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Making the old new: M.F. Turnbull

Why replace when you can reuse, recycle or restore? That approach is as true with kitchens and furniture as it is with other more obvious elements of our throwaway and acquisitive society. It is also the mantra and the fundamental philosophy of M.F. Turnbull, the specialists in making the old new again.



“More and more we are seeing a trend towards refinishing and refurbishing kitchens rather than totally renovating them,” Monique Turnbull says. “A facelift for a fresh new look may be all a kitchen requires if it has been well designed in the first place and is functional. This could cut the cost of renovation by up to 50 percent.”

So rather than replacing perfectly good cabinetry to get a new kitchen, M.F. Turnbull can refinish – i.e. recolour – your kitchen. No matter what the current finish is – timber, lacquer or a pre-finished board such as melamine – they can repaint it to the colour of your choice to bring your kitchen right up to date.

“You can have any standard colour you like off any colour chart. If you have something different in mind, or a specific colour or tone you may want, we can work with you and make it happen. You can also choose the gloss level for the paint from a textured matte to a mirror-like high-gloss.”

M.F. Turnbull can also do minor alterations to cabinetry, or provide new cabinets where required such as overhead fridge cabinets, microwave areas and oven surrounds. If you require new door fronts, soft close hinges and drawer runners, they can organise that as well.

As for process, after a free no-obligation consultation and quote the company’s specialist kitchen installers will remove all the items to be repainted. Once this work is completed at the made-for-purpose Christchurch factory, the installers will put your new kitchen back together – from removal to reinstallation takes about three weeks.



M.F. Turnbull certainly doesn’t limit refinishing and refurbishing to kitchens. The team also specialises in furniture restoration and renovation. Pieces that have gone out of fashion can be revamped and updated. Much loved older pieces can be revitalised by being stripped, repaired and refurbished back to their original condition. M.F. Turnbull can update and revitalise virtually everything – from sideboards, chairs and lamp bases, to bedroom suites, dining tables, coffee tables, wall units, vanities and wardrobe doors.

Monique suggests you send in photos of your kitchen or furniture with a description of what you would like and the team can provide a quote. You can do that either by emailing or uploading directly to the website. Please include your contact number in case there are any questions.

You can also contact M.F. Turnbull on 03 365 2519 or visit and




Revitalising Your Most Used Space: M F Turnbull

Thirty-one years and counting – that’s how long M F Turnbull has been finishing furniture and joinery in Canterbury and beyond.


With an expanded facility, Kitchen Renewal is a new division of M F Turnbull that specialises in refurbishing kitchens and furniture. No matter what the current finish of your kitchen, it can be repainted or refinished to a colour and look that you want. Even pre-finished boards such as melamine, despite the common belief that it can’t, can be refinished. When it comes to kitchens, often the most used space in the house, people don’t realise that with some relatively small changes and a quality refinishing, you virtually get a new kitchen, says Co-Owner Monique Turnbull. “Very often, kitchens are really well designed,” she says.

So if you are staying with the same layout, you could make small changes, like removing unused overhead cupboards or replacing a cupboard with a set of drawers, she says. With a refinish on the cupboard doors, drawers and benchtops, new handles and hinges, your kitchen is totally transformed. Not only is this process cost effective, it is much more friendly to the environment, creating less waste as many pulled-out units end up in landfills. This has become a particular focus for M F Turnbull – Kitchen Renewal. Specialising in making the old new again, the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ model is at the core of the business.

It also applies to so much more than just kitchens. Any piece of furniture can be revitalised; heirlooms or that tired old coffee table that you like but needs either a new stain or a new colour. Chairs, side tables, drawers and more can be brought up to date to suit new décor. Individual pieces or entire suites can be revamped and revitalised to any colour or look. In their 31 years, the team at M F Turnbull has saved some very unique items, things that may otherwise have been consigned to the trash heap; items such as filing cabinets, desks, or even things like pianos. In one instance a treasured vase was given a new look to bring into line with a new décor.

Steve Baker is the Manager at M F Turnbull. His experience and expertise is called upon to advise clients of just what is possible. If you know what you want, he is able to guide you through the process and achieve your goals. If you don’t know what you want, he can have a look at your existing kitchen and offer advice on what can be done. Often, he and the team can suggest options you may not have considered.

With a free consultation and quote, and a fast, efficient removal and reinstallation process, your kitchen can be looking bright and new in as little as ten working days. Contact the team at or