we can really make the most of the Kiwi love of the outdoors. Give your outdoor living and dining zones a designer look with the latest in rattan outdoor furniture from WovenVeranda – offering both contemporary and classic collections – in the Old School Collective, Main North Road, Waikuku.


With UV-stabilised PolyCarbon woven upon commercial grade aluminium framing, it’s furniture that’s made to last! We’ve pulled together our favourite pieces.



SWING HIGH: The Gentle Annie and Gentle Andy Swing Seats are the ultimate combination of tradition and trend. The Gentle Annie displays weaved lattice work and cosy cushions, while the Gentle Andy has a clean smooth line that is also accompanied by cosy cushions.

CHAIRS! We’re all about versatility and the Minchin chair is just that – equally at ease paired with a dining table like WovenVeranda’s Solid Teak Table (pictured) as it is sitting pretty in a conservatory, with a lower concave area from the knee down offering additional ergonomic comfort.


Outdoor options

Al fresco season feels upon us, or almost, which means it may too be time to update your outdoor entertaining areas. Whether that’s a patio, deck or poolside space – here’s Metropol’s pick for items to consider.


Posh perches
Outdoor seating is essential if you plan to while away the days and evenings in your outdoor sanctuary. From elegant outdoor lounge sets, to dining arrangements or comfy and casual bean bags – furnish your exterior entertaining with weatherproof, long lasting materials.

In the shade
A sun umbrella can transform your space from a sauna to a shady haven, while adding a stylish silhouette – and of course protection from UV rays. Choose long lasting fabrics and strong frames and bases which can withstand those nor’westers.

Table talk
An outdoor table is an obvious place to congregate to enjoy meals, beverages and each other’s company. Choose a modern square shape or more traditional round in timber, concrete, glass or resin. Pair with casual bench seats or more formal individual chairs.

Game goals
What are our spaces, if not for having fun? Spice up your exterior area with some outdoor games like giant connect four, Jenga, pétanque or Scandinavian favourite, Kubb. Start a scoreboard and let the games – and competition – begin.


Brush up your summer entertaining: Deck Fence Pro

When the days start getting longer and the temperatures begins creeping up, it means one thing: barbeque season is upon us. Tim Gerard from Deck and Fence Pro tells Metropol how to brush up your outdoor entertainment areas in time for al fresco season.



From decking and fences to pergolas, privacy screens and wooden outdoor furniture, Deck and Fence Pro can make all your wooden structures look like new. They also offer deck and fence repairs, cleaning and repainting for brick, stone and plaster.

A deep clean – using premium environmentally friendly products which contain no bleach, acids or phosphates and won’t harm your plants or corrode any metals – removes all dirt, mildew, moss, mould, lichen and previous stains and finishes from deep within the wood grain.

Using quality, New-Zealand made oil stains and Enviro or Dulux paints in a variety of colours nourishes timber with each coat. These products not only make the wood look like new but also help protect and maintain it for the long term – so you can get more barbecues for your buck!

Wood stains perform best when topped up every 12- to 18-months. After your initial restoration, an on-going maintenance schedule can include a light clean and a stain recoat with a mild detergent used to clean in between.

For a free quote or more information, contact Tim on 027 349 0527 or via


Expanding your living spaces

Now is the perfect time to protect your outdoor space and put the plans in place to extend your summer.



The expert team at Stratco has the skills to help you create a space that can be enjoyed throughout the year, with its own range of unique verandas and louvres – from design to installation.

“View our range online or visit us at our showroom to see what we can do for your outdoor space,” Stratco General Manager David Allingham says. 

A Stratco Outback® Verandah, Louvre or Carport provides protection from the elements, expands your possibilities for entertaining and storage or an all-weather play area for kids.

“A veranda not only adds functional living space and value to your home but provides protection from New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. Our fixed-roof verandas offer an affordable alternative to our louvres. It’s a proven product with quality design – they’ve been around for years and there is no other product like this on the market.”

Whether you are building a new home or making extensions, by letting light into your outdoor area while blocking out harmful rays and rain, homeowners are able to get so much more function from their home.

The company offers a bespoke veranda which can be custom designed and built to suit your size, layout and attachment requirements.

“We manufacture and install the units ourselves, so we can really customise them to suit each space. They are ideal as either attached or standaalone units, and the addition of Stratco’s polycarbonate Outback Rooflite™ panels allows the supply of filtered light to the underside of the veranda.”

Another option is the Stratco Louvre. Controlled via a remote, Stratco’s systems also include a rain sensor as standard, so, if you are not home when it starts to rain, the unit will close automatically. Like the verandas, the louvres are ideal as either an attached or stand-alone unit and, if you want to add louvres to an existing veranda, the team can retrofit a louvre system into most veranda/pergola frames – just request a free site measure to determine the finer details.

