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In Focus

The team at Ford are always delivering a great range of vehicles to suit everyone’s needs. The Ford Ranger currently sits at number one in New Zealand, but now it’s time to drop the spotlight on the Ford Focus ST, a hatch with the exhilaration of a Mustang.


This is a multi-award winning car in AA New Zealand Car of the Year Awards.

Not only does it have multiple drive modes, it also ticks the aesthetic boxes.

A panoramic sunroof with visor; exceptional lines starting from the bonnet all the way to its hot rear; Porsche-style alloy rims in metallic grey just accentuate the great colour of ruby red. I just had to test drive.

Recaro sport seating was another brilliant feature with the wonderful white stitching on exquisite leather. Even the door panels were that little bit more lush.

Operationally, dial gear change is always a challenge for me as I have a manual as my personal car and I’m a bit of a control freak. Fumbling around to do three point turns on a busy Christchurch street can be a challenge. You can say it makes the interior “cleaner” – but I still love a gear lever!

You can change gears at your fingertips with the paddle shifters, which help when cornering, and it has got some real up and go.

With an eight-speed automatic, 206 kW and 420 Nm it doesn’t feel like a four cylinder, 2.3L – and you certainly need those front ventilated disc brakes!

There’s a heads-up display which makes you feel like a fighter pilot not taking your gaze off the road.

Combine that with all the added sports features and you’ve got a little rocket.

There’s also improved acceleration from the last model, and the very smooth gear changing made for a great test week.

Taking a trip on my favourite test road to the Sign of the Kiwi put it next to the VW Golf GTi as one of my favourite agile performance vehicles.

Hill start assist is also an asset, even though I’m old school on hill starts. And even though I really don’t need the satellite navigation system, I can imagine it’s a great addition for those that do.

The interior is tidy and very sporty with leather trim. There’s a lot of bang for buck with the price at $59,990 plus on road costs.

With the options on this, it would be hard to go past a test drive with Hemi Peek and the team out at Avon City Ford. It’s great hatchback at a great price.


From the Editor: 12 November 2020

We’re here. The tail end of 2020 has arrived, and those Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel are starting to glow brighter. So, too, are the longer days and anticipation for the season of socialising and celebration.



In Canterbury, the commencement of silly season is traditionally signalled by Cup Week. An event which, this year, carries more meaning than usual.

As we prepare to head to the races or celebrate anniversary weekend another way, some of the largest cities in the world are heading back into government-mandated lockdown.

If there has been one enduring dispatch of this inexplicable year, it has to be how fortunate we are to call New Zealand home.

I, like many of you, may have suspected – if not known – this fact already. But amidst a global pandemic and entering the time of year where social contact is most crucial, it seems we have a lot to be thankful for.

So, while the build up to the holiday period can be understandably stressful – between finishing off work projects, attending social events, present shopping, and packing for out of town vacations – it seems, this year, the bright side is incredibly easy to find.


The skinny on fatty acids: Vitality NZ

Omegas play an important role in cardiovascular, brain and visual health – and new research tells us omegas also help with immune support, sports performance, quality of sleep and positive mood. Vitality NZ’s Jim Grierson tells Metropol about these important supplements.



Omega fatty acids, also known as omega oils, are unsaturated fats which have a large body of research showing the important role these play in our overall health. Particularly omega-3, -6, and -9. The only thing is, our bodies do not make these fats, so can only obtain them from our diets. However, according to World Health Organisation data, only 20 percent of the world’s population consume the recommended intake of omegas of more than 250mg.

It is a combination of people not realising, so not knowing they need to supplement their diets. Take those on plant-based diets, these diets are favoured by people because it helps them make healthy choices. However, because these diets exclude foods which can be sources of omegas, like fish, these diets need to be supplemented to ensure you are getting your omegas.

Vitality NZ’s Omega Health supplement contains three essential fatty acids, omega-3, -6 and -9. It is also GMO, gluten and dairy free, and free from environmental contaminants. Grown from a sustainable source – New Zealand Blackcurrants right here in Canterbury – it is 100 percent plant-based and comes in a convenient 500mg soft gel capsule making it easy to swallow, with no after taste or known side effects. At the recent Nutra Ingredient-Asia Science Product Awards, the Omega Health supplement won Omega of the Year out of 132 international entrants.

