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Growing Team & Service Range: Oderings Landscaping

As Oderings Landscaping moves into its fourth year of providing landscaping services to the greater Christchurch region, it’s exciting to see how much it has grown. From a small team of three staff, it has grown to a busy team of eight. With this growth the team can now offer even more quality services to clients.


The addition of the qualified Landscape Architect Sasha was an integral step in this expansion process. Sasha’s primary role is to support clients through the garden consultation, planting plan and professional concept design process.
“Landscape design gives me the opportunity to get creative with plant composition, landscaping materials and spaces. Seeing a client’s landscape dreams come to life and seeing the joy it brings them is why I love being a Landscape Architect,” Sasha says.
There are many elements to consider when creating the garden of your dreams, especially around plant selection. Sasha encourages clients to think of the following points as part of the consultation process.
• Take stock of your current garden: What are your likes and dislikes? Are there plants that you want to retain? Think about any issues in your garden that you would like to address, for example, are there any privacy or noise issues? Drainage or soil problems?
• What kind of plants do you like and do you have a theme in mind? Do you prefer textured plants, flowers, colourful foliage and does the garden need to have fruit and veggies or be low maintenance? Do you like natives or exotics?
• How much time are you willing to spend gardening? Every landscape requires some maintenance to look good, so the time you intend to spend doing landscape maintenance plays an important role in creating the right design for your lifestyle.
With so much to consider it’s good to know you are in excellent hands. Oderings Landscaping prides itself on being able to see the whole process through. The team has all the experience and knowledge that has seen the Oderings family business thrive since 1929. Oderings Landscaping is there to help with your next project. Whether it’s a full landscape with decks and pathways or help with plant selection and planting plans, they can do as much or as little as you need.
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Oderings Landscaping

Autumn: nature’s planting time – Oderings Landscaping

With the first signs of snow on the mountains and a distinct freshness to the air at night; it reminds us that autumn is upon us. There are several landscaping jobs to consider when getting your property ready for autumn and beyond.


Oderings Landscaping


Get planting
Did you know autumn is known as nature’s planting time? It is one of the best seasons to plant a garden, as it gives plants a chance to set their roots for spring growth and because soil is naturally cool and retains water.


Turn down the irrigation
With rainfall increasing, the length of time you need to have your irrigation on decreases. Check timers and re-programme where needed. Check spray heads and fix any leaks that have become apparent over summer.


Build a raised vegetable bed
Apart from being an excellent addition to your overall landscape design, there are many reasons to build a raised vegetable bed. Raising soil levels is excellent for improving soil drainage, which will encourage strong and healthy vegetable growth. It will also make access to planting and weeding easier.


Pruning your stone fruit should be a priority in autumn and should be done as soon as harvesting is complete. Hedges and most shrubs will also appreciate a prune before winter. Not sure where to start with pruning? Contact us – our maintenance team is here to help.


It’s important to have a year-round spray programme and autumn is an ideal time to start. After the stress of dry conditions, your plants will be more susceptible to insects, including thrips and mites. Don’t forget about the lawn; weather conditions will also see an increase in red thread and hydrocotyle.


Lay paving or paths
Now is a great time to consider any of those annoying areas that get boggy and unusable in the rainy months. Adding a path or section of paving can be an excellent way to complete an otherwise non-functioning area, adding more living space regardless of the weather.


Oderings Landscaping is just a call away to help you with your autumn projects, whether it’s a new raised vegetable bed or help with pruning and spraying, our friendly team is ready to help, phone 021 913 747 or email


Oderings Landscaping

Irrigation for your garden: Oderings Landscaping

Summer and watering go hand in hand and, as temperatures heat up, watering in the right spot at the right time is essential. Here are some simple tips for keeping on top of the watering this summer.


Oderings Landscaping


When and where: The best practice is to water early in the morning or late afternoon; it is not recommended to water late at night as fluctuating temperatures can cause fungus to breed. Watering in the morning, or around 4pm also ensures you won’t lose this precious resource to evaporation. Concentrate watering evenly around the base of the plants roots rather than the foliage.

