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Get your hips moving!

If you suffer from hip pain, don’t just put it down to ‘old age’. With the right advice and treatment, you may be relieved to realise how quickly you can improve.



“Do I need a hip replacement?” This is often the first place people’s minds wander to when they start experiencing hip pain. In fact, it is this fear that often prevents them from seeking treatment in the first place.

The reality is that in many cases, the hip pain is not from significant underlying arthritis which would lead to a hip replacement. With this in mind, what is the best approach?

Cath Julius from Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates has given three important pieces of advice to get you started on the pathway to better movement.

There are many factors that can lead to hip pain; arthritis is only one component and not the most common.

Other factors include muscle weakness, muscle tightness and even daily postural habits that can load the area and cause a sensation of pain.

The most important first step is to get an assessment with someone who is experienced in hip pain and rehabilitation.

Even if there is underlying arthritis, exercise is still recommended.

Exercise provides mobility and blood flow to the affected area, strengthens the surrounding muscles and helps maintain a healthy weight which is important for joint load.

If you’re unsure of what is the right type of exercise for you, speak to a health professional who is experienced in hip rehabilitation.

It can be tempting to search for quick solutions to pain but you need to commit to a long-term solution that will help not only your current hip symptoms, but your overall health in the long-term.

In a nutshell, that means finding regular movement that your body enjoys.

The team at Freedom Health Physiotherapy & Pilates are experts at assessing and treating hip pain.

Offering expert assessment, treatment, specific hip and lumbar programmes, and ongoing exercise solutions, they’re a great place to start getting you back to doing the things you love – for life.


Get ready for summer!: Q&A with DediKate’s Kate Ivey

The temperatures are creeping up and the sunny days of summer are just around the corner – we can’t wait! However, getting fit and healthy takes time and dedication.



Online fitness trainer Kate Ivey has made working out fast and efficient, and she’s created a community in the process. We caught up with Kate about teaming up DediKate with New World to get women ready for summer.


You’ve created an amazing community through DediKate. Can you tell us a bit about your journey?
After the birth of my third child I found myself out of shape with low self-esteem. I realised it was time to look after myself for the long term. No more quick fixes, no more dieting, no more excessive exercise, no more; 100 percent all in or all out. Life was crazy busy, so I needed to be effective and efficient with my workouts, and it finally clicked that for long term success, I needed to nourish my body well too.

Fast forward 12 months and I was feeling great – so I decided I needed to share all that I had learned from my own experiences (combined with my university study and work experience) to help others. The only way to effectively do this from where I was living was online. So, I spent five months creating a series of e-books and setting up Kate Ivey Fitness.

Fast forward another 12 months and women, just like me, were getting great results on my programmes. So I launched DediKate, an online health and fitness platform. It started very basic, with only Power Sessions, Sculpt It Sessions and recipes, but two years on now has these in live formats as well as Boot Camp Blast, Resist-Ded, Audio Speed Sessions, running plans, meal plans and more, as well as an app (and of course I still have many more plans for it!).

The most amazing thing for me on this journey is getting to know the women on DediKate (even if it is through a screen) and being a part of the DediKate community. Everyone is so supportive and so encouraging. When I explained to one of my members that I hadn’t actually won an award at the Business Awards, just got runner up, she said ‘You are a winner in our eyes’. The support I get from members and the support they give each other means that even though we are mostly working out alone, we are not alone at all!

Can you start with telling us a bit about your nationwide ‘Get Ready for Summer’ campaign with New World?
New World has a number of ‘Get Summer Ready’ specials instore and healthy eating recipe cards. Each store nationwide has a pack up for grabs that includes 12 weeks on DediKate, Kate Ivey Fitness apparel, a $100 Lorna Jane voucher and Pams products. Spend $50 instore to go in the draw (but must be a Clubcard member). We are also running the ‘Get Summer Ready Challenge’ – do DediKate for free for four weeks. Also get 20 percent off full-priced Lorna Jane.

Why was it so important for you to get behind this?
Supermarkets have such an influence on what we buy, so I think it is super important for them to be promoting health. This is also a really great opportunity for me to help more women and for them to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle long term.

Who is the ‘Get Ready for Summer’ campaign ideal for?
It’s ideal for women aged 18-55.

What are some of your favourite ways to get ready for summer?
Leading a healthy lifestyle long term means you don’t have to ‘get ready for summer’ as you are ready all year round. I encourage women to take this approach with their health. Although we are encouraging them to ‘Get Summer-Ready’ through this, I will be teaching them to make changes they can maintain so that they look and feeling amazing for summer and beyond. My tips are to take each day at a time, schedule in your workouts, choose healthy foods you enjoy, eat regularly and drink lots of water! See challenges as part of the process and never give up!

