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Hillside Haven: Fleetwood Construction

Specialist hill builders Fleetwood Construction receive most of their commissions through word of mouth recommendations, and the newly completed home on Cashmere Hill is no exception.

This stunning project came to Sam and Charlotte from a previous client whose Cass Bay home won a Gold Award in the Master Builders House of the Year competition.

“We thoroughly enjoyed building this home,” Sam says.

“I had a very close relationship with the owners, working with them through the design process with South Architects, and then throughout the build speaking almost daily to them about the finer details.”

The clients met a few builders before deciding to build with Fleetwood.

“We felt like Sam is totally honest, we definitely got that vibe from him. Plus, we visited a friend’s house that Sam had built and they are really happy with it. We love what Fleetwood Construction has created for us – it’s finished really nicely and feels like quality,” says owner Jessica.

The house is a mix of modern and traditional design, featuring crisp clean lines.

Nine aluminium columns run the full height of both floors, making the home feel grand and telling a strong architectural story.

Signature touches abound, starting with the blush pink front door which hints at the stylish interior throughout and leads to the kitchen/living area with its stunning views, balcony, and custom balustrade.

“The team really enjoyed seeing all of the finishing details come together at the end, when the build became a home for our excited owners,” Sam says.


How to bring a vision to life: Fleetwood Construction

Building a dream home should always be a great adventure that comes with an extremely satisfying and happy ending. There are things you can do to ensure that your vision for your home is brought to reality in every detail.



Sam Fleetwood of Fleetwood Construction talked to us about the process of finding a builder. “You need to ascertain their honesty, integrity, workmanship and ability to communicate. We advise going through these steps as a bare minimum, before you sign.”



  1. Ask around for recommendations. Once you find a builder you like, ask to speak to some previous clients about their experience. You can even ask to have a look around one of their current building sites to see how they work and meet some of their team.
  2. Look into how long your builder has been in business and if they have been doing the type of work you require for a long time. See what awards they’ve won for this type of work.
  3. Research your builder’s social media and website to find out what type of work they have done, and if they have the right skills to build your home.
  4. Establish the resources they have available – how many in their team, how many they would put on your job, and what qualifications do they have.
  5. Are they good at communication? How will they communicate with you? You can find this out in the very early stages of contact with your builder.
  6. Make sure the builder is fully licensed, or even better, a registered Master Builder.



A Home with Hygge: Fleetwood Construction

If the Danish term ‘hygge’ is defined as a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing, this Gold Award-winning home built by Fleetwood Construction has it, well, in bucketloads.



The home – a happy collaboration between the homeowners, Matt Gutsell of Sheppard and Rout Architects, and Fleetwood Construction – is the fourth Gold Award win in the Master Builders House of the Year competitions for Directors Sam and Charlotte Fleetwood, and is amongst the top 100 in New Zealand to get a Gold Reserve Award, putting it in the national finals for the competition later this year.

While it helps that one of the owners hails from Denmark, this home’s innate hygge is a reflection of the couple’s passion for the home and their detailed design choices, which included bringing light fittings back from Denmark. Feelings of home, comfort and welcome are encapsulated in the setting, exterior, and interior of the Governors Bay split-level design.

With the house as the stage, the view down Lyttelton Harbour to the heads leads a starry cast of features. “Matt did an amazing job of designing the home and maximising the view,” Sam says.


A stunning slender veranda acting as both viewing platform and outdoor hallway is fitted with attractive vertical metal privacy panels on rollers. “They look like a design feature but are actually practical for shade and wind protection,” Sam says.

The custom-made floating staircase leads you to the entrance of the home and in to the combined kitchen living area which reveals the amazing view. The chic kitchen shows great attention to detail and is a perfect design fit for the style of the home. “The island bench in matte black with a slim stainless steel bench top and modular detailing really draws you in, the hygge is here,” Sam says.

Sleek floor to ceiling sliding doors frame the living rooms’ view and again in the master bedroom, “you just don’t want to leave”.