From concept to finished product, Stratco’s louvre systems can be in place six weeks from the order date. Once the unit is measured at your home, the team runs each unit through an engineering programme, designed to confirm strength of system to suit your wind zone.

The company can also provide fencing and sheds, whatever you choose – the process is simple. Steve Cain, Outdoor Product Specialist at Stratco, will talk through the possibilities with you, and then measure and quote, which is free with no obligation.

Stratco then designs, manufactures and installs the products themselves – making the entire experience hassle-free.

Find the Stratco team at 55 Hands Road, Middleton, phone 03 338 9063.


Food, fun & flicks

American Express Openair Cinemas is bringing food, fun and flicks to Christchurch this month, with American Express card members receiving a range of exclusive benefits.


With 29 events happening at Christchurch’s new Rauora Park, at the corner of Hereford and Manchester Street in the heart of the city, the festival vibes will be in full swing every weekend with an array of alternative entertainment, live music and DJ performances before the latest and greatest feature films light up the big screen.

Punters have no need to feel lonesome on their night out, as film fanatics and doggy owners are invited to bring their canine furry friends to any screening.

This year’s programme brings a great selection of recent box office hits and highly anticipated new releases including Knives Out, Star Wars: The Rise of Luke Skywalker, The Gentlemen, Little Women and Birds of Prey, as well as Oscar winners including Jojo Rabbit, 1917, Bombshell and Joker.

There is also a special selection of family-friendly titles that feature in the programme, including Frozen II, Dolittle, Jumanji: The Next Level, Spies in Disguise and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Local favourite Bacon Brothers will be bringing its mouth-watering burgers to the event and Häagen-Dazs will be providing ice cream scoops for film loving troops with a sweet tooth.

Fear not, the refreshments are taken care of too thanks to national partners Kaiser Brothers Brewery and Giesen Wines, or try something a little different with Lillet cocktails.


Up your gardening game

As summer fades, garden sheds resound with activity as tools are sharpened, wheelbarrow tyres are pumped, yard carts are laden with gardening implements, seed packets are sorted and gardening gloves are inspected for holes. The dewy mornings and sunny days of autumn make for idyllic weather to connect with the soil and get the garden into the best shape it can be for winter and beyond. We check out how to up your gardening game this season.


Firstly, a bit of maintenance and tidying up is required, so bring out the secateurs for a spot of pruning.

Prune away dead or broken branches on woody shrubs and trees but don’t get carried away and prune everything in sight.

Leave plants with seeds and berries to bring interest and colour to the garden, but also for birds and insects to feast on throughout winter.

Mulching helps maintain soil moisture and protects roots over winter, not to mention prevents weeds from poking up where they’re not wanted!

Add 5-8cm of mulch to garden beds while taking care not to pile it against the base of plants.

Start a compost pile of fallen leaves. Over time the leaves decompose into leaf mould – a compost which is a rich source of nutrients.

Flower gardens require the removal of diseased foliage from perennials and shrubs.

Mark where perennials that go dormant through winter are so that they’re easily located in spring.

Now is also the time to plant spring bulbs before the soil gets too cold. To prevent weeds going to seed and overtaking the garden in spring, a thorough weed removal is also timely.

For edible gardens remove anything that has gone to seed, shows signs of disease or has died.

Ensure all roots are removed too. Plant vegetable seedlings of cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot and winter lettuce; as well as herbs like chives, parsley and rosemary.

Note where tomatoes and potatoes grew in order to rotate planting locations next season.

If you’re leaving the vegetable patch bare over winter, take this opportunity to add nutrients to the soil by planting green crops, such as lupin or mustard seed.

This is also the ideal time to plant whatever else delights the gardener’s eye – be it perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, climbers or fruit trees.

To increase the number of feathered friends visiting your autumn garden, entice them with regular feeding to see them through the cold months ahead when food can be scarce.

Attracting birdlife into the garden also encourages them to snack on pesky garden pests such as caterpillars and snails.

A win-win for both birds and the gardener!

British horticulturist, garden designer, craftswoman, photographer, writer and artist, Gertrude Jekyll, may well have had autumn in mind when she made this observation: A garden is a grand teacher.

It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.


Extend your summer!

Hello summer! We have long awaited your arrival and are happily basking in the great outdoors once again. Summer just can’t help but bring friends and family together for barbecues, enjoying cool beverages outside and finally getting to uncover the patio furniture that has been in hiding for the past several months.



The timing is perfect for expanding your indoor living into the warm and sunny outdoors.

Louvre Solutions can create a custom space that suits your individual needs with a rain-censored louvre roof, complete with options such as pull-down side screens, LED lighting and heat lamps.

