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Perfect & Accurate Jewellery: Polished Diamonds

Just as each and every engagement and marriage is unique and special, so too are the symbolic, custom-made rings that pre-eminent jewellery designer Polished Diamonds – Jewellery Design – creates to signify the commitment.



Characterised by unparalleled quality, imagination and craftsmanship thanks to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D prototyping which ensures perfect symmetry and superb accuracy – engagement rings from Polished Diamonds are truly bespoke.

The team at Polished Diamonds adopts a methodical and magical approach to the design process. Any ring design can be drawn in CAD using actual proportions to suit any budget. Ladies can design their ideal ring and ‘drop the hint’, or gents can view and create their ideal engagement ring knowing they are getting the best value.

Polished Diamonds, operating with incredible efficiency online at and from its plush, parlour-esque location on New Regent Street, offers a lifetime guarantee and works with ethically mined diamonds and gemstones.


Inspiring design creativity: Polished Diamonds

The practice of jewellery gifting may be firmly rooted in tradition, but the process leading up to the gifting has been modernised. Technology has revolutionised the art of jewellery design and manufacturing, inspiring greater creativity and granting more autonomy.



In a market flushed with the ordinary, Polished Diamonds is turning its commercial hand to creating something extraordinary. Using CAD technology, the talented team can create the ultimate engagement, wedding and ‘just-because’ rings, combining breath-taking GIA certified diamonds and coloured gemstones with exquisite craftsmanship.

“We custom make each ring to ensure the ultimate engineering precision,” owner Daniel Joines says. “We utilise Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, which enables our clients to see the proportions of their ring before it is made and work to 0.01mm, less than a human hair – precision is the difference between ordinary and the ‘wow factor’.

For your ‘across the room sparkle’, visit the design studio at 30 New Regent Street, call 0800 233 299 or check out


One of a kind collection: Dusty Old Things

Immerse yourself in a 20th century haven at Dusty Old Things which has recently taken up residence in Burnside.



Browse the store’s one of a kind collection of items from every decade of the 1900s, which are sourced from both New Zealand and abroad. Owner Glenis Parker, who completes all furniture painting and restoration herself in her onsite workshop, describes the business as a one-stop shop for antique collectors.

Check out the dedicated Crown Lynn room with over 2000 pieces and find stunning vintage estate and costume jewellery perfect for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Transform your home with timeless items that would suit both modern and vintage abodes, such as linens, lights, kitchenalia, furniture and collectables.

There’s ‘a little bit of everything’ at Dusty Old Things! Phone Glenis on 03 359 0454 or visit 526 Wairakei Road.


Via Sollertia

A part of YOU: Via Sollertia

The team at Via Sollertia understands that the ring becomes a part of you, an extension of your essence and simply being stunningly beautiful just isn’t enough anymore.


Via Sollertia



The jewellery you wear needs to embody your values of locally sourced and ethical production. Via Sollertia handmakes product on site, using only stones and metals whose provenance they have carefully researched to ensure their sustainable credentials. Jewellery boxes are made in gorgeous recycled rimu, while even the finest gold dust filings are refined and re-used.

The desire for jewellery that represents the authentic self is leading to a trend for proposals without a ring. At Via Sollertia you come in together, select your ethically sourced stones and metals, and create something perfect together. The initial consultation establishes your style, which is then conceptualised, finalised and finished for you. Why would you go anywhere else?



The Jewellery Bar

The rainbow connection: The Jewellery Bar

Christchurch brightened up when renaissance woman Kirsten Smart added The Jewellery Bar to her portfolio of roles as mum, 111 call dispatcher and ambulance officer at St John.


The Jewellery Bar


The Jewellery Bar specialises in tassel jewellery, with 20 different styles of earrings, necklaces, plus bespoke styles available online and from eight retail outlets from Whakatane to Geraldine. Colour and texture are Kirsten’s passions and she says a fabulous pair of earrings “brings colour to an outfit and finishes a look to perfection”.

Where black, navy and neutral are a signature wardrobe palette, Kirsten’s earrings are a gorgeous way to make a classic outfit pop, or as a gateway to incorporating more colour into the wardrobe. Kirsten designs and creates the jewellery using materials such as leather and a range of acrylics. The earrings are all hypo-allergenic – finished with sterling silver. Her ideas come from interactions of colours and textures she sees around her and design talent is in the genes with Kirsten’s late mother being a watercolourist and a craft aficionado.

