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Canterbury Home Show Celebrates 40 Years

It’s hard to believe that the Canterbury Home Show will celebrate its 40th birthday this month.




As the oldest and longest running Cantabrian Home Show, the team will once again produce an event delivering on inspiration and innovation.

The Canterbury Home Show remains a premier destination for homeowners and leading businesses – the strong demand has been creating a loyal following for decades.

Three main reasons for visiting the Canterbury Home Show are exclusives and new releases, meeting and talking with experts, and inspiration and innovation.




Exclusives and new releases
Businesses often use Canterbury Home Show to give attendees a peek at new or future product ranges, or a chance to grab an exclusive product or item from a limited range. This is why an expected 10,000 people will visit the three-day event – to hunt for exclusives and take advantage of show specials!


Meeting and talking to experts
Having access to expert advice from over 150 leading experts and suppliers in one location is a rare opportunity.

“Meeting with these experts in person means they can pass along top tips and advice that would be hard to come by otherwise,” Marketing Director Jenny Murfitt says.

“Bring your ideas, plans and photos along with you to get your project off to a great start!”

As part of the free seminars, sponsored by Resene, experts on home renovation and interior design will speak throughout the day on subjects such as landscaping, kitchen renovation, new innovations and technology – bringing homes into the future.


Ideas and inspiration abound
“When you want to tackle a home project, but have no idea where to start, it can be daunting. With everything under one roof you can see a range of products, styles and items to suit most tastes and budgets,” Jenny says.

“Decorating and furnishing are made simpler with insights on the latest colour palettes, trending styles and furnishings, for the home comfort and design you dream of.

“The saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ is never more true than at the Home Show. It offers the latest in home technology solutions to solve problems you might not know you have – making life easier, more fun, or just looking and functioning better.”


Bonus reason #4: Prizes and other goodies
Heading to the Canterbury Home Show means leaving with more than you came with – whether it’s free samples or products, special show-only deals, goodie bags packed with information and surprises, or even a prize!

“If you’re currently renovating or building, love a good home project, or just dreaming about home improvements, it’s a fun day out for everyone including families, come rain or shine.

“You’ll leave with a huge smile on your face and something extra for you or your home. Be part of the birthday celebrations and come see the thousands of new products and ideas to renovate your house, both inside and out.”





Canterbury Home Show at is on at Horncastle Arena, Addington on Friday 18 to Sunday 20 October, from 10am to 5pm daily. Adults $6 online ($8 on the door), seniors $6, and children under 18 are free. See for exhibitor directory, timetables, ticket sales.

We have two double passes to give away. Check out the Metropol Facebook page to find out more.




Naked Architecture

Choice – that’s what we need; a way in which each of us can individually live happily in our increasingly complex world.




Now, more than ever, people really do want greater choice around how they live in the urban environment. And internationally, a growing array of solutions are emerging to answer that urgent need. We are diverse, our needs differ and the days of the one-stop solution are long gone. In architecture, a new trend is allowing buyers individual choice even within the walls of one block.

‘Naked Architecture’ offers its end users the exciting ability to buy ‘shell space’ with no pre-imposed layout, giving them the opportunity to think about their own individual requirements within the space. The shell can then be fitted out to suit any individual’s needs and budget. In an inspired move towards individual choice, buyers can now tailor-make their own solutions and configure their own designs, with the assistance of the resident architect.

This innovative new architecture means that no two units need be the same, and each unit can work with the light and boundaries of its individual space – the possibilities are as varied as the buyers.

In a city such as Christchurch, which has already embraced massive change after the earthquakes, the opportunity to create anew has caused many of us to re-think our needs. ‘Naked Architecture’ embraces the need for individual choice – a chance to make personal decisions about personal space, and an opportunity to live more comfortably in our urban environment. Everybody benefits, happiness spreads – and Christchurch becomes an increasingly interesting and diverse city.




