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The Influencers: Lynette McFadden

Business Owner of Harcourts Gold

A new decade and a fresh feel is evident in the Christchurch real estate market as we continue our march into 2020.

I love this city, it’s my hometown and I’m excited about our future, our growth, and the variation of design that has started to occur in numerous suburbs and streets.

The definitive market drivers include lower than usual numbers of listings – 1906 listings in January 2019 and 1459 in January 2020 ( stats) and this is pre-empting an increase in the number of auctions being requested, conducted and sold.

Historically this occurs when vendors feel they can capitalize on the competitive attentions of buyers limited for choice.

I note Christchurch median house prices provided by REINZ also demonstrated an 8.1 percent increase over the January period proving a seasonal win for vendors, some of whom have waited a while to see the benefits of a market favourable to them.

Heading gently into autumn has yet to indicate a change in the current market but with 25 years of experience I’ve never seen a property cycle that didn’t continue to change or adjust to local and national conditions.

I’m also noticing an increase in the nature of property investment as interest rates refuse to provide many with the comfort or growth they’re looking for and this opens up significant opportunities in the months ahead. No doubt I’ll continue to discuss this further.


Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Gold is adding its illustrious touch to our homewares this season. This magical metallic in its purest golden form will now out-shine recent trends of copper and bronze.


Gold Rush


Gold pairs beautifully with silver – a perfect balancing act that is easy on the eye. It doesn’t have to be all matching chrome in kitchens or bathrooms. The two opposing metals work really well, as does gold and black. Antiqued-gold and black furniture is now contemporary glamour.

The minimalism trend of Scandinavian style and neutral colour schemes are making way for décor of the dramatic kind. Think large gold-framed prints, glamorous gold mirrors or lamps, and adding gleam from table cloths and trinkets to ottomans and cushions. Gold is a winning combination when paired with the latest jewelled fabrics and interesting textures.

The secret is to sprinkle the Midas touch sparingly throughout the house – rather than grouping the whole stash – unless it is a cabinet of gilded wine glasses. This especially goes for brass pieces – think classy, not brassy.


Position away from the glaring sunlight however, you can afford to be a little more brazen if there is a dark space to brighten. Paint with a gold shimmer can be used creatively for walls and cornices to cupboards and knobs.



Lydia Ko

Driving Ambition: Q&A with Lydia Ko

Sporting star Lydia Ko came swinging into collective consciousness in 2015 when the Korean-born New Zealander became the world’s number one ranked professional woman golfer. At just 17 years of age, she was the youngest player of either gender to be ranked number one in the sport.


 Lydia Ko


Labelled as a transcendent figure in the sport in 2017 by LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan, she has paved the way for young girls to enter a male dominated sport and demonstrated just what is possible when you’re led by your heart.
“Some players change records, but what Lydia has done is change expectations for every young girl,” Whan says.

“It used to be you’d dream of making it to the LPGA someday, but someday meant in your 20s, and playing your best golf even later. Lydia has changed those expectations.
“Girls believe they can now do it at 14 and that’s because she was the one who did it first.”

Metropol caught up with the world-leader on the road for the 2019 LPGA Tour.


What drives you as a sportswoman?
I love the continuous challenge of the game and thrill of competing! I feel like there is no perfect round of golf and no matter what ranked player you are, you can always improve!


You have taken out some of the biggest accolades in the sport both nationally and globally, what have been some of the most memorable experiences for you?
Winning my two majors was probably some of the biggest moments in my career so far. However, I think my favourite moment ever was competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics and to be able to represent not only myself, but also my country and to be in that atmosphere alongside the best athletes in the world.


How did it feel to become a Member of the Order of New Zealand (MNZM) in the New Year’s Honours?
It is a huge honour to have received the MNZM! I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love. To be awarded this prestigious Royal New Zealand honour is something I’m very grateful and proud of.


You have been described as changing expectations for every young girl, how does it feel to be in a position to give future generations something to dream of and aspire to?
Hearing from juniors that I am their role model and that I inspire them, actually inspires me to become a better player, person and role model, and make the game a little bit better for them!


Why do you think you’ve been able to do so well – is it hard work, dedication, passion or all of the above?
I think I have been very fortunate with the things that have happened in my career so far and I truly believe I am where I am today because of all the love and support all my team and family have given me every step of the way.


What do the next 12 months have in store for you?
This will be my 6th year on the LPGA for me! I’m really looking forward to another fun year on tour.



Gold Fashion

Good as gold: Exploring golden fashion

Dress to impress is generally a figurative instructive to describe the art of dressing up. But injecting gold into your wardrobe is one way to pay a more literal homage to this sentiment, with our affections for this illustrious hue.

Gold Fashion


The golden child of fashion has been putting the Midas touch on our wardrobes for the longest of times and its prevailing popularity suggests that it’s here to stay.
A signifier of wealth and quality, gold has been used in the arts from the gold artefacts found in the Balkans in the 4th millennium BC to the iconic Egyptian hieroglyphs. The shine hasn’t come off metallics for the 2018 sartorial season.
A warm colour at face value, gold can also be considered a neutral, which means it makes the perfect partnership with just about anything.

Gold Fashion                                                        Gold Fashion

Gold Fashion


Outshine your sartorial rivals by incorporating gold in unexpected ways. Because, although the golden sheen of jewellery is almost a

given, trousers, skirts, singlets and even puffer jackets take a bit more imagination. It takes only a few pieces to add a golden new dimension to your wardrobe.