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Whitewashed Wonder: Resene

This fresh, cool room manages to take the essence of trendy Scandi cool and blend it with a distinctly local, natural style.




The walls retain a modern minimalist look with the use of Resene Colorwood Whitewash, allowing the beauty of the wood grain to show through and add visual texture. The floor, painted in mild-mannered Resene Eighth Stonewashed, acts as the perfect canvas from which to launch the rest of the room in layers of warm neutrals and textures.

The clean lines of the vanity unit are painted in the darker, earthy Resene Colins Wicket to add dimension and depth to the room.This colour also makes the paler accessories – such as the towel ladder in Resene Rice Cake, a simple vase in Resene Half Stone Age and the hand basin – pop against the other neutrals. As a modern interpretation for bathroom storage, a ladder is used for towels and two round hooks, painted in Resene Rococo and Swiss Caramel, for extra hanging space.

This is a colour scheme that cries out for plenty of natural accents and accessories; be inspired by the jute mat, the woven light shade and even the textures of the waffle towels or something as simple as a string bag. Bolder colour, such as the plant pot in Resene Influential and the deep yellow of the hand towel, add interest, while the on-trend round brass mirror and aged brass tapware bring added warmth and lustre.


Other colours to try with this natural eco cool colour scheme are:

  1. Use bold verdant green accents and consider layering them in different strengths for a lush glade feel.
  2. Swap out the deep yellow accents used here for dramatic burnt oranges and add in contrasting hooks in smokey greys. Top it all off with plants that flower in orange.
  3. Resene Colorwood Whitewash also works well with greys and blues for a soothing, beachy look. For a more earthy look, opt for rich browns or terracotta shades.




Savvy storage: here’s how

Stuff; we all have it and it’s great – until it gets in your way and becomes unwieldy, annoying clutter.




We need clear space to think; to feel; to be; a space that allows us to gather ourselves while we rest from the stimulation of the outside world.

With smaller dwellings becoming ever more popular, savvy storage solutions are on the rise. It’s all very well to put all your stuff away in the laundry, or that spare bedroom – but if you can’t find what you need when you need it, tempers will fray and homes will unravel.

So, carefully assess your home, its nooks and crannies, with an eye to maximising all the space it holds. With a measuring tape in hand, check out unused spaces and consider putting in appropriate shelving or shelved cupboards. Extra shelf storage above the kitchen bench is handy and if you use clear look-alike containers, they can be stacked one on top of another, or one behind another for clever organisation.



Don’t waste cupboard space, make sure the cupboards are the right height for what you’re putting in them. Make objects clearly visible. Pot handles can be hung on cupboard doors, pots placed on a multi-tier shelf and recessed shelves can add extra storage to a kitchen island. Drawer organisers compartmentalise electricals, jewellery, make-up, keys and more.

In the bathroom, a recessed shower shelf or shelves will take care of all the shower paraphernalia, while in the laundry cupboard, consider using boxes or hampers for separate items, such as towels, sheets, duvet covers, blankets and pillow cases, and make sure your cupboards all fit floor to ceiling for extra storage. The hot water cylinder can be moved to the laundry to create extra space, and a hanging shoe organiser is a great option for holding towels – and toilet rolls too.



If you have a staircase, you can maximise the storage underneath and beside it. In the bedroom, a folding bed with space under the bed and bookshelves on the side will give marvellous extra storage. A wall of empty cylinders can be great storage for lots of little things, including shoes, and, in a loft room, pull out wardrobes of varying heights maximise the space beautifully.

The possibilities are endless; be clever, be savvy – a clear, well organised home is a treasure of great price.




Chalk it up

If you thought that the last time you would encounter the word ‘chalk’ would be in primary school, then you may have to think again. Originally created by the paint brand Annie Sloan, chalk paint is a fun new way to give your house a vintage feel or try something entirely new. The paint is used to give furniture and home décor a matte look and is very easy to apply.




One of the many perks to using chalk paint is that it doesn’t require any prep; you can simply apply it to most surfaces (even ones that have already been painted) as long as it is clean and dry. So, whether you’re revitalising, restyling or refurbishing, here’s a few tips to ensure that your house is the chalk of the town!