Distinctive Luxury: Trenzseater

Trenzseater’s vision is built on the foundation of custom-made luxury design which is authentic, personalised, distinctive and instantly recognisable. Directors Ben and Hamish Lewis offer a full interior design service with a deserved reputation for detailing some of New Zealand’s finest residences.



Their interior design service has gained international recognition through awards at the International Design and Architecture Awards – in September of this year, Trenzseater took home the prestigious International Interior Design Award! They have also received accolades at the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review over the years.

Trenzseater has a large portfolio of renowned international brands that it represents and exclusively distributes through its beautiful showrooms. Sourced from Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, and the United States of America, the collection of brands demonstrates Trenzseater’s commitment to bringing the finest in international design to New Zealand.

The selection of outstanding international brands includes names such as Eichholtz – renowned for its grand opulent scale and exquisite taste in beautiful objects, lighting and accessories. The very desirable Italian Vittoria Frigeiro label’s pieces radiate austere perfection, sophisticated details and contemporary design with time-honoured traditions for the luxury market.

Lighting brands have been hand-chosen for their excellence in design, innovation and beauty. Historic British luxury Bert Frank draws influence from the design codes of the industrial era, but with a modern twist. Bomma of the Czech Republic showcases that country’s historic expertise in stunning hand-blown glass, while Buster and Punch lighting and hardware draws inspiration from London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes.


Jonathan Browning lighting from San Francisco employs beautiful aged bronze, brass and steel finishes, combined with crystal. The Venetia Stadium collection from Venice features silver and gold leaf on the interior of the shades. Authentage lighting from Belgium is timeless and classic for both interiors and exteriors.

Trenzseater’s selection of superb rugs and carpets is unrivalled. Belgian Limited Edition create an exquisite collection of rugs, artisan designed in wool, silk and cowhide. Kasthall’s hand-tufted and woven rugs from Sweden are known for vibrant colour and eclectic design. Finnish company Wood Notes specialise in spun paper yarn carpets and rugs that provide a unique and beautifully simple aesthetic. Mohebban rugs from Milan are full of chromatic and tactile contrasts while Italian silk rugs from GT Design are innovative and luxurious.

Furniture choices are equally distinguished: Desalto from Italy specialise in a beautiful collection of dining chairs, bar stools and tables using unique materials and components. LUXY produces commercial chairs that are beautiful and comfortable for natural movement.

Trenzseater’s own curated collection of sofas, armchairs, ottomans, sideboards and tables, consoles and entertainment units, coffee and dining tables, barstools, and bedroom furniture is the most comprehensive anywhere and exclusively made in New Zealand.

Drapery and upholstery fabrics exude modern elegance with an international collection available. Visit Trenzseater at 121 Blenheim Road and




Ever Green

The colour green has long had a transformative effect on our internal spaces. We look at how to incorporate the natural beauty of lush green into the home.



Green returns inside and flourishes in all directions for 2019. The trend has been growing steadily since leafy indoor plants have also taken root.

Blocks of deep olive green through to more ethereal tinges of teal are laying out the interior landscape. And, as colour has a harmonious effect on our moods and our psyche, this trend is certainly a nurturing and grounding breath of fresh air.

Create a real sanctuary of tranquillity with this cool colour favoured by Mother Nature. Emitting a balance of feminine and masculine energy – and rarely offending anyone – green can be a change-up from neutrals for those redecorating for resale.





Try a mint-green paint to refresh a wooden retro chair, or emulate a mossy fairytale forest with a plush velvet green throw.

Indoor plants need not be plonked on their own, gratuitously in a corner. The trend now is to creatively bunch them up as mini forest features for amazing atmosphere – not to mention that extra shot of oxygen.

Feature wallpaper and wall murals in bold prints totally transform a space with a breathtaking impact. Embrace green in larger-than-life foliage-festooned prints. Modern or vintage – leafy outdoor-themed wallpaper is a total transformation that is hard to overdo.



