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Bespoke Beauty

Providing a personalised service, the small team of talented craftsmen at Oakleigh Fine Furniture can bring your ideas to life by creating bespoke furniture from scratch.


Specialising in crafting custom-made solid timber furniture and joinery such as dining tables, entertainment units, floating shelves, bar units and beautiful solid timber benchtops.

The company can also design, build and install kitchens, wardrobes and washhouses.

Owner Richard Hutt has been in the industry his whole life, and set up Oakleigh Fine Furniture in New Brighton 15 years ago.

It quickly grew through word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business from many satisfied customers. Initially focused on supplying furniture for high-end retailers before branching out to sell direct to the public for the last decade, the company prides itself on the highest quality workmanship.

The team’s customer service is also exceptional, offering a home consultation service to ensure the new design fits in with the environment, décor and existing furniture.

“Whether the client knows exactly what they want, or just has an idea to start with and needs some inspiration, we work closely with them to ensure they’re thrilled with the end result,” says Richard.

“And because we are such a small team, they deal with me throughout the entire process, which provides more of a personal touch.”

Bespoke American oak furniture is a popular request and the team can also create pieces from other sources of timber and materials.

“We are very flexible in what we do – basically, anything you need, we can make it.”

For more information, phone 03 382 0677 or visit


Distinctive Luxury: Trenzseater

Trenzseater’s vision is built on the foundation of custom-made luxury design which is authentic, personalised, distinctive and instantly recognisable. Directors Ben and Hamish Lewis offer a full interior design service with a deserved reputation for detailing some of New Zealand’s finest residences.



Their interior design service has gained international recognition through awards at the International Design and Architecture Awards – in September of this year, Trenzseater took home the prestigious International Interior Design Award! They have also received accolades at the International Design Awards (IDA) and the Andrew Martin Design Review over the years.

Trenzseater has a large portfolio of renowned international brands that it represents and exclusively distributes through its beautiful showrooms. Sourced from Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, and the United States of America, the collection of brands demonstrates Trenzseater’s commitment to bringing the finest in international design to New Zealand.

The selection of outstanding international brands includes names such as Eichholtz – renowned for its grand opulent scale and exquisite taste in beautiful objects, lighting and accessories. The very desirable Italian Vittoria Frigeiro label’s pieces radiate austere perfection, sophisticated details and contemporary design with time-honoured traditions for the luxury market.

Lighting brands have been hand-chosen for their excellence in design, innovation and beauty. Historic British luxury Bert Frank draws influence from the design codes of the industrial era, but with a modern twist. Bomma of the Czech Republic showcases that country’s historic expertise in stunning hand-blown glass, while Buster and Punch lighting and hardware draws inspiration from London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes.


Jonathan Browning lighting from San Francisco employs beautiful aged bronze, brass and steel finishes, combined with crystal. The Venetia Stadium collection from Venice features silver and gold leaf on the interior of the shades. Authentage lighting from Belgium is timeless and classic for both interiors and exteriors.

Trenzseater’s selection of superb rugs and carpets is unrivalled. Belgian Limited Edition create an exquisite collection of rugs, artisan designed in wool, silk and cowhide. Kasthall’s hand-tufted and woven rugs from Sweden are known for vibrant colour and eclectic design. Finnish company Wood Notes specialise in spun paper yarn carpets and rugs that provide a unique and beautifully simple aesthetic. Mohebban rugs from Milan are full of chromatic and tactile contrasts while Italian silk rugs from GT Design are innovative and luxurious.

Furniture choices are equally distinguished: Desalto from Italy specialise in a beautiful collection of dining chairs, bar stools and tables using unique materials and components. LUXY produces commercial chairs that are beautiful and comfortable for natural movement.

Trenzseater’s own curated collection of sofas, armchairs, ottomans, sideboards and tables, consoles and entertainment units, coffee and dining tables, barstools, and bedroom furniture is the most comprehensive anywhere and exclusively made in New Zealand.

Drapery and upholstery fabrics exude modern elegance with an international collection available. Visit Trenzseater at 121 Blenheim Road and




Bringing ideas to life: Furniture Dimensions

An expertly handcrafted piece of high-quality furniture will last almost a lifetime – making it a much smarter investment than buying cheap items that break within a couple of years.



“Many people come in here with an idea or a picture of something they like, so I then draw it up to scale and make it work for their home,” says Rob, who has worked on a wide range of projects during his career, from smaller jobs to units in award-winning homes.

Using a variety of quality wood veneers and high-gloss lacquered finishes, he can also produce anything from sideboards, dining tables and coffee tables to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and built-in wardrobe units.

Rob who started his career as a chair and frame maker, started his own business 15 years ago. His Sydenham workshop features an adjacent showroom that allows potential customers to view the finished work firsthand.

