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Eyelash Excellence

Keren Clayton is now New Zealand’s only Eyelash Excellence educator, after completing a course in the UK with mentor and internationally recognised Master Lash Artist, Frankie Widdows.


The Rangiora eyelash extension technician runs Lash Kandy at 135 High Street and, after completing the study required to join Widdows’ Global Training Team, Keren is more passionate than ever to introduce her new range of skills to her Canterbury clients and to pass the knowledge on to new and experienced lash artists looking to upskill.

It all started earlier in the year when Frankie posted on her website that she was looking for individual applicants to take part in the training. The response she received was huge and, to take part, Keren was required to submit a small teaching video and information on the operation of her business.

When she was selected, Keren travelled to the UK to spend four days with Frankie and five other lash artists from America, Australia, South Africa and Canada.

“It was great,” Keren says. “Frankie loves passing on information and skills, so people learn how to apply the lashes in the correct way. In order to earn the qualification, you must demonstrate you can apply lashes safely; it is a specialist career.”

Now Keren’s back in North Canterbury and she hopes to soon start travelling the country, teaching the new techniques and knowledge she’s learnt to fellow lash artists in New Zealand.

For more information, you’ll find Lash Kandy situated at 135 High Street, Rangiora, phone 021 655 308 or email


Luxe Lashes: Lash Kandy

It’s long been said our eyes are the windows to the soul and if this is true, then lashes certainly make the most beautiful of window dressings. When it comes to enhancing them and making them ‘pop’, then Lash Kandy’s Rangiora premises is where you want to be.



Headed by lash expert Keren Clayton, who has been trained in the UK by internationally recognised Eyelash Excellence, Lash Kandy is a high-end, bespoke lash boutique at 135 High Street with services available by appointment only.

The beautiful and relaxing upstairs space has been designed with the same attention to detail that goes into every set of bespoke lashes applied. You’ll find the discreet entrance on Transport Lane, where parking is plentiful.

Lash Kandy also provides packages for high school formals, complete with non-alcoholic bubbles for the whole glam experience, and eyelashes for men are an increasingly popular service, with both natural and flamboyant options available by preference.

The team is currently trialling magnetic eyelashes. A premium product from the US, they attach to magnetised eyeliner, making them ideal for those with no natural lashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy, with Keren’s understanding of lash shape and curvature ensuring she is sourcing only the best. This includes a new glue arriving from the US next month suitable for those who react to cyanaoacrylate glues and want a vegan-friendly product.

Keren also stocks the highest quality supplementary products, including Nanolash serums to encourage growth, mascaras and a specialised cloth which removes eye makeup without causing any damage.

Phone 021 655 308 or email



Creating Lush Lashes: Lash Kandy

It’s been said that eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting. Such is our lust for lashes, that we’ve primped, preened, painted and permed them since almost the beginning of time. Although the evolutionary story of how eyelashes came to be is less than glamorous, their future is certainly looking lush – particularly at the talented hand of Keren Clayton.



The Lash Kandy founder is already well-known in North Canterbury for providing high-end, bespoke lash extensions; now she’s thrown open the doors of her high-end eyelash boutique at 135 High Street in Rangiora. And, although it may be hard to picture the glamorous local is a country girl at heart – living on a farm and also working within the dairy industry!

At Lash Kandy, every single one of your natural eyelashes gets to find its perfect partner, with Keren’s practiced hand attaching a longer, more shapely extension to every single one, for a beautiful, natural look.

If you opt for a volume – or even a mega volume – set, you can get from 3 to 16 lashes for every single one of your natural lashes!  “A lot of women are scared to get extensions because they don’t want the huge, big, false looking lashes,” Keren explains. “We create a bespoke set of lashes for every client, to look as natural or as full as they want.”

What makes this VIP treatment so VIP is the technique. Where some lash artists will add too much glue to your natural lashes and not isolate the eyelashes, they can prove itchy, uncomfortable and even damaging to your lashes or eyes.

For Lash Kandy, eye health is a top priority; they use only medical grade products and Keren has been trained by the best – the global best, that is. She has invested heavily in training, with one on one training in the UK with internationally recognised Eyelash Excellence.

She’s even got plans to become an internationally recognised Eyelash Excellence Trainer, where she will be ‘training the trainers’. Meanwhile, her daughter Kezia has caught the lash lush bug too and is undergoing training.

Extension maintenance is ideal from 2-3 weeks, as our natural lashes fall out at a rate of 3-5 every day. But at Lash Kandy, the online booking system makes scheduling easy. If growth is an issue, Keren will help you stock up on growth serums and she also does lash lifts if you want to go more natural, with the lift generally lasting from 6-8 weeks.

“Some people live for lashes. They’ll forego their hair appointments, their nail appointments and their skin appointments. But that’s OK because when you wake up and look in the mirror, you feel like a million dollars, whether you’re 18 or 60!”

Lash Kandy is at 135 High Street Rangiora, phone 021 655 308 or email