Try gilded mirrors against an emerald wall, or glazed peacock-green tiles in the bathroom. Add handblown green glassware or mosaics for texture.

Pair with pale, especially for summer. Even the deepest of muggiest greens look delicious against clean white or antique cream.

Just as in nature, green upon green just seems to go! Imagine a large foliage print against a solid apple-green wall, behind a deep buttoned olive-green couch with burnished-lime linen cushions and an art-deco bottle-green glass lamp – with a swirly patterned emerald byzantine rug underfoot.

It is perfectly sane to mix up the palette story with this shade – as long as the theme is green!




Beautiful moon rising

Last time the moon theme outshone our interiors it was the early 90s, but it seems moons are rising in popularity once again.



Creative crescents have returned in all sorts of wistful guises. This time, more mysterious streamline silhouettes, as opposed to friendly man-in-the-moon faces, beam down on us.

Either waxing or waning, a crescent or half-moon osculates between the emotive full moon and a rousing new moon. We’re not even fussy about which, we are craving the celestial in all its forms as we gaze to the universe for inspiration.

An aura of sensuous subtilty, half moonlight softens and enchants. LED lighting is a natural pairing to award this theme the limelight – from wall art to lamps.

Although the moon never really disappeared from our décor, we’re seeing more unique custom-made pieces in authentic mediums from metals to woods.

The minimalist moonbeam is our new moon. Crescents are often fine and elongated, like a thinly sliced wedge of melon – or the Cheshire cat’s smile! Frameless crescent-shaped mirrors lend a shard of light – perfect for narrow spaces, corners, to hide flaws, or to reflect light.

Garlands are not just for Christmas. Half moons seem at home recreating the night sky indoors. Artisan half moons – a juxtaposition of natural wood or crafted metallics – make beautiful textured, tiered wall-hangings. Move over wind chimes, suspended in space, la luna is orbiting ceilings or walls in eye-catching mobiles.

From fabrics to furniture, this heavenly body appears as relevantly futuristic as it is timeless.

The moon can arise from any room or outdoor space – an instantly recognisable enigmatic shape.




Geometric Glow

Circles, squares, hexagons, triangles, pentagons, diamonds – even shapes without a name; when it comes to geometric design, the options are endless.



A fun and funky way to add visual interest to your abode, geometric lighting is all about striking patterns and dramatic shapes. But it’s not all just squares and hexagons – plenty of lighting utilises the geometric style in a variety of unique and interesting shapes. Go big and bold or play it safe with geometric-patterned lightshades; versatile, adaptable and fun.

A groovy pair of star-shaped light fixtures or a sophisticated geometric chandelier are strong focal points for the kitchen, while a cylindrical lightshade in a geometric metal design makes a serious statement in the living area or bedroom. Get double the fun with bathroom pendant lighting above your vanity; the reflecting lights in the mirror will make your bathroom appear more spacious.

Subtle or bold, geometric lighting is the ultimate eye-catching interior decoration.




Cue the Curves

While furniture with hard and sleek Scandi-style lines will continue to grace our abodes for some time to come, it appears interior designers are seeking more soft and sculpted curves. Curb your curve curiosity and make a shapely statement in any room with this retro-inspired look.




Lending a new and softer dimension to any room, curved and fluid silhouettes project a chic and feminine aesthetic that offers an artistic appeal and comfort like no other; studies have shown that curvy furniture evokes more feelings of relaxation over their hard-line alternatives, and tend to be more conducive to conversation.

A curvy jewel-coloured couch makes a sculptural statement and is perfect in the modish material of velvet, while a retro rug with soft, scalloped lines adds a pinch of panache to any boudoir.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting forms; rounded edges still work well with sharp linear structures and geometric shapes and patterns.



Make a spring transformation: Armstrong Interiors

Spring is the season of transformation when it comes to our humble abode. But according to award-winning interior designer Angelique Armstrong from Armstrong Interiors, this season is about so much more than the archetypal spring clean.



