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Time for a new look?: Sirocco Hair Studio

Spring is a time of change, renewal and growth – so whether your hair just needs a freshen up or you want a completely new look, Sirocco Hair Studio can help.



Owner Rosanne Marks leads a friendly and knowledgeable team of stylists – Emma, Olivia and Ashlee – who provide the full range of hair services and cover a wide range of skills. Providing a warm, relaxing environment, it’s the little touches that make every visit special at Sirocco, from the latest magazines and hot tea and coffee to heated wheat bags to warm up chilly clients and keep them cosy while their colour processes.

The salon uses NAK haircare products and NAK’s permanent colour system to create rich, vibrant colour, designed to last longer and improve the condition of the hair. They also use NAK Soft Colour – an ammonia, sulphate and paraben-free system. For hair that needs a little more love and care, they offer a wide range of conditioning treatment options for all hair types including colour lock, repairing structure complex, platinum ‘no yellow,’ and moisture mask.

Located in Mount Pleasant on Soleares Avenue, the family-friendly studio caters to all ages. With plentiful parking at the front door and a carpark at the end of the building, Sirocco is open six days a week from Monday to Saturday, with late nights on Wednesday and Thursday. Phone the team on 03 384 1743.



Mindful Beauty: Earth Organic Hairdressing

At Earth Organic Hairdressing, mindfulness and beauty are inseparable. Their ethos is outward-looking and concerns the salon’s global impact on the environment and treatment of animals. However, when you walk through the salon doors, you know you’ll get that one-on-one attention from your hairstylist you’ve always wanted.


With biodegradable packaging, plant-based and cruelty-free hair products, you might think that this salon is too focused on the big picture to notice your specific needs. On the contrary, intentionality saturates Earth Organic Hairdressing. When you arrive for your free consultation, your stylist will discuss your unique hair needs and find natural and organic solutions for you. The stylist you meet at your consultation is the same stylist who will guide you to your desired result – no rush, no surprises, just a naturally beautiful you.

Traci Aylmer, salon owner and stylist, loves to share new natural, organic and cruelty-free products with her clients. Along those lines, Traci affirms, “People trust their hairstylist. I’ve tried everything we sell at the salon, so when you spend ages trying to find a product that works it’s nice to spread the word.” Traci and her team of stylists are excited to share a new skincare line which shares the same values – and as a bonus, it’s made in New Zealand!

Follow Earth Organic Hairdressing on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on natural haircare news. To book an appointment phone 03 365 7393 or visit