How do you stay motivated?
Scheduling and not thinking too much is key. Long term you can’t rely on motivation, because sometimes you don’t feel motivated. So schedule it in and don’t give yourself the choice. At the end of the day though, looking and feeling great is what keeps me going.

What do you love about what you get to do?
I love helping people, creating something that helps people and that they grow to absolutely love too is so rewarding. I love the sense of satisfaction from seeing others achieve through my programme. I also love the variety – I do so many different things from leading the workouts to organising new and exciting challenges. It is lots of fun!



Expanding gym services: Bodycore

As more and more people join the Bodycore family, the unique gym is expanding to cater to its ever-growing membership, as well as provide exciting new services.



Along with the new ‘recovery room’ facility next door, a building across the road will open in October, providing an extra 400sqm of space for a variation of different classes – including cardio, circuit, yoga and Pilates – as well as an indoor running track.

A cryotherapy business is located next door in the recovery room, along with a cupping and massage therapist. Cupping is a great way to draw toxins from the body so muscles can move more freely, which also reduces the chance of injury, says founder Muzz Coates. “It helps keep people moving so they can perform and is especially beneficial for people who train really intensely.”


The new services complement the centre’s popular peri-nutrition café and supplement shop, next to the 24/7 gym. Muzz, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago, joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility on Battersea Street in Sydenham last year. From beginners to elite athletes, the centre provides an inspirational and supportive environment, to put the fun back into achieving fitness goals.

The focus was on creating a friendly community hub, says Muzz, who has more future expansion ideas in mind. “We wanted to create a ‘one-stop shop’ for health and fitness, with everything you need – it’s exciting times!”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 021 898 920 for more info.



School of Physiotherapy Clinics

Physio in City’s heart: School of Physiotherapy Clinics

The Garden City is scientifically expanding. The School of Physiotherapy Clinics Christchurch celebrated the opening of its brand new premises at 32 Oxford Terrace. In attendance were leading Otago professors, top performing students and passionate practitioners from the community who all gathered to celebrate the grand opening of Otago University’s latest expansion.


School of Physiotherapy Clinics


The clinic provides a wide range of physiotherapy services to the public. This brand new location will enlist advanced practitioners and senior students from the Otago University School of Physiotherapy working together to offer you cost-effective and professional treatment in the literal and figurative heart of the city.

Patients not only benefit from excellent facilities, exceptional value and free parking, but also help prepare a new generation of capable young clinicians for their future work in physiotherapy.  Sharon Kearney, NetballSmart Programme Manager and former physio to the Silver Ferns, says the main goal of physio is to improve performance and minimise injury, with injury prevention strategies designed to empower encourage coaches to use resources such as workshops to better understand the ‘why’.

“If they understand this and we work collectively, we are sure to see decreased injuries and an increase in performance over all sports,” Kearney says. The school itself offers a wide range of physio services. All clinic staff have postgraduate qualifications, extensive experience and work together to provide acupuncture, general physiotherapy, older persons’ health and rehabilitation.


For more information visit or phone the clinic 03 332 2627. Both private and ACC clients are welcomed.



Long Live a Long Life!

Long Live a Long Life!

It was a packed and attentive audience that gathered to hear Tony Buettner, Blue Zones National Spokesperson, give his second presentation at Alpine View Lifestyle Village, courtesy of their TRILife Talks Wellness Programme.


Long Live a Long Life!


Tony shared remarkable stories of five diverse places in the world, known as the Blue Zones, where the populations have one thing in common – their longevity. The five Blue Zones are: Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Lorna Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa Rica, and Ikaria, Greece. On average, the inhabitants of Blue Zones live ten years longer than the rest of us.

It was in 2004 that Tony’s explorer and researcher brother Dan, along with National Geographic and longevity experts, began looking into regions where people lived to very ripe old ages. Dan’s findings were published in National Geographic’s November 2005 issue, The Secrets of Living Longer. The research has continued on these regions of centenarians for more than three decades from his Minnesota-based company Blue Zones.

For those of us who have been led to believe that longevity is down to good genes, think again. Buettner’s research shows the link between longevity and genes is only 20 percent; at 80 percent, it’s lifestyle that is our roadmap for longevity.
Tony spoke of The Nine Commonalities, or as he calls them, “The Power Nine lessons of living a longer, happy life,” that Blue Zones people share.



Move: Move naturally – as Blue Zones people do. Their lifestyles see them physically moving on average every 20 minutes. These people don’t belong to gyms because they don’t need to.

Reduce stress: Take a walk. Eat meals with friends or family. Take time out to meditate.

Have a sense of purpose: It has been proved that those who have a sense of purpose live seven years longer than those who don’t.

Drink in moderation: By all means enjoy your glass of wine, but make it only a couple, like the Sardinians.

Eat less red meat: Follow the Mediterranean diet of vegetables, beans, olive oils and fruits; 95 percent of the Blue Zone populations consume a plant-based whole grain diet.