With spring finally here, what does this mean from an interior design perspective?
Consider your family – how do they want to live, what makes them feel good, what do they need to improve about their living space and minds? The arrival of spring brings freshness, fragrance and finally opening the doors to let the sunshine in. So a nice way to freshen up your home is to have a good tidy up of things you have accumulated during winter. It’s a chance to simplify your bench tops and re-style your furniture layout. Your interiors have the power to change your mood.

After winter’s heavy throws and blankets, how do we style beds for spring?
This is a nice time to take the darker, moody, warm tones away and replace them with soft greys and whites. We still need warmth, so maybe change things up with a lighter throw on the end of the bed and new cushions. Try sleeping in linen sheets; this will be lovely change.



With the end of the year fast approaching, when is the best time to get started on home projects?
Spring is always a busy time, coming into the silly season, with Labour Weekend and Show Week just around the corner. Easy yet effective changes include adding cushions, painting a room (a cost-effective way to get a fabulous new feel), changing accessories or new curtains to instantly change the feel.

We have been spoilt with choice of colours over the winter with mustards, oranges and dark greens. What colour trends are we looking at for spring?
I have just painted and restyled my own bedroom for spring. I used Resene Quarter Rice Cake. This is a creamy white; warm and fresh. Great for villas or for someone looking for more than just white. I have accessorised with a soft floral pot plant, new cushions on my bed in Liberty Florian, with piped edge and backing in velvet, and very soft dove grey linen duvet and white sheets. Feminine colour tones and patterns. This summer, florals are in and I was in the mood for ‘soft and pretty’.


Angelique Armstrong
Armstrong Interiors Ltd


Visit, phone 03 356 2636 or check them out on Instagram, armstronginteriorsltd




Neo Nostalgic Nook: Resene

Hot tip: Layering retro colours over fresh, modern shapes will keep your space looking anything but dated.


Photography Wendy Fenwick. Styling Kate Alexander


Since being made famous by Marie Antoinette nearly 300 years ago, we’re not sure there’s any colour that’s been quite as pervasive in the interior design world as duck egg blue. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the ways in which you can incorporate this highly approachable tone into your home.

Much like a neutral, the shade lends itself well to a wide variety of combinations and a tremendous range of styles. From elegant and sophisticated French country rustic to just about anything else, it’s a classic colour that still manages to feel contemporary no matter where your tastes fall or how you use it. This peaceful shade works wonders in soothing spaces where you like to enjoy a little downtime, and we can’t think of any colour more perfect for your living room.

With a strong nod to the ‘70s, the Resene Half Duck Egg Blue walls and Resene Colorwood Whitewash floor in this room have been warmed up with a retro palette of mustard, ochre, burnt orange and cognac. The leather armchair, velvet cushion, high pile rug and twig arrangement add a healthy dose of textural interest, while copper and bronze accessories punctuate the space with a touch of glamour. A small side table, like this one in Resene Colins Wicket, is a must for any reading nook to ensure your cup of tea (or preferred Saturday night ‘reliever’) is always close at hand.


Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,


A study in contrast

Decorating with complementary colours can be a challenging look to pull off, but when everything comes together, the results are memorable. The key is finding the right tones that work together – instead of competing with one another – and then working in a mix of darker and lighter shades.



In this space, the sofa and the pendant lamp, vase, dish and small retro nesting table in Resene Wishing Well provide high contrast with the Resene Bluetooth walls and Resene Jailbreak console, while the small bowl in Resene Japonica brings in a softer orange to balance out the look and play off tones in the artwork. Neutral floors in Resene Alabaster lighten things up and keep the bold tones from becoming overpowering, while the floor rug adds another layer of visual texture.


Other colours that look great with high-octane orange are pewters, deep slates or midnight blues – try Resene Artemis, Resene Fast Forward or Resene Twilight Zone.

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,