  1. Something old: If your old dresser or wardrobe is looking exactly that… old, then it may be time to give that old girl a new coat of paint. Annie Sloan has 42 shades available on their Chalk Paint Colour Card, each with their own inspiration or story. So, while you’re telling your neighbour about your freshly painted Antoinette cupboard you can also tell them the colour is inspired by the decorative pieces and interiors of 18th century France.


  2. Something new: This tip isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires a fight against the greys and neutral colours of contemporary stairs. Adding a little bit of colour, even if it’s a subtle pastel or darker colours, onto your stairs at home can really open up the space and provide an interesting talking point for guests.

  3. Something borrowed: The inherited furniture from grandma might have looked good in her house but it may not fit in with your contemporary furniture. While some may think it’s a sin to paint over granny’s beloved old dining room table and repurpose it into a desk, using Annie Sloan’s Athenian Black shade could be a great way to pay homage to your childhood memories.


  4. Something blue… navy: Annie Sloan has just recently launched two new shades of easy-to-use chalk paint: Oxford Navy and Athenian Black. If you really like the matte look of the chalk paint, you can move your brush from furniture to wall. Oxford Navy is the perfect colour to do so. It’s a traditional navy blue that takes inspiration from Annie’s home city – Oxford.




Rich in Citrus

This rich, warm dining space is a sophisticated take on a classic citrus. Rather than using the fresh, light colours normally associated with a citrus-inspired scheme, this one opts for a richer, full-bodied look instead.



The orange rear wall packs a punch in Resene Twisted Sister, while the complementing accessories pop in softer, more muted shades, such as a short round vase in Resene Thumbs Up, a small bowl in Resene Moonlight, a tall angular vase in Resene Yuma and a table bowl in Resene Crowdpleaser. The sideboard they sit on is painted in Resene Swiss Caramel, the chair in Resene Moccasin and the pendant light in Resene Spanish White.

The room is fresh and appealing but escapes being too pretty and light, plus it’s a citrus scheme that will transcend the seasons and not be locked into summer or spring. Other walls in the space are painted in Resene Half Spanish White as a neutral counterpoint, while golden-stained Resene Colorwood Natural finished timber adds further oomph to the warm glow of the room.




Despite this deep orange being such a striking colour, it is surprisingly adaptable to a variety of interior styles; here it has a clean architectural look. By changing out some accessories, colour accents and furniture, you can style to your own taste for a completely unique look. Here’s some tips to get you started:

  1. Swap the table for a chunkier version, add leather chairs, a potted cacti and denim blue accessories and you have an American dessert theme.
  2. Go for mid-century furniture and teal and mustard accents for retro appeal.
  3. Stay with the mid-century furniture but add pop art and palms for a Californian cool vibe.
  4. Add textured pots, baskets, an old oak table, potted lavender or daisies, and classic cream earthenware for a Mediterranean feel.
  5. Or how about touches of turquoise, antiqued silver, purple, large urns and tiles for some Moroccan magic?

Get inspired at your local Resene ColorShop,




Kitchens of Distinction: Dream Doors Kitchens

It really doesn’t take much to transform a tired, dated and crammed kitchen into something that’s airy, fresh, ultra-sophisticated and entirely functional for family life. All it requires is to get expert advice from the right people and you’re well on your way.




Dream Doors Kitchens Christchurch is the right team. Managing Director Adrian Kay is proud of his record of delivering bespoke kitchens that more than meet the needs and lifestyles of his clients.

Dream Doors Kitchens offers both kitchen facelifts as well as completely new kitchens, and Adrian says their point of difference is they offer an unbiased opinion on what exactly needs to be done, factoring in space and budget requirements. In addition to this, they can also help with laundries, bathroom vanities, office/study and garage storage solutions.

Dream Doors Kitchens had an exhibitor’s stand at the recent Canterbury Home Show and says it was a fantastic weekend culminating in a lot of names registered on the waiting list for either a facelift kitchen or new kitchen.

“There’s limited space left heading into the Christmas period, but if people book a consultation now, we should be able to have a beautiful kitchen installed in their home by Christmas.”