Mulch: Use mulch to help conserve moisture. In summer mulch blocks sunlight from reaching the soil and therefore helps keep the soil moist. Mulch is also important to help keep a consistent soil temperature, this is especially important with fruiting crops such as tomatoes.
Take the time: Use enough water to sufficiently reach the deeper roots of the plant. Water needs a moment to seep into the soil, so water each plant then, when the water has soaked in, water again.

Irrigation: Have you considered installing an efficient and easy automated irrigation system that will take the hassle out of watering the lawn and garden for years to come? With an irrigation system, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your garden will be getting the right amount of water at the right time of day. It’s the ideal for this time of year, with an irrigation system ensuring your garden will be watered correctly while you are away on summer holidays.

Get in the experts: With so much to consider, including the influence your water pressure will have on your irrigation system, getting the experts in can save a lot of time and stress. The Oderings Landscaping team takes all the variables into consideration and can install a personalised system that meets the specific needs of your garden.

Get in touch with the Oderings Landscaping team to ensure you have an irrigation system that gives your garden great coverage with the right amount of water and meets your budget.






Oderings Landscaping

Grass with class: Oderings Landscaping

Oderings Landscaping helps you ensure that the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.


Oderings Landscaping


The company specialises in all aspects of lawn installation and lawn care. Whether it’s a new lawn, or bringing an existing lawn back to life, the team has the knowledge and skills to give you a lush lawn that your neighbours will envy. What is the function of your lawn? Is it a show piece or to play backyard cricket with the kids? Will there be pets using the area? A consultation with the landscaping team covers these considerations and the surrounding environment to give you a successful purpose-built lawn.
“We are often asked what our secret for a successful lawn is, and our reply is always the same,” Landscape Manager Jeremy Odering says.

“Success lies in the preparation, do it right the first time and your time and effort will be rewarded with a healthy lawn that looks amazing for years to come.” By using the highest quality methods and materials, Oderings Landscaping takes the time to do it right, ensuring there is a good depth of quality topsoil and that the surface is perfectly level before the installation. Depending on your needs they offer the options of instant lawn, hydroseeding and hand-sown seed.

Don’t forget the irrigation! Take the hassle out of keeping your lawn hydrated through the summer months by installing an irrigation system. Depending on your needs and budget, this can range from simple pop ups through to a fully automated system.
To keep your lawn looking lush in the years to come, it’s important to keep a regular routine of maintenance and care. With its dedicated maintenance service, Oderings Landscaping can care for your lawn all-year-round. Services available include scarifying, dethatching, feeding, weed control and more.



For all your lawn needs get in touch today to organise your free measure and quote.


Oderings Landscaping

A growing service range: Oderings Landscaping

Oderings Landscaping is living up to its motto: Consult | Design | Create | Live.


Oderings Landscaping


From the outset in 2016, Oderings Landscaping has gone from strength to strength, gaining a reputation as a professional and reliable landscaping specialist. Its point of difference is its level of industry experience and knowledge. Not only does it offer superior plant knowledge and selection, but also a tailored garden service just for you. The landscape team can do as little or as much as you like, in stages or all at once.


As the landscape department continues to grow, so too do the services it offers. Jeremy Odering, the Manager of the Landscaping department says, “Recently we have been fielding a lot of enquiries requesting garden maintenance. In today’s fast paced life, it is often hard to find the time to do the things we love, never mind the things we don’t! If garden maintenance is a chore for you, Oderings Landscaping can step in to help and we are really excited to offer this to meet our clients’ needs.”
From one-off tidy ups to ongoing maintenance programmes, the landscaping team is offering a range of services including, but not limited to, hedge trimming, fruit tree pruning, rose pruning, tree care, lawn care as well as general tidy ups.


If you are wanting more than maintenance, it also excels in all areas of the landscaping process. Book a garden consultation for advice on what to plant where, or for a full landscaping design, or call for a free measure and quote to have a new lawn laid, irrigation installed, or to add structure in a garden with decking, paving, paths, raised garden beds, fences and more.
The team has all the experience and knowledge that has seen the Oderings family business thrive since 1929; Oderings Landscaping believes in building a relationship with its clients and, therefore, trust.


Get in touch today to organise your free quote, phone 021 913 747, visit, or email