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Treating nails with tech: Footprints Podiatry

“We’re totally amazed at the level of improvement we’re getting for fungal nail infection from our Lunula Laser. We had certainly read about its efficacy from overseas scientific studies, but to see the results with our own eyes is something quite different.”



Howard Nicholas, Senior Podiatrist at Footprints Podiatry says he is “over the moon” with the way the technology he introduced to Christchurch earlier in the year is performing. “The Lunula Laser is the newest standard in treating fungal nail infections. It had been used extensively worldwide with impressive results and that convinced me to invest in the technology. The great aspect for patients is that it uses two cold laser beams, which means no heat or pain. Once patients have their foot inside, they actually have no sensation that anything is happening at all.”

The process of treatment starts with four sessions about a week to 10 days apart. Each foot is exposed to the laser beams for 12 minutes. There may be further sessions depending on the severity of the fungal infection. “The benefits we are achieving with the Lunula Laser include better nail growth and appearance, as well as an improvement in the tone and condition of the skin around the nail.”

Howard says that many of his patients just can’t believe how quickly their unsightly nails are repaired, especially if they have tried other treatments in the past without success. “Now in the winter is the perfect time to have this treatment in readiness for summer and open-toed shoes. Come and see us at Barrington, Ilam or Shirley.”



Footprints Podiatry

Regain your barefoot freedom: Footprints Podiatry

Footprints Podiatry has just introduced the Lunula Laser, a new technology that helps to eliminate fungal infections.


Footprints Podiatry


Lunula Laser is the newest standard in treating recalcitrant fungal nail infections and has been used extensively worldwide with impressive results. Totally pain-free, it uses two cold laser beams, which means no heat or pain and there are no known side effects.

The two laser beams work in tandem to produce a long-lasting action that damages the fungus itself and helps the body break it down by producing antiseptic and antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide. Lunula Laser also stimulates the immune system and causes vasodilation (the dilatation of blood vessels) by producing nitric oxide. This allows improved blood flow and encourages healing and regeneration.

The Lunula Laser may also be able to help clients for other podiatry needs. It is currently being trialled with diabetic patients to improve blood flow in feet and toes, to aid in problems caused by diabetic arterial disease. The Lunula Laser has been used to aid in the healing and repair process of the nail and can also assist with psoriasis and nail damage caused by friction from footwear. In as little as four weekly 12-minute sessions, you can regain your barefoot freedom.

Footprint Podiatry can also provide treatment of foot and ankle disorders (including skin and nail conditions), biomechanical causes of back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain, prescription of corrective foot orthotics, advice on appropriate strength or stretching requirements and training programmes.


You’ll find them at three handy locations in Barrington, Ilam and Shirley.