Kirsten has always wanted her own business, and her original career in banking is standing her in good stead. ‘Giving back’ is key to the business ethos, so every pair of earrings sold will generate a donation to a local charity to buy Christmas presents for less fortunate families.


The colour range is huge, and takes in seasonal trends, with earrings priced at $39 and necklaces from $40-$70.


Follow Kirsten’s rainbow on Instagram and Facebook, and purchase online at



Elegance & Attitude: Dyrberg/Kern

Street Cred and exquisitely high quality unite in the Danish jewellery brand, Dyrberg/Kern.




The name of the jewellery fashion-house, now housed in a new Merivale Mall boutique (and in Ballantynes) is not the result of random musings. It’s the joining of surnames of its jewellery designers; Copenhagen-based Gitte Dyrberg and Henning Kern. The duo has designed edgy, covetable accessories since 1985. Fortunately, New Zealand swung in on the action early and DK jewellery has been on sale here for a couple of decades already.

What’s so wonderful about these Scandi-cool treasures is their diversity. Within the Dyrberg/Kern design DNA lies a wealth of gorgeousness, and plenty of stylistic contrast. Gitte and Henning started out with a design charter to produce pieces of beauty and luxury to be worn every day. They use authentic materials… ion plated gold, silver, stainless steel, Swarovski crystals and a kaleidoscope of semi-precious gemstones. Everything possesses design integrity and refinement. Some rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are chunky, some delicate. There’s an aesthetic to appeal to everyone.  It’s European artistic genius; even within the same piece there’s often a play between pleasing opposites.


There’s stunning detail. Part of the earring might feature a raw, opaque stone, which is set beside another gem of polished, glittery transparency. There’s something no-nonsense and satisfying about this Danish brand. Whether wearers prefer the beaten, multifaceted look, or a more uniform high-shine appearance, the end result is unfailingly sophisticated. To ensure the aesthetic their wearers choose can remain highly personal, Gitte and Henning design prolifically. They produce fashion-ranges twice each year and have iconic and classic pieces available.

National director of Dyrberg/Kern Penny Wilson is noticing a trend toward colour. “It’s exciting, vibrant and creative; a brilliant way to hit refresh,” she says. Now that fashion has for several seasons shaken off any shyness about colour and intensity, accessory-lovers have yet more reason to go crazy. Deep or zingy hues partner fabulously with gold, as do pastels with silver, though there really are no rules. Here Dyrberg/Kern has paired mauves and purples with gold, clear crystals with silver, and rose quartz and other pinks with silver.
The Compliments collection is an interchangeable ring system where you can create a custom designed ring unique to you; mix, match, contrast and stack whatever takes the wearer’s fancy. It’s a daily delight to choose.

Handmade in stainless steel, the toppers feature Swarovski crystals and natural stones such as rose quartz, tiger eye, opal, lapis lazuli and onyx. Use the online ring designer to mix and match styles, the design possibilities are endless. Featuring stand-out modern statement earrings, brides-to-be could style their entire wedding sparked by inspiration from this lust-worthy range. The bridal range is extensive and caters for every wedding style whether that be ‘modern glamour,’ ‘traditional romantic,’ or the more bohemian ‘perfectly undone’.

Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-bride or wedding guest, Dyrberg/Kern can accessorise your look to perfection. There’s even a bridal-spend inducement, in which brides receive free earrings for bridesmaids into the bargain.


Simply beautiful! Visit the new Merivale Mall shop 3a 198 Papanui Road or phone 03 355 5958


Canterbury Jewellers

Beautifully bespoke: Canterbury Jewellers

The talented team at Canterbury Jewellers can turn your ideas into a beautifully handcrafted bespoke piece.


Canterbury Jewellers


Located in the heart of the city, the family-owned business has been providing an on-site repair, alteration and handcrafted jewellery service for more than 35 years. Visiting the business is a refreshing change to what can sometimes be a daunting and sterile experience, says second generation jeweller, Jason Baylis.