Eat less: As the Okinawans do, stop eating when you feel 80 percent full. Try the Blue Zoners rule: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Families: Family life takes priority in Blue Zone regions.

Faith: Attending a faith-based community four times a month will see you living 14 years longer than those who don’t.

Be social: According to research, isolation is a major cause of early death. Having a laugh with friends is very good for our health and our stress levels. Laughter truly is the best medicine.


Alpine View created the TRILife Wellness Programme for its residents. TRILife focuses on exercise, nutrition and state of mind. Jemma Appleton, Group Marketing and Activities Manager at Alpine View Lifestyle Village, says they were thrilled and grateful to host Tony, promoting the Blue Zones research and linking it with their Wellness Programme.


Swim Fit

Swim Fit

Splish splash, a swimming pool is like a large bathtub. A little cooler than the home bath, the expansive space allows for exercise time, play time and leisure time. The beauty and value of swimming have once again been brought forward in the headlines with Michael Phelps and his record winning performance at the last Olympic Games.


Swim Fit


The health benefits of swimming are well-known. Swimming is a non-weight-bearing exercise regime that utilises most of the muscles, making it effective for both cardio and muscular endurance.  Gliding through the water with the various swimming stroke options, including the back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke and the fan favourite freestyle, offers a non-resistant way of enhancing and maintaining your physical health.


Aqua aerobics is a popular exercise class which is offered at your local pool and can coincide with swimming laps. If staying above water is not a simple task, ask at the service centre desk or a pool lifeguard for a floatation board which can be used to help maintain your above water efforts.


Physical concerns with swimming are minimal as this exercise keeps the body buoyant and is easy on the muscles. The main health concerns factor around the water quality at the pool facility or in a natural environment of a river, lake or an ocean area. The concerns stem from bacteria, pathogens or excrement from animal or human waste.


These types of external concerns can develop side effects in a person ranging from a mild case of itchy skin to more severe side effects such as bacterial infections.
Swimming, when done either as recreation or on a more serious level as an exercise option, can provide fun, enjoyment and health benefits.



Bodycore Gym

Old School Values: Bodycore Gym

Bodycore Gym is so much more than a fitness centre – it’s a community hub, where kindness and compassion are valued, and ordinary people aspire to reach their potential.


Bodycore Gym


Combining a café and a supplement shop, the newly opened 24/7 gym on Battersea St in Sydenham provides an inspirational and uplifting setting to put the fun back into getting fit and achieving your goals. “We’re bringing ‘old school’ back, by creating an environment completely different to the common chain gyms, which are quite intimidating for some people. You don’t just do a class then leave without talking to anyone,” founder Muzz Coates says.


Bodycore Gym

“My personal trainers are handpicked for their personality and knowledge, and the atmosphere here is fun, friendly and vibrant. We focus on making all our members feel like part of the team and not just a number.” The café is a peri-nutrition bar, offering a delicious sugar-free selection of protein-rich options.

“The carrot cake is to die for,” Muzz says, who originally created Bodycore eight years ago as a supplement store on Carlyle Street, with his own range of natural, locally manufactured products and a small fitness studio upstairs.
Due to his ever-growing clientele, he joined forces with co-owner Craig McGuigan to open the new facility. Craig says the focus was on creating a unique, family-friendly centre.


Bodycore Gym

“It’s a space where anyone, from elite athletes or bodybuilders to beginners, co-exist in a supportive environment, mingle and learn from each other.”


Follow Bodycore on Facebook, order supplements online or phone 374 6947 for more info.



One of a kind gym: Bodyfix

As more and more people join the Bodyfix family, the unique gym is moving premises to cater to its ever-growing membership.




“By early next year, we will have a much larger gym, in a brand-new world class facility – located at 29 Leeds Street – as well as more services to offer our members,” owner Moana Williams says. “Building on what we already have, the new premises will enable us to continue to grow – and not being linked to a franchise and being a one-of-a-kind gym is what sets us apart.”

The ‘family friendly’ club opened in 2011, featuring a full weights and cardio room, as well as a variety of group classes designed to motivate members to achieve their goals, including HIIT, spin and yoga. Starting your exercise regime today rather than tomorrow is one philosophy followed closely by the team at Bodyfix, and that’s because they know that when exercising under their roof, you are sure to see results. They know that when people walk into their club, everyone wants a better version of themselves.

Moana says getting the right mix of regular exercise can improve your health, vitality and wellness – which we all need more than ever in life. “There is no ‘right time’ to get started on an exercise programme, do it today – with a bit of hard work, sweat and commitment you will be fit, healthy and happy.”


Visit Bodyfix now at 450 Tuam Street, phone 03 389 9892, or visit



Shake it off: get moving with these five music