Entertaining at home has never been easier and Canterbury-based Louvre Solutions, owned and operated by Craig Rogers, knows how to create the perfect outdoor space.

Whether you’re entertaining, relaxing, or simply expanding your indoor area, Louvre Solutions can bring your ultimate outdoor environment to fruition.

The louvres move at your command to allow full sunshine, filter shade or provide solid rain protection.

The roofs are water proof and you will no longer need to cover your outdoor furniture, barebecues and upholstery, as they will be protected from the harsh New Zealand elements.

Louvre Solutions’ louvre systems are manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering and aesthetic options to realise your vision of the ultimate outdoor space.

The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to all wind and snow load requirements.

The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style. Louvre Solutions manufactures its louvres from extruded aluminium which offers greater durability than traditional patio covers. These components will outperform fabric and plastic in heat, wind and rain.

“When we started out, these premium products were prohibitively expensive and reserved for the elite,” Craig explains.

“Even with ongoing improvements and advancements in technology to our products, we are able to offer Louvre Solutions at an affordable price to a wider market. We are now able to be accessible to markets from entry-level properties to very high-end spec homes.”

There are many benefits to a louvre roof, ranging from aesthetic to practical and environmental.

They are a brilliant addition to homes and can be proactively planned as part of the design and build process or can be retrofitted once the need is identified post construction.

On a practical note, the roofs create shading when required and light and heat from the sun when necessary which can significantly reduce energy required for cooling and heating.

With more than 15 years in the industry, Louvre Solutions’ reputation has been built on a solid foundation.

Craig and his team pride themselves on their burgeoning portfolio of repeat and referred business generated through word of mouth, independent builders, architects, landscape architects and building companies.

Louvre Solutions manufactures its products at its Canterbury-based factory.

A louvre roof can be ready for installation within four to six weeks, making today the perfect time to order yours to ensure an extended summer of outdoor enjoyment.


A cute above

If you’re landscaping these holidays, or working on a summer project and want to keep maintenance to a minimum, maybe it’s time to consider synthetic grass.



More and more people are installing the lawns, surfaces for outdoor play areas, and even personalised golf putting greens that provide the look of green space, but require none of the care and preparation.

GrassPro has transformed the way we view ‘fake grass’ and is becoming a popular landscaping alternative for gardeners worldwide.

Christchurch GrassPro operator Tim Gerard specialises in installing the product at townhouses, apartments, over 60s units, or smaller areas that are causing a nuisance for homeowners.

The company can supply and install a range of specialist synthetic landscaping grasses to suit your taste and requirements.

All grasses are UV stable, include no nasty chemicals or heavy metals, and are guaranteed for seven years. GrassPro can also install the product at early childhood centres and day cares, and they work hard to ensure all health and safety requirements, and New Zealand regulations are met.

They’ve also combined landscaping grass with a specialist golf putting green grass to create the perfect green for every golfer.

GrassPro is a part of the ProGroup, a Kiwi family-owned business providing “niche property transformation services”.

For a free, no obligation quote on how GrassPro can help improve your backyard, or a special project you have in mind, call Tim on 027 349 0527.


Oderings Landscaping

Irrigation for your garden: Oderings Landscaping

Summer and watering go hand in hand and, as temperatures heat up, watering in the right spot at the right time is essential. Here are some simple tips for keeping on top of the watering this summer.


Oderings Landscaping


When and where: The best practice is to water early in the morning or late afternoon; it is not recommended to water late at night as fluctuating temperatures can cause fungus to breed. Watering in the morning, or around 4pm also ensures you won’t lose this precious resource to evaporation. Concentrate watering evenly around the base of the plants roots rather than the foliage.

Mulch: Use mulch to help conserve moisture. In summer mulch blocks sunlight from reaching the soil and therefore helps keep the soil moist. Mulch is also important to help keep a consistent soil temperature, this is especially important with fruiting crops such as tomatoes.
Take the time: Use enough water to sufficiently reach the deeper roots of the plant. Water needs a moment to seep into the soil, so water each plant then, when the water has soaked in, water again.

Irrigation: Have you considered installing an efficient and easy automated irrigation system that will take the hassle out of watering the lawn and garden for years to come? With an irrigation system, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your garden will be getting the right amount of water at the right time of day. It’s the ideal for this time of year, with an irrigation system ensuring your garden will be watered correctly while you are away on summer holidays.

Get in the experts: With so much to consider, including the influence your water pressure will have on your irrigation system, getting the experts in can save a lot of time and stress. The Oderings Landscaping team takes all the variables into consideration and can install a personalised system that meets the specific needs of your garden.

Get in touch with the Oderings Landscaping team to ensure you have an irrigation system that gives your garden great coverage with the right amount of water and meets your budget.