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Award-winning design flair: NC Design Studio

There’s design competence and then there’s design expertise and flair. The latter comes from years of experience and is a creative talent to be highly valued. After all, such a skill is likely to save you time, stress and money on your journey to a new kitchen.



Nicky Claridge of NC Design has gained that expertise from 20 years of designing bathrooms and kitchens for all types of budgets and she has recently won a number of awards for both design and service. “Creating your own design would be like doing your own dentistry,” Nicky says. “You definitely need a specialist for the job. I know about the common pitfalls that remodelers can fall into and I will work with you to achieve the very best kitchen or bathroom you can afford.”

That very best design takes time. For Nicky, spending quality time with her clients at the beginning of the design process reaps huge benefits. “To produce the perfect design for their lifestyle I need to engage closely with my clients to find out how they live and use their kitchens. I also ask them to do research on sites such as to identify what appeals to them. Clients share what they like and that really helps to create the final design.”

Nicky says that Kiwi kitchen designers are amongst the world leaders. “Keeping up to date with new trends and products is fundamental to my work and adds true value to my service to clients.”  The NC Design Studio on the corner of Annex and Wigram Roads is open 7 days a week – by appointment only.



NC Design

Up your kitchen game: NC Design

If you’re building a new home or renovating your existing property and a new kitchen is on the menu, then Nicky Claridge of NC Design is your perfect design partner.


NC Design


With more than 20 years’ experience in the kitchen and bathroom industry, Nicky knows this game inside and out and goes the extra mile for all her clients to ensure their project runs smoothly with incredible results. Being the hub of most Kiwi homes, getting your kitchen right is absolutely crucial. Dealing directly with an independent kitchen designer like Nicky as opposed to a kitchen salesperson, is often the difference between a successful project that brings happiness and value to your home, and one that doesn’t.

From the initial consultation, through her clear and concise design process, you will see your new space come to life through the photo realistic 3D renders she creates for you. Being able to see exactly what your new kitchen will look like right down to the smallest detail, allows you to relax knowing that there will be no nasty surprises come hand-over day.
Nicky’s studio is located on the corner of Wigram and Annex Roads and features three full-sized kitchens and a clever laundry display, open to view seven days a week.


At NC Design it’s quite simply, all about you. To make an appointment for your free initial consultation with Nicky, phone 021 240 9225 or visit for more information.