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Let’s talk tan

Travel might have been put on hold, but when done right you can achieve that “just gotten back from Europe” tan sans passport.



We’re nearing the end of August and coming into a new season; spring! Those big winter jackets are being swapped for lighter layers with bare arms and legs, and that means one thing: tan is needed, stat. So, we’ve put together some essential tanning tips to make sure you get a natural look, without any harmful UV rays.

FINDING THE FORMULA: I was never a big fan of math but what I did learn is, finding the perfect formula is crucial to the end result. The same applies for tanning products. Personally, I’ve found Bondi Sands to be very reliable throughout the years. The lightweight foam gives you that bronzed perfection after just six hours.

AD-MITT IT: I would strongly recommend against using your hands to apply faux tan. Instead, a good quality mitt ensures even distribution, and your hands are kept clean. And if you don’t have a friend to apply it to your back…you can invest in a back applicators, too.

BYE TO DRY: Before applying the tan, and after you’ve showered and exfoliated, make sure to lightly apply moisturiser on your elbows and knees. This will prevent the tan from clinging onto those dry spots! You can also use moisturiser once your fake tan has developed to prolong your tan and prevent cracking.

MEET THE TAN-SIE: A custom-made zip front onesie, the Tansie by Spray Tan Wear is designed to protect your furniture, bedding, clothing – and your tan. Wear it while waiting for your tan to develop or while sleeping, and bid adieu to bronzed sheets, PJs and chairs.


Blurred Lines

Fashion is seen as a point of expression for many. You have numerous styles, colours and patterns. From drag (gender bending) to androgyny, the lines between what is considered masculine and feminine are becoming blurred. As a result, fashion is leaning towards more of a gender-fluid feel.


Karen Walker Metropolis Jacket and Pant and Converse Renew Chuck 70


For example, take darling Delta Goodrem on our cover. She looks like an absolute powerhouse and doesn’t have to wear a stereotypically feminine outfit to do it.

The celebrity rocks a detailed suit that screams ‘I mean business’. Meanwhile our very own Karen Walker has long courted a utilitarian with an air of androgynous chic aesthetic.

For the very first time, Versace Creative Director Donatella Versace made a bold move in showcasing both the men’s and women’s collections together during Fashion Week 2020.

This beautiful blurring of the lines enables the focus to be taken off who is wearing the clothes and focus on the clothes themselves.

We’re hoping that same attitude will wear off in the storefronts, loosening the limits on who gets to wear what in the world of fashion.

In short, men can rock a frilled shirt and equally women can pull off a power suit.

Wear the clothes, not the stereotype.


Spring Fling!

Spring has long been associated with regeneration, but it’s equally time to update, refresh and create a whole new vibe. We’ve looked forward to the spring 2020 colour palette so you can prepare for a spring fling!


MAKING ME BLUSH: ‘Millennial Pink’ has been a colour craze since the summer of 2016 and it is showing no sign of slowing down. It’s a colour that has paved the way and angled the spotlight on the ‘world of pink’. By doing so, it has allowed for the colour blush, a more subtle version of the punchy millennial pink, to come to the forefront. The colour matches well with white, camel and soft pink.


FEELING BLUE: Classic blue is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020, making it a hue that you’re more than likely to see everywhere this year. Described by Pantone as “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”, blue has long been used to connote serenity, reflection, calmness, serenity and trust, helping to calm the mind and help it focus.


GREEN WITH ENVY: Green is another colour to watch out for in spring this year, specifically sage green. There’s something that’s so fresh and organic about it. Not to mention it’s unisex, perfect for masculine and feminine spaces. The ‘go green movement’ doesn’t just have to represent the switch to sustainability, go green in all aspects of life.


PRETTY AS A PEACH: Peach Jelly to be exact. This pastel peach will be all the rage next season. The colour really gets a chance to pop when it’s matched with strong shades of dark green or grey. It looks great on accessories around the home such as rugs and cushions.


GOOD AS GOLD: Maybe don’t go overboard with this one… the only place ‘all-gold’ everything looks good is in a palace. But that’s not to say that it can’t look good in splashes throughout your space – it’s time to create a regal feeling. It also pairs nicely with the sage green listed above.



Olive it!

Last year we were all about the dramatic fiddle leaf fig, this year, potted perfection comes in the form of the much subtler olive tree. Instead of a burst of bright green, they offer a more sophisticated sage. We’ve put together some tips on making the most of your new leafy addition to the home.



Sun: One of the olive tree’s most basic needs is sunlight, this is where it gets its energy from to make its own food. This plant is a rather needy one… preferring at least six hours of sun a day.

Size: These aren’t your typical house plants that can live most of their lives in a tiny pot. Investing in dwarf olive trees might keep the plants from overrunning your living space.

Soil: The beautiful olive tree is native to the Mediterranean so they are suited to drier air and love soil that drains easily (much like a cactus mix). Make sure when you’re potting them that the container is larger than the main mass of roots at the base of the plant, this will allow space for the plant to grow.

Handy Tip: You’d think we wouldn’t have to remind you to water a plant but every plant is different. With this specific tree, it’s recommended to use your finger to stick into the pot to feel if the soil is dry. If it does, it’s time to water again.


Did you know?

Our house is the proud owner of a new air fryer and we don’t know why we didn’t buy one sooner.


They’re quick and easy to use, great to clean and a healthier alternative to deep-frying with oil. It’s always fun to find inventive ways to use this little device.

Our latest endeavour was Air Fryer Pork Crackling, arguably one of the most challenging things to get right.

Simply dab the skin dry with a paper towel, score with a knife, drizzle with oil and rub with salt and cook skin facing up for one hour at 200 degrees.