Installation typically takes two days, and Adrian ensures he and his team make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible for clients; it’s the kind of professionalism you want when seeking to achieve your dream kitchen.

Phone 03 338 1081, email, visit or find them on Facebook.




Statement Splashbacks

Imagine walking into your home after a long stressful day at work, it’s raining and dark outside; you turn on the lights in your kitchen and bam! A bright lime green splashback brightens the room and your mood instantly.



Splashbacks are seen in nearly every contemporary abode, such is the power of their practicality. But in 2019 kitchens, form is combining with function and splashbacks are making a style statement all of their own. They change the energy and vibe of the space instantly, allowing you to quickly and easily update the overall look and feel, or pull a colour scheme throughout the house.

Whether it is a bright colour, your favourite floral arrangement or even black and white family snaps, the popularity of statement splashbacks is only set to increase in the latter of 2019.  While bold colours and geometric designs may be the winners, chalkboard splashbacks can add practicality to their list of charms and a mirrored splashback can add much needed space to a room that’s on the small side.

Whether you’re a passionate foodie who loves the challenge of a new recipe, or you simply love to embrace creativity in design, the kitchen may just be the creative canvas you need. The beauty here is that change is only a few tiles away, so choosing wisely is no longer a prerequisite.



Show Home’s Grand Opening: Stonewood Homes

Now locally owned and operated by both directors, Warwick Isaacs and James Parker, Stonewood Homes Christchurch is in the process of reclaiming its position as one of the larger group home builders in Canterbury.



Over the last two years, Stonewood Homes Christchurch has completed four new show homes, including its newest show home located in Silverstream, Kaiapoi, and the team threw a grand opening party as a ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed to the creation of the new show home.

The new Stonewood Homes show home stands out from others in Rolleston and Wigram by incorporating classic features, including soft line corners, panelled kitchen joinery, coving, colonial architraves and skirting boards.



Each of the company’s show homes are designed to look quite different from each other, to showcase craftsmanship and the ability to serve an assortment of housing needs. Compact homes are built to meet the needs of first time buyers, investors, and clients looking to downsize.

However, full design and build services are also available for clients who want to build architecturally focused homes. Stonewood Homes Christchurch also offers house and land packages, turnkey funding options, and houses both for sale and under construction — with Stonewood Homes Christchurch the possibilities are endless.



Visit their newest show home at 2 Silverstream Boulevard, Kaiapoi to envision what it’s like to build with Stonewood Homes Christchurch.



Seize the day… in the great outdoors!: Louvre Solutions

Winter is here! Which means crisp, cool, short days and long nights spent inside. Although, do they have to be?



The cosy days of autumn have quickly shifted to winter, which seems to bring us all indoors. Our living space contracts to the area within our warm homes. But does it have to? Even in the cold of winter, Louvre Solutions can create an expansive outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year long.

Now is the perfect time to plan for expanding your living space by allowing Louvre Solutions to create a stylishly comfortable oasis for you and your family. Louvre Solutions’ roof systems are fully customisable with heating, lighting and ventilation, as well as offering integrated pull-down side screens. Each roof comes standard with an integrated rain sensor, which allows the roof to close automatically in the rain.

Entertaining at home has never been easier and Canterbury-based Louvre Solutions, owned and operated by Craig Rogers, knows how to create the perfect outdoor space. Whether entertaining, relaxing, or simply expanding your indoor area, Louvre Solutions can bring your ultimate outdoor environment to fruition. The louvres move at your command to allow full sunshine, to filter shade or to provide solid rain protection.

Louvre Solutions’ louvre systems are manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering and aesthetic options to realize your vision of the ultimate outdoor space. The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to nearly all wind and snow load requirements. The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style. Louvre Solutions manufactures its louvres from extruded aluminium, which offers greater durability than traditional patio covers. Unlike plastic or fabric, these components will outperform in heat, wind and rain.

“When we started out, these premium products were prohibitively expensive and reserved for the elite. Even with ongoing improvements and advancements in technology to our products, we are able to offer Louvre Solutions at an affordable price to a wider market. We are now able to be accessible to markets from entry-level properties to very high-end spec homes,” Craig explains.