If you would like to discuss how Furniture Dimensions can bring your creative ideas to life, with the skill of an experienced furniture craftsman, visit the showroom today, or check out for more information.



From trash to treasure: McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery

A recent couch makeover by McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery is proof that one neighbour’s old sofa can easily be another’s treasure.



Two locals have taken recycling and repurposing to a new level, and successfully given an old piece of furniture a new lease of life.

The McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery team tell us that when the dilapidated couch was spotted on a neighbour’s veranda, headed for the dump, the owner next door decided it would be the perfect shape, size and style for her home.

After negotiating a deal, the new owner’s husband was surprised to see the settee now gracing their lounge covered with a blanket. She had a vision and saw potential in the retro piece, so she called the experienced team at McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery.

Using both traditional and contemporary methods, the highly skilled upholsterers are the experts in transforming old or damaged furniture into stunning new statement pieces. Keith Hartshorne and staff note that the frame is the most expensive part of any quality piece of furniture, so as long as it’s in good condition, you’re already halfway there.

Checking the framework and springs are all part of the process, as they build furniture back up to its former glory, as well as replacing foams to a density that’s to the client’s liking. The new owner chose Warwick Jenga Sunshine fabric with contrast piping in Warwick Bendigo Storm, and the transformation is clear to see.

To arrange a free, no-obligation quote, visit



Cue the curves

Anyone can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of rounded corners. Curves are said to be easier on the eye and take less cognitive effort to visually process. When American architect Philip Johnson first visited the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, it is said that he described it as “the greatest building of our time” and started to cry.




Johnson said, “Architecture is not about words; it’s about tears”. Something about the museum’s majestic curves moved him at an emotional level, and many visitors must have had a similar feeling as the building was hailed as a ‘signal moment in the architectural culture’.

There’s no denying that curves are eye-catching, and one of the biggest transformations taking place in interior design trends for 2019 is just that – curves. We are seeing scalloped edges, crescent silhouettes and graceful curved corners taking over both furniture and accessories in the home.

People are growing tired of square and rectangular furniture with straight, clean lines and are now moving towards round shaped furniture. From rounded chairs to curved coffee tables, these interior design essentials are all about comfort and elegance. These shapes may resemble furnishings from previous decades like the swinging sixties, but this returning trend brings an inviting softness to our rooms.

To reflect the trend in your own home, look to everything from curved sofas and coffee tables, to mirrors, lamps and side tables. Even curved artwork can add softness to a room and create a more inviting and relaxing abode.


Bedrooms with flair: Station Road

“Your bedroom is a very personal space,” says Gavin How, Manager at Station Road Home.



With winter on the horizon, many people consider a change to their bedrooms, creating a new look and feel with either the introduction of a statement piece, or a complete reinvention of the whole room. When it comes to restyling, the temptation is to play it safe. “Somehow, we’ve decided it’s all about this absolute plainness and straight lines,” Gavin says. “But many of our clients are well-travelled; they’ve lived overseas and have an understanding of the wider choices in terms of international design styles.”

Station Road excels at pushing the boundaries of style and design, and bedrooms are on Gavin’s mind. “Our bedroom ranges are very popular, there’s such a lack of good quality bedroom furniture with some flair to it.” Flair is Station Road’s specialty. No matter what look you may be going for, its vast catalogue will have it. A ‘French’ look, with soft lines, embellishment and slightly more feminine is very popular. The deco, Parisian Salon feel, is a winter favourite. Perhaps a more ‘Glamour’ look – blacks, whites, and silver or gold with elegant, fine lines is what you are going for.

“Then there is what we might call a ‘plantation’ look with a resort feel,” Gavin says, featuring darker timbers, strong shapes, perhaps with woven cane. Or possibly an ‘artisan’ look is more your style; imperfect materials – knotted timbers, exposed metals – but beautifully crafted. These looks and more are currently in store at 148 Victoria Street and on the website at


Revitalising Your Most Used Space: M F Turnbull

Thirty-one years and counting – that’s how long M F Turnbull has been finishing furniture and joinery in Canterbury and beyond.


With an expanded facility, Kitchen Renewal is a new division of M F Turnbull that specialises in refurbishing kitchens and furniture. No matter what the current finish of your kitchen, it can be repainted or refinished to a colour and look that you want. Even pre-finished boards such as melamine, despite the common belief that it can’t, can be refinished. When it comes to kitchens, often the most used space in the house, people don’t realise that with some relatively small changes and a quality refinishing, you virtually get a new kitchen, says Co-Owner Monique Turnbull. “Very often, kitchens are really well designed,” she says.