Sam says skilled hill-builders Fleetwood Construction loves building architectural homes. “The team loves the attention to detail and craftmanship required.”


With Sam onsite every day overseeing the details, any challenges run smoothly and it gives clients confidence and the great service they deserve. “This home had eight different types of foundations and retaining walls, a 22-metre long steel frame and a 4.6-metre precast concrete panel, which all had to be fitted with precision. The access to the site made this challenging but the team totally nailed it. It was great to have this hard work and craftmanship recognised at the awards.”

With plenty of architectural masterpieces in the pipeline, Fleetwood Construction is looking forward to next year’s competition. “We work hard everyday to create Christchurch’s most personalised building experience.”



Fleetwood Construction

Building a Dream: Fleetwood Construction

Fleetwood Construction has just handed over one of the most stunning properties it has ever created, and the client is now enjoying the fruits of this talented team’s labour in the stunning Governors Bay.


Fleetwood Construction


Working alongside Matt Gutsell, from Sheppard and Rout Architects, owners Sam and Charlotte Fleetwood are thrilled with the finished product and enjoyed the opportunity to create a `dream home’ for their clients. For Sam, Charlotte and the team, making the building process as stress free as possible is key and putting their clients first has been integral to their success in the field.  Every day they strive to create Christchurch’s most personalised home building experience, to the point they have decided they would experience their own processes for themselves.

Having recently purchased their ‘dream’ section, Sam and Charlotte are looking forward to working with an architect to create their forever home. They will use the same process as what they recommend, so they can experience exactly what they provide their own clients – a quality start to finish building journey.

Sam and Charlotte even plan to share their experience through the design process and the build on social media, so that future clients can get a taste of what it is like. Keep an eye out Fleetwood Construction has built strong relationships with everyone they have dealt with, which is what has enabled them to make their clients’ journeys enjoyable and stress free.


So, when it comes to building your architectural dream home, make the journey with the team at Fleetwood Construction. Phone 0800 381 381 or visit


Fleetwood Construction

Driven By Excellence: Fleetwood Construction

Building excellence drives the team at Fleetwood Construction. Winning a Gold in the Master Builders House of The Year Awards means it has received over 90 percent of the 2000 points available and that its craftmanship is 80 percent above the industry standard. The company loves the technical challenges and attention to detail required to build an architectural home to this standard. Building in Christchurch for more than 15 years, this passionate and experienced team of builders brings together everything you want in a construction company.

Fleetwood Construction


For this unique design, Fleetwood Construction collaborated with Metalcraft roofing, which meets the high standards of communication, quality and workmanship that’s expected from all subcontractors the company uses. The team at Metalcraft Roofing is pleased to be associated with Fleetwood Construction.

The build quality, project management and communication from Sam Fleetwood and his team made their part of the process seamless and the company looks forward to working with them on future projects, Metal Craft Roofing Branch Manager Darren Ager says. “We are so much more than roofing, providing Longrun Roofing, Longrun Cladding, Metal Tiles, Metal Fencing, Insulated Panels and Structural Products. We thank Fleetwood for allowing us to showcase some of our premium products on such a high-quality build.”


Fleetwood Construction


Fleetwood Construction loves the Master Builders House of the Year Awards because the team knows it is competing against the best in the industry. “It is so great to have our team’s hard work and passion acknowledged by such highly respected industry professionals.”
Sam Fleetwood, the Company Director, personally manages every build and is onsite every day. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the building and construction industry.


During that time, no matter what has been happening with the economy, the building code, health and safety regulations, natural disasters or any other obstacles that have come Sam’s way, his commitment to building beautiful architectural homes has never faltered. In fact, by building beautiful homes, every day he is living the dream.


Fleetwood Construction


Sam says, “We love doing what we do, which is building excellence and great relationships, and moving forward we just want to get better and better at providing our customers with an exciting, flawless experience for building their dream home”.


Metal Craft Roofing:
Ph. 03-349 1395