The benefits of a louvre roof are many, ranging from aesthetic to practical. They are a brilliant addition to a home that can be proactively planned as part of the design/build process or can be retrofitted once the need is identified post construction. With more than 14 years in the industry, Louvre Solutions’ reputation has been built on a solid foundation.

Craig and his team pride themselves on their burgeoning portfolio of repeat and referred business generated through word of mouth, independent builders, architects, landscape architects and building companies. Louvre Solutions manufactures its products at its Canterbury-based factory. A louvre roof can be ready for installation within four to six weeks, making today the perfect time to order yours to ensure winter outdoor enjoyment and intelligent preparation for spring.

Visit for more information or contact Craig on 022 735 6286.


The total kitchen collection: Total Food Equipment

The joy of the four seasons is celebrated at Total Food Equipment where Owner Sandra McLay has ensured the store is bright, warm and welcoming on chilly mornings, making it a brilliant place for an extended browse.



The winter season calls for slow cooking and you won’t do it better than choosing from the new shipment of French Staub cast-iron enamelled cocottes or dutch ovens. Cocottes are used for any dish that takes a while to cook. Their weight keeps temperatures even; tight fitting lids keep moisture in and they are able to reach heat levels needed to create a crust or crispiness.

A Staub cocotte will make you smile every time you bring it from oven to table, with hard to resist colourways and fresh, witty designs. There are grenadine pieces the colour of Pinot Noir, pumpkin shaped cocottes in orange, tomatoes in, of course tomato red, and a fish shaped dish in La Mer, a rich teal. You can even celebrate a significant event this year with a cocotte imprinted with the Chinese Year of the Pig, in one of this year’s lucky colours. Every piece is so durable, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.



Form meets function perfection in the authentic Japanese Miyabi knife range, where every knife blade is exceptionally sharp, made from 100 layers of steel that encapsulate the hard core, while the work-of-art handles are the traditional D-shaped birchwood. There are ten different knives in the range, including the starter two-pack of Chef and Utility knife which is bound to kick-start a lifelong collecting habit.

The genuine Spanish cazuelas bring the essence of rustic feasting to your cooking. The cazuela is a versatile dish that can be used on the stovetop or barbeque and in the oven or microwave. Made from fired clay, glazed inside, cazuelas have been in use for thousands of years. There is a variety of sizes in store, they all keep food hot and even continue the sizzling at the table.



Even on a cosy night in, there is such a thing as food smells extending just too far around the house. A must-have product is the Chef’s Candle, which eliminates cooking odours. New Zealand made and 100 percent soy wax, the candles are scented with lemon and vanilla. “It’s amazing how they just absorb everything,” Sandra says.

One more reason to celebrate the chill is the start of mulled wine season and making a delicious batch couldn’t be simpler. Simply combine a bottle of red and a cup of orange juice with the sachet of blended spices from Total Food Equipment, heat and you’ve just won winter! Visit Total Food Equipment at 218 Moorhouse Avenue.


Lovingly Restored: McDonald & Hartshorne

How do you say thank you to the sweetest, most supportive people you have ever known? This was the dilemma Cassy was facing about what to give her grandparents as a gift for all the years of being there for her.



Cassy, an airline hostess, got in touch with McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery with the idea of surprising her beloved grandparents by getting their furniture reupholstered.

She had offered to buy them a new lounge suite, but they refused because they liked their existing one – which is often the case with many people, says Neke McDonald of McDonald and Hartshorne. “Your current suite, no matter how exhausted it looks, suits the room size and is comfortable for your body type. And a lot of the modern furniture out there is often too big and bulky.”

So, it seemed only fitting that reupholstering their existing suite was a great solution. Cassy’s grandparents, Reg and Frances, will have been married for 56 years this October and had purchased their suite about 30 years ago.

After a consultation with Keith Hartshorne to select a fabric, their ‘new’ lounge suite was delivered seven working days later and the couple were thrilled with how it turned out.

The Christchurch-based re-upholstery team has more than 100 years’ combined industry experience, using both traditional and contemporary methods to transform old or damaged furniture into stunning new statement pieces that will enhance your home.

To bring life back to your favourite piece of furniture, phone 03 371 7500 or visit for more information.