So if you are staying with the same layout, you could make small changes, like removing unused overhead cupboards or replacing a cupboard with a set of drawers, she says. With a refinish on the cupboard doors, drawers and benchtops, new handles and hinges, your kitchen is totally transformed. Not only is this process cost effective, it is much more friendly to the environment, creating less waste as many pulled-out units end up in landfills. This has become a particular focus for M F Turnbull – Kitchen Renewal. Specialising in making the old new again, the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ model is at the core of the business.

It also applies to so much more than just kitchens. Any piece of furniture can be revitalised; heirlooms or that tired old coffee table that you like but needs either a new stain or a new colour. Chairs, side tables, drawers and more can be brought up to date to suit new décor. Individual pieces or entire suites can be revamped and revitalised to any colour or look. In their 31 years, the team at M F Turnbull has saved some very unique items, things that may otherwise have been consigned to the trash heap; items such as filing cabinets, desks, or even things like pianos. In one instance a treasured vase was given a new look to bring into line with a new décor.

Steve Baker is the Manager at M F Turnbull. His experience and expertise is called upon to advise clients of just what is possible. If you know what you want, he is able to guide you through the process and achieve your goals. If you don’t know what you want, he can have a look at your existing kitchen and offer advice on what can be done. Often, he and the team can suggest options you may not have considered.

With a free consultation and quote, and a fast, efficient removal and reinstallation process, your kitchen can be looking bright and new in as little as ten working days. Contact the team at or


Furniture Dimensions

Bespoke furniture with style: Furniture Dimensions

Furniture Dimensions is the place where your design ideas can become a reality.


 Furniture Dimensions


For the past 15 years, the Sydenham workshop and studio has been creating contemporary, custom-made, quality furniture to fit perfectly in your home. In fact, owner and craftsman, Rob Carter is used to regular clients turning up with pages torn from magazines, or their own sketch books, asking him to replicate a piece in their own personalised style.

Using a variety of quality wood veneers and high-gloss lacquered finishes, Rob produces everything from sideboards, dining tables, entertainment units and coffee tables, to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and built-in wardrobe units. Recent projects have included the installation of a brand-new kitchen into a 125-year-old house and another he designed with the owner’s guidance before the kitchen was taken out. He also recently made units to feature in a house that went into the House of the Year awards.

Rob says he has been in the industry – in some form – all his life, starting out his career as a chair and frame maker. He has since modified the business with his clients in mind, so much so that his Sydenham workshop features an adjacent showroom that allows potential customers to view the finished work first-hand.

If you would like to discuss how Furniture Dimensions can bring your creative ideas to life, with the skill of an experienced furniture craftsman, visit the showroom today, or check out, for more information.



McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery

Christchurch’s quality furniture specialists: McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery

At McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery Ltd, every single job – big or small – is approached with the same level of care, attention and professionalism.


McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery


The Christchurch-based re-upholsterery team have more than 100 years’ combined industry experience, specialising in household furniture, re-upholstery, refurbishment and commercial work. Using both traditional and contemporary methods, the highly-skilled crew of experts transform old or damaged furniture into stunning new statement pieces that will enhance your home.


Founded by Steve McDonald and Keith Hartshorne in 2004, they pride themselves on their workmanship and specialise in antique furniture, fabric upholstery and leather upholstery. They’ve been known to go to great lengths to get the refurbishment job right for their customers, and no matter the size of the piece of furniture, every project receives the same professional service.


 McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery


If you’re interested in how McDonald and Hartshorne Upholstery can help bring life back to your favourite piece of furniture, Keith can visit your office, home, or work site for a free no-obligation quote. He has a wealth of experience in the furniture industry and can bring a variety of samples to help make decisions.

Back at the factory, Steve – who has been upholstering since the age of 15 – manages the site, overseeing a team of six people. The upholsterers and machinists have been in the trade from a young age and are highly skilled and knowledgeable as a result.


For more information, visit today.


The Crowded House Furniture

Exceptional outdoor furniture: The Crowded House Furniture

When Jodi Gauci couldn’t find what she was looking for to furnish her outdoor area, she decided to design, manufacture and import it herself.


 The Crowded House Furniture


“I was searching for nice outdoor furniture that was good quality but not super expensive, so I ended up sourcing my own,” she says. “Then friends saw it and loved it, and word spread.”
And so, The Crowded House Furniture Company was born. Specialising in outdoor lounges, lounge suites, dining suites and pool lounges, as well as storage boxes and cushions, Jodi has been importing directly from the same trusted manufacturer for the past seven years. “The furniture is very durable and made of UV resistant poly-rattan, so it withstands harsh conditions well – you can leave it outside all year round.”


The furniture arrives pre-assembled and customers can buy from the website or call Jodi to arrange a viewing. Visit or phone 027 533 2298.