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Climbing the Property ladder?

It’s right up there as one of the most important moves you’ll make in your life. Little wonder that buying a home – whether it’s your first home or your fifth – can be highly stressful, especially when you’re not sure if you’re making the right moves to get the best deal.


Loan Market


Based right here in Christchurch, the Nathan Miglani team is passionate about helping Canterbury people take the right steps to achieve the outcomes they’re looking for while protecting their financial wellbeing – now and in the future.  As experienced mortgage brokers (Nathan is the number-one mortgage adviser for Loan Market in the South Island), the company has the expertise to help customers from all walks of life. It has helped hundreds of young couples achieve the dream of purchasing their first home.

From KiwiSaver and the HomeStart grant to lawyers, building inspections and insurance, buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming, so the Nathan Miglani team works right alongside home buyers to help them through the process, from working out a budget and saving for a deposit, right through to liaising with the solicitors to ensure settlement goes smoothly.

Getting onto the property ladder and buying a home can start to set you up financially for the future you’ve dreamed of – but once you’re on the ladder you’ve got so much more to protect. So, when it comes to selling and buying again, it’s even more important to get the right advice, especially if you have a young family to consider.

When life gets more complicated, with children, a business, marriage or separation, you need a plan that doesn’t just work for you now but will fit your evolving needs for the years to come. Simply finding the lowest interest rate is not necessarily going to give you the best outcome. That’s why the team takes the time to get to know you; not just securing a mortgage, but working out a plan to meet your future financial goals.

And after they have helped you with your mortgage, they can help you with everything else: investment property, business, vehicle or debt consolidation. Like bankers in the good old days, Loan Market is there whenever you have a financial query – just pick up the phone and call. Every member of the team has a strong banking background so you can be assured you’re getting the right advice every time.

Client Care Manager, Teresa, has been in the banking industry for 27 years. Together with Client Experience Assistant Rebecca, she will work closely with you to ensure you have the very best experience with no mistakes that could jeopardise your hard-earned money.

Think of this as the beginning of a lifelong partnership. When your daughter needs a loan to buy a car or you decide to start a new business, you’ll know exactly who to call!



Loan Market

The loan masters: Loan Market

Buying a house, whether your first or tenth, can be a complicated process. The benefits of working with a mortgage broker are well established.


Loan Market


“People are time poor these days,” says Loan Market Mortgage Advisor Nathan Miglani. “I can provide clients with top quality service, backed up by a team with 27 years’ experience in banking. We are available seven days a week and we work for our clients, not the banks.” Nathan’s been doing this for seven years. “I consider one of the most important aspects of my service is ensuring clients have a thorough understanding of their situation and what will suit their needs now and in the future.”

If you are considering buying your first home, Nathan and his team have some sound advice and his service is free (there may be some exceptions but it’s very rare). Navigating sometimes tricky and complicated processes is what Nathan does best. “Banking policy changes so quickly, it’s sometimes hard even for us to keep up. Some banks will lower their deposit requirement to five percent, others require 10 percent. What’s the difference between a Welcome Home Loan and a normal home loan? What happens if you want to buy at auction? What if the property is on a deadline sale? When do you need a building inspection, and when do you contact a lawyer?”


These and any other questions Nathan can answer for you. “At our first meeting, I’ll help clients understand how much they can borrow, what lender will work best for them and what costs they are looking at.” A full review of your financial position is made, and it may be that some tweaking, such as consolidation of short term debt, will put you in a better position to negotiate a mortgage deal. Help with this is on hand at Loan Market.

If you are relying on selling your existing home to buy another, this creates a further set of challenges, more complicated than buying a first home. You may not necessarily know exactly how much you will get for your home, and therefore you may not know how much you have to negotiate with on another house, including the required deposit. That’s where Nathan can help, too.


“Before you even think about going to the market, let’s catch up,” Nathan says. “Because you need to fully understand the numbers you have to work with.” Restructuring existing home loans, separation matters, business loans, and the fast-growing but immensely complicated field of development finance are all areas where Nathan and his team also excel. With an in-depth understanding of all banks and lending institution’s policies, Nathan and his team, in 2018, had 203 settlements worth nearly $100m.

This solid record and vast experience Nathan brings to every one of his clients.


Contact Nathan on 021 0212 0555 or 0800 100 300.