Vitality NZ was also a finalist in the Ingredient of the Year category with VWNZcGP-LQ™ – the key nutrient found in their Brain Shield® product. These awards follow-up last year’s success of being the winner of the Start-up Company of the Year. The awards will help boost our aims of taking our range global, as will our four new New Zealand investors coming on board. The investors have both marketing and international sales experience to help us take the company to a much higher level, with our objective of being a leader in the plant-based New Zealand grown and processed ingredients and dietary supplement sectors.


Small changes for your big day

White may be the colour traditionally reserved for weddings, but it seems we’re increasingly looking to harness green in life, as in love. So, what does it mean to have a more sustainable wedding and how do you pull one off? Turns out there a plenty of small changes that can be made for your big day. We’ve pulled together our favourites.


When it comes to the big day, many of your requirements will never be used again. So put some very real emphasis on the “something borrowed” and enlist your local hire company for whatever you can. It’s also a great way to support local.

The closer your destination, the greener your big day! Cut back on those CO2 emissions by looking at some of your luxe locals. Canterbury is rich with stunning options for wedding destinations and your wedding day will be kinder on local guests – and
the planet!

Whether your venue is providing catering, or you’re hiring a catering company, look for someone who is environmentally conscious and uses local produce where possible. Perhaps it’s time to give a vegetarian or vegan menu a whirl? Not feeling brave? Perhaps just incorporate elements – it all helps.

Does your cake really need to be shipped around the country? Why not order locally – makes sense when it comes to taste testing, right? Sourcing alcohol locally is another step towards slashing carbon emissions and, with Waipara’s exceptional tipples at our doorstep, why wouldn’t you?

We’re taking green more literally with this suggestion, but potted herbs, plants and foliage make a beautiful, sustainable option. If you’re sticking to flowers, ask your florist to source locally. Make your flowers the new wedding favour or donate them, à la Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

It’s time to ditch single-use decorations, such as confetti. There are plenty of green alternatives, such as biodegradable confetti or even dried flower petals. Send digital invitations and use chalk boards for menus and signage – getting the green tick never looked so good!


Eat your greens

There can be no surer sign of impending summer than the abundance of fresh, green vegetables gracing us with their presence. From vibrant asparagus spears, to lively broccoli, colourful kale, brilliant lettuce and a wealth of herbs. Here are Metropol’s tips for piling those plates with every shade of green.



Zhush up your standard corn fritters with the addition of spinach, courgette, and fresh herbs. Try mint, parsley and lemon balm. Crumble feta atop and serve with relish and add a rasher of bacon.

Not only great for green smoothies, kale is delicious sautéed with garlic, chilli and butter, or used as the base for a green salad. Just remember to de-stalk and soften the leaves by rubbing with your preferred oil.

As the weather warms, our meals cool – and this is salad’s time to shine. Bolster your bowl of greens by including blanched broccoli, grilled asparagus, avocado, mint and parsley. Sprinkle with your favourite nuts and seeds, and dress with lemon juice and olive oil.


Opening the gate to community: Designer Homes

Ajit Kumar, Executive Director Designer Homes, spoke to Metropol about gated communities, a concept the company is embracing in a new venture. Designer Homes has identified the gated community model as a unique model which has not been tried out by most builders in this country, with the hopes of creating a niche.



The concept of gated communities is not really new. In history you learn about fort kingdoms, protected by a moat with one or two approach roads. All the subjects would have their homes inside the fort and practically all amenities would be available within the fort itself. That is probably the first format of what we call gated communities.
The concept originated from humankind’s strong desire for safety, security, and privacy. Modern day gated communities are associated not only with these features, but also with premium leisure facilities, pedestrian and child-friendly environments and an increased sense of community.

Gated communities offer many advantages to residents. Perceived safety and security due to controlled access, luxurious amenities, prestige, sophistication and solitude and attractive and well-maintained landscaping without the burden of having to maintain a lifestyle block are just a few.

Do we have Gated Communities in New Zealand?
Gated communities have emerged in suburban areas of this country since the late 1980s. Most gated communities are being sold as retirement villages or are focused on the uber rich. In recent times however, there has been an emergence of suburban gated communities focused on the middle-income group.
Gated communities in New Zealand are likely to be multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. The sense of belonging that might come out of living in such a society is reminiscent of the Sanskrit phrase found in ancient Hindu texts, “Vasudeiva Kutumbakam”, which means “the world is one family”.

A few points to be considered when choosing a gated community are location and ease of conveyance, parks, play areas and related amenities, sports and recreational options, green constructions (especially rainwater harvesting), alternate power sources and body corporate matters.

