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Your life starts with you: Transform You Coaching

Life coaching is a personal journey of transformation – a way of helping people to help themselves and become more confident and resilient.



“Focusing on what is most important in our lives, reducing chaos and the overwhelming, is the starting point for finding balance and achieving happiness,” says life coach Karen Parker.

“I usually start with assessing work/life balance and a person’s current situation. From there, we look at their preferred outcomes for creating a positive and inspiring future. I teach various strategies and processes for getting a person to where they want to be. Particularly important is an understanding of how our thinking affects our life results. Once a client gets this, they are away!”

Karen is not a counsellor, but a guide who empowers clients to find their own answers for coping with their life’s challenges. “Investing time in understanding yourself and taking responsibility for your circumstances through sharing with an empathetic professional is the most valuable gift you can give yourself. That is the way towards achieving a better life and a better future.”

Karen will have an information stand at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo at Horncastle Arena on Saturday 5 October and Sunday 6 October. Talk to her there, ask questions about what she does and get to know her. After all, for life coaching to have a positive outcome, there needs to be a trusting relationship between coach and client.

You can also contact Karen on 021 040 5862 or email




Helping you help yourself: Transform You Coaching

Fifteen years ago, Karen Parker, a registered nurse, wife and mother, approached a life coach to help with some challenges in her life at that time. “My coach helped me change how I was thinking and what I was doing and that transformed my life completely,” Karen says.



“As a nurse, I could really see the value in what my coach did – help people to help themselves, and become more confident and resilient. That is what inspired me to become a life coach.” Now, drawing from her experiences as a registered nurse and trained life coach, Karen provides one-on-one personal coaching sessions, individual programmes, and group workshops for workplace health and wellbeing programmes.

Karen works on work/life balance, self-confidence building, goal setting, dealing with stress, relationships and communication and empowerment by positive thought. “Usually it’s mental barriers – like fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not being good enough and fear of change – that impedes our progress; I help clients understand and find the way to move beyond those old beliefs,” Karen says.

Karen offers a free half-hour one-on-one session to prospective personal clients to establish whether Karen’s the right coach for them. “Because it’s a two-way street, it’s important to have a good fit between coach and client.” Karen will hold a life balance workshop in Christchurch in June (maximum of 12 participants). Those interested in registering should contact her via her website.

Phone 021 040 5862 or visit