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Quality pre-school education in the centre of the city: Cathedral Grammar School

The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School is a small family-orientated community-based education centre for boys and girls, located in the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School’s central city campus.



Director Lyndell Turner leads a team of caring early childhood staff who possess a deep understanding of how young children learn.

“Each teacher is responsive to individual interests, strengths and abilities.

They listen closely to children, support them to develop a wide set of skills and share their ideas,” Lyndell says.

“Our pre-school philosophy values play as an instrument in stimulating and shaping child development and early learning. Through planned and spontaneous play experiences, children form relationships, share, cooperate, develop self-control, test ideas and friendships, extend their range of experience and form associations among things, events and concepts.

“Our programme has developed a balance between child-centred and adult-led play, together with a sense of structure. We also value extended blocks of time for children to make discoveries, to elaborate on projects and to evolve a script in symbolic play.”

The pre-school children are fortunate to be located on the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School.

This means access to numerous activities and resources such as specialist art, music, yoga, library and physical education teachers which add value to an already strong and varied programme, as well as access to the school vans to go off-site for weekly gymnastics lessons.

At Cathedral Grammar, they recognise it is a great privilege to partner with families in supporting the educational journey of their children.

Learning is designed as a continuous pathway.

This means whole school alignment of curriculum and pedagogy, and a shared responsibility of student learning realised through a strong and cohesive team approach.

Their Pathways to School programme has been specifically designed to ensure that your pre-school child has the best possible start to school and introduces your child to the foundations of numeracy and literacy through a balance of structured play based interactions, whilst building relationships and connections with junior school staff and children in familiar environments.

The pre-school can currently offer places to prospective enrolments. For more information and centre tours, please contact their Registrar, Nicky Oram on 03 365 0385 or email enquiries to


Intellectual Property: the ins and outs

Intellectual Property (IP) can be a powerful advantage in the right hands. Metropol catches up with IP specialist and Patent Attorney Virginia Nichols from Saunders & Co Lawyers about how to use IP to your commercial advantage.



Every business has valuable IP, but it is easy for owners or executives to overlook the opportunity to leverage those intangible assets fully for their commercial advantage.

The first step is to perform an ‘IP audit’ to find out what intangible assets your company already has or may need or want.

Many companies underestimate the value and commercial importance of the intangible assets they already own.

IP comes in a lot of different forms, including trademarks and other brand elements, copyright in written text, technical or artistic drawings, photos and videos, know-how and inventions, processes, licences, customer lists and databases.

Every company has different intangible assets, and should regularly consider their IP strategy as part of their evolving business plan.

It is important to ensure all intangible assets are correctly owned and that your trade secrets remain confidential.

There should be clear contracts with employees, contractors, external providers and co-founders.

Many legal disputes arise because the parties were not clear at the outset about who would own the output, or how it is to be used.

This can be avoided by being proactive in getting contractual arrangements right before work starts (or as soon as possible).

Certain types of IP rights are recognised by statute, which can provide a legal monopoly.

Trademark registration is a very effective tool for brand protection and essential for any business involved in either exporting or overseas manufacture.

Patents provide an extremely powerful protection for any new product or process and should be given serious consideration by any innovative enterprise.

The main ways to exploit these intangible assets include:
• Protecting your own market position to keep competitors from copying you
• Licensing others to use your IP, in exchange for an income stream
• Selling some or all of your intangible assets to another company.

As your business plan evolves over time, your IP strategy should do the same.

Leveraging intangible assets can be extremely useful when expanding into new markets.

Now is the time to maximise your IP potential.

For a no-obligations discussion about your current IP strategy, call Virginia on 03 963 1463.


St Andrew's College

Empowering education: St Andrews College is giving kids the tools they need to be happy successful adults

Against a backdrop of delightful bubbles an amazing new asset made its mark at St Andrew’s College in February.

St Andrew's College

While the youngest members of the St Andrew’s delighted in a mass bubble blowing activity, Dame Adrienne Stewart opened their state-of-the-art buildings and bespoke playgrounds, all part of the brand new Stewart Junior Centre. The beautiful contrast between fun and formality set the tone for what the new facility will provide – an environment to excel, learn and thrive while having a great time each and every day.
The new development offers three new junior classrooms in one block for Year 1-3 students with an adjacent new preschool and an impressive outdoor facility that ensures education beyond the four walls of classroom is just as enriching.
All rooms in the Junior School enjoy high spec engineering, construction, insulation, technology and contemporary furniture and equipment. A Discovery Room provides an incredible avenue for diverse learning including art and cooking.
The Stewart family made a significant contribution to the Stewart Junior Centre, designed by Wilkie and Bruce Architects, and built by Armitage Williams. Mark Stewart took a walk down memory lane in his speech saying it was almost exactly 50 years since he started at St Andrew’s as a five-year-old. He said his family was proud of its long association with the college and their support of various projects. His brother Todd and other family members were also in attendance.
Preparatory School Principal, Jonathan Bierwirth says, “There is a natural cohesion and close connection between the Junior School and Pre-school, which is significantly enhanced by having both within the new Stewart Junior Centre. It is wonderful to have the youngest members of the St Andrew’s family learning in such close proximity.”