Canterbury Jewellers


“We are honest, friendly, down-to-earth and many customers come back to us for that reason. Our business is built on word-of-mouth, so pretty much everyone who comes here are referrals.”  Delivering a personal design and creation service for anything from a unique engagement ring, to an elegant pendant, Canterbury Jewellers has a large, skilled team of 13 to keep up with demand and all jewellery is made in-house. Current trends indicate sapphire engagement rings are popular and rose gold is back.




Via Sollertia

A new chapter: Via Sollertia

If someone special has bequeathed you jewellery that means so much, but just doesn’t suit, Via Sollertia has a brilliant solution – remodelling – to get the piece out of the drawer and onto you.


Via Sollertia


Jewellery designer Clare establishes the style of jewellery you like, be it classic, modern, art deco, or art nouveau. “Browse pieces in store and in the catalogue and see what jumps out,” she says. “We’ll work with what you’ve got, re-using the stones and metal on site to create something completely personal.” The design process often sees people add to the components and Clare draws the design for you to take away and keep. Wedding and engagement rings are being modernised and reworked too.
“Re-modelling is my favourite thing to do,” Clare says. “It’s so special, creating something with huge history that people will actually wear and love, bringing a new chapter to the life of the jewel.”



Via Sollertia


Via Sollertia
11 New Regent Street
Ph 366 8001


Via Sollertia

Symbolic Sparkle: Via Sollertia

Going bespoke is a lovely tribute to a special relationship.

Via Sollertia

It’s inherently romantic to seek out your own symbolic sparkle mixed with gorgeous gold, silver or platinum. In fact, deciding on an engagement ring, wedding rings, or other special occasion jewellery is one of life’s most delightful times.
A family-owned Christchurch business since 1996, Via Sollertia of New Regent Street is a family of young inspired designers who welcome client input. For those who want to buy on the spot, a tempting display of hand-crafted beauties – both vintage and modern – awaits.
It’s not necessarily more expensive, but definitely more exciting to help in the initial design, stone selection and perfect-fit of your own rings. Via Sollertia Manager Joel says some clients opt to bring them old or inherited pieces for a remodel into something intimate and exclusive, to love now.


A covetable creator: Q&A with Kat Gee

Kagi is a Kiwi brand that tickles the fancy of the magpies amongst us. Metropol talks to founder Kat Gee about her passion for jewellery and how she balances motherhood and business.


You were quite young when you established Kagi, where did your passion for jewellery come from?

I have always had a passion for jewellery from a young girl fossicking through my grandma’s bead drawers to selling jewellery to classmates aged 7; a career in jewellery seemed inevitable.
Looking back, I was very young to start up a business but I guess that was the beauty of it; I didn’t know what I didn’t know and literally felt like I had nothing to lose…

You’ve been incredibly successful. Why do you think people have connected with your designs?

For me the measure of success is more about doing what I love and feeling fulfilled by my work – I am lucky enough to do my passion for a living so in that respect, I am blessed.
I love creating beautiful unique jewellery that makes women feel fabulous and special. The women who wear our Kagi brand are always who we design for first and foremost and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing them enjoying our designs. I think women connect with our brand as we listen to them and design what they want – we don’t tell women what to wear, we listen to what they tell us.

How would you define the Kagi brand?

Kagi is about letting your own unique style shine. We are a brand that allows women to feel fabulous everyday.

Along with your firstborn (the business), you have a small human in your charge. How do you balance motherhood and a successful business?

It’s a constant juggle and some days I feel as if I’m not winning and then other days are high fives all round! At the end of the day though we all do the best we can as working mums and need to cut ourselves some slack. The whole concept of ‘you can have it all!’ needs a wee subtitle added ‘but not at the same time…’ as we put so much pressure on ourselves to have every plate spinning perfectly at all times.“I was very young to start up a business, but I guess that was the beauty of it.”

What exciting plans do you have in the works for the next 12 months?

Hahaha a break from having children! It will be nice to move out of nappies that’s for sure and recover two years’ worth of sleep! In terms of Kagi we are contining our Kat Gee collaboration and we have some very exciting new colourful and sparkly designs in the mix – it’s by far our best range yet and comes out early July. I still run my business remotely, so I’d say there will be some more travel in there and we have a couple of trips planned to Raro with the kids for some relaxation and recharging.