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Ilam Homestead

A memorable conference: Ilam Homestead

A company away-day or two is a chance to foster clear thinking in a place of beauty. The Ilam Homestead, ten minutes from Christchurch’s International Airport, is that sort of facility.

Ilam Homestead

Built with grace and grandeur in 1858 by the man who named the suburb ‘Ilam,’ and twice gloriously reinstated and refurbished over ensuing years, this has become conference gold.
Groups of ninety-five or fewer are comfortably seated upstairs in the dining hall, with all the catering capability and bar services available on site.

A very versatile, large, art-endowed house, Ilam Homestead boasts spaces ideal for more intimate gatherings also, and is configured for think-tanks numbering 12 or 100. Plenty of off-street parking takes the stress out of the logistics.
Spilling out into spacious rhododendron gardens, this warm, peaceful homestead fulfils technological-capability and catering choice wishes. Plus – it’s a perfect backdrop for photos.

For more information, phone 0275667900 or visit

Ilam Homestead

A Heavenly Venue: Ilam Homestead

To visit the historic Ilam Homestead, now a wedding and functions centre, is to take air from a more elegant era. Gorgeous palatial details plus an old-English-style botanical backdrop set the homestead apart.

Ilam Homestead

Built in 1856 as the residence for the landowner of the entire suburb of Ilam, the homestead subsequently became part of the University of Canterbury. It was a residence for university officials and later on, an exclusive staff club. Its true potential is now realised following the launch of Ilam Homestead Functions Centre in April 2017.
This is one of those glorious houses where, if the skies opened on your big day, it wouldn’t matter in the least. Carved antiques, expansively-proportioned windows and ornate fireplaces provide the artistic background, not to mention gracious outdoor porch-verandas and lush gardens.

Ilam Homestead

Following the 2010 and 2011 quakes, the homestead was extensively remediated. Thankfully, refurbishment has trodden lightly on the past. It’s now a beautiful venue for weddings; a choice which means photography doesn’t need to happen elsewhere.
Homestead General Manager Jamie Costelloe is well used to hosting both larger weddings and more intimate cocktail-style gatherings here. Canterbury’s best catering partners are employed, meaning there’s plenty of choice in inspired and creative food to suit any occasion. The whole house can be hired, or part thereof, and differently sized rooms allow for plenty of big-day options.


Paint ’n’ Sip

Number one in fun: the perfect mid-winter night out at Paint ‘n’ Sip

You’re fed up with the weather; the wintry temps have you shivering in front of the heater and everything on the telly’s rubbish. Turn your frown into a smile, banish winter’s nip, for your fairy godmother has waved her wand – you need Paint ’n’ Sip!

Paint ’n’ Sip

Welcome to the most creative hub in town where everybody gathers for a fantastic, unforgettable experience. This is where magic happens; this is where you unleash all creativity locked inside you as you paint your way to laughter and happiness.
With a seating capacity for 32, you now have the perfect venue for your hen party night your Mum’s 60th birthday celebrations; your sister’s baby-shower, and you really must remember to tell your boss you’ve found the ideal place to hold the team building work event. The options and reasons for propping yourself before an easel are as wide and limitless as that beautiful big, blue ocean you can’t wait to bring to life on canvas.
You don’t even need to worry about having little or zilch painting experience, because there are four fabulous artists at the ready, only too happy to offer support and encouragement as you create your very own unique masterpiece. As stated on their website – it’s all about the journey and FUN!
So, forget that boring bucket list, do it now! Check out their monthly online calendar and book yourself and your friends the greatest time-out of your lives. Santé!
For more information visit or email

Ilam Homestead

A homestead with heart: weddings at historic Ilam Homestead

We have a secret to share with you; it’s a gem of a venue – Ilam Homestead.

Ilam Homestead
Tucked away down at 87 Ilam Road, it’s a venue with sweeping lawns to the river, stunning rhododendron gardens to walk through and old-style charm from the early 1900s.
There’s room for every type of function – cocktails for 20-30 in the nook, a 50-80-person canape mixer outside and 90 can be seated upstairs. Have your wedding photos amongst the garden, or by the river. It’s similar in style to Mona Vale, with that beautiful 1900s decor and staff who are just delightful.
Another surprise is the incredible range of boutique beers and wines available. With the choice of three catering companies to fit all budgets and styles, it would pay to take a wander down and have a look at Ilam Homestead.

Tony Clarke of Ikon Architects

Creating communities: Columnist Tony Clarke from Ikon Architects on building relationships not just buildings

Tony Clarke of Ikon Architects
Tony Clarke of Ikon Architects

We recently wrote about the importance of fostering caring and inclusive communities as key to aged care design. IKON Architects believes strongly in this philosophy, so it has been rewarding to exercise our expertise and passion for creating quality retirement facilities, working with Bupa and Armitage Williams Construction designing the final stages of the Bupa Parkstone Retirement Village.

Tony Clarke of Ikon Architects
Bupa Parkstone Retirement Village

On the corner of Peer Street and Athol Terrace in Ilam, it includes three apartment blocks and a new dedicated Community Centre, featuring a large glazed community lounge, café, indoor pool and gym. This building links the existing community lounge with the refurbished main entry foyer and outdoor courtyard space, creating a central communal hub for the entire village community to enjoy.

The development will add approximately 140 new apartments to the site. Apartments are becoming more popular for retirement villages, with the higher density allowing for a larger, more diverse resident population, fostering a sense of community and greater security.
Standardised apartment planning and the innovative use of residential materials also results in high quality, low maintenance units that fit in with their residential context, without the worry or hassle of garden upkeep. In fact, here residents will be able to enjoy the landscaped communal outdoor areas designed by the team of Sean Dixon and Brad Parkes of Design Squared Landscape Architects.
With the first block of apartments now under construction and the community centre soon to commence, IKON Architects is excited to be a part of the final stages of what will be one of the city’s largest retirement villages.