Water scarcity is a growing problem in urban areas. That’s the reason to look out for green constructions which employ environmentally friendly measures such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, in-house sewage treatment, recycling plants and solar energy storage etc.



Clean environments enrich productivity: Dirty Dozen Cleaning

We all know that a clean and tidy environment is essential to human well-being. Grime and clutter impede progress, while ordered surroundings not only please the eye, but help us to think and function so much better.

Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services is a locally owned and operated business.

Its reputation as being a leading cleaning service is evidenced by the loyal customer base it has built over the years.

This is a cleaning company that recognises there’s a vast variance in client needs and thereby tailors its cleaning services to the commercial, office and residential sectors.

Because it’s not a franchise, clients are assured of direct dealing with the company. All staff are security vetted and thoroughly trained to the highest professional standard.

For the bigger picture on the comprehensive range of services provided by this quality assured cleaning company, it’s recommended to visit the website (see below) to find which cleaning service best fits your requirements.

And yes, if you’re wondering about that famous film, owner Michael Munemo thought it the perfect name for the business he owns with wife Elshinah. Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services, it’s the name you just can’t forget.



Call Dirty Dozen Cleaning Services on (03) 3413103 or email via


Paving the way: Affordable Concrete Paving

Summer is well on the way, so now is as good a time as any to tick off those concrete jobs with the help of the extra light and warmer weather. Affordable Concrete and Paving know this too, which is why it’s the perfect choice for your summer concrete or paving project.



With deep roots in Canterbury, the business is a family affair with over three decades of experience to draw from.

By giving generations of Cantabrians quality concrete and paving expertise at competitive prices, Affordable Concrete and Paving will undertake any project, any size.

Whether it’s a residential driveway, or your commercial venture needs a new carpark, footpath or kerbing, the team will take you through the process step by step, with a no obligation pricing service and can even give you a quote on site or from plans.

Also, the team can lend a hand when it comes to your new build or renovation project.

Their tightly knit team are always available for consultation and will help you get the best quality concrete and paving to suit your budget.

For more info on how Affordable Concrete can bring your concrete project to life this summer, head online or call (03) 354 2140.


Trend to know: Japandi

We’re not going to lie, 2020, we won’t miss you. In fact, we’re already looking ahead to your replacement. But it’s not all bad news; we are going to use you for inspiration for a bit of lounging around in 2021.



That’s right, if you would rather put 2020 behind you, we’re with you! But this rather average year is shaping up to play a pivotal role in our living spaces.

We’ve checked out the ways 2020 is influencing our 2021 living rooms – and would like to introduce trend to know, Japandi.


We’ve long honoured and admired the Scandinavian aesthetic in the home; a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Now we’re taking that to the next level with Japandi – an amalgamation of Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics.


Each has a focus on simplicity, natural elements and comfort. Combined, the look is minimal, functional, warm and calming, with touches of wabi-sabi enthused imperfection.

Etch Soapstone Vessel from Citta

So, it’s no surprise we’re craving Japandi and all it represents in a Covid-19 world.



From the Editor: 29 October 2020

Just as this issue heads to print, we head into the long weekend. For many, Labour Weekend marks the home straight to summer. Perhaps it is your yardstick for when it’s time to head to the beach, lake or bach. Or, maybe it’s an opportunity to slow down and take a breather before that final push to the end of year break.


By the time this issue is back from the printers, you too will be back from whatever it was you chose to do.

And in this issue we are – as we always do – sharing local stories from local people and businesses who make our Canterbury, Wanaka and Queenstown communities worth celebrating.

We speak to a young Queenstown musician, Anderson Rocio, who whipped up a song for hit Netflix show Lucifer from her bedroom in a few hours.

Paradise has more than a million streams on Spotify – and counting!

We also catch up with the Two Raw Sisters, Rosa and Margo Flanagan.

In a world of restrictive diets and food fads, the Christchurch duo serve up a refreshing food philosophy which encourages us to challenge our preconceptions around labels like “plant based”.

Christchurch-born tailors, Working Style, share their foray into women’s suiting, and in the Fashion section we let you in on our love of rib. In the Cuisine pages, we get creative with breakfast ideas and Home looks at some covetable new interior design trends.

Our Build section offers a peek inside some award-winning architecture, interior design and construction. Not to mention sharing some exciting new designs for large public projects like the Canterbury Museum.

So wherever your long weekend took you, we’re very glad you ended up back here.