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Luxe Locks

When it comes to our hair, we’re constantly craving change, which is great – after all, our hair just keeps on growing! So we’ve checked out the latest looks for locks you can expect to see in 2019/2020.



  1. Bobs and beehives
    We’re heading back to the 60s, when bigger was better! Yes, bobs and beehives have both been spotted on the runways this year and we’re excited to see what comes of it.
  2. Cherry blonde
    It’s the tastiest hair colour trend to hit 2019; cherry blonde is the new rose gold of hair colours and we’re welcoming it with open arms with the warmer months in store. It’s the modern incarnation of the classic strawberry blonde and sounds just as delicious!
  3. Smoky pink
    It’s the grown-up chance to go crazy with pink hair. Soft and sooty, it has smoky, sophisticated undertones.
  4. The blow-dry is back
    The blow-dry – that had once blown right on by – has hit the style consciousness again. Where we have previously seen undone, messier hair, we’re now craving a sleeker, smoother, more polished look and, whether that look is wavy, curly or straight, the blow-dry can get us there.



Hair today gone tomorrow

Perhaps you’re ready to embrace winter with a ‘cool’ new palette or you’re yearning for some warmth – either way, we think any excuse for an update is a good one! We’ve pulled together some head-turners just for you.



1. Ice Ice Baby:
Already blonde? Why not embrace winter and change things up with a cool new ‘ice blonde’ makeover? Or you could take it to the next level and try out life as a silver siren.

2. Dark Dimension:
Brown needn’t be boring! Layers of light and darker chestnut tones is a great way to create depth and dimension… it’s what all hair dreams are made of.

3. Black Velvet:
You don’t have to go outrageous with the colour to make a statement. A long, dark mane can work for most skin tones and it’s the look to rock in winter – after all, black really is the new black.

4. Sweet like honey:
Warm honey blonde or caramel tones are a beautiful way to warm up your winter. Get the colour balayaged in and you might make it right through winter before you have to head back to the salon!

5. Red Hot:
Red hair is one of the easiest to achieve for both light and dark hair. It’s a beautiful burst of warm colour that will bring life to your winter wardrobe. Not ready to go fully bright-red? Start with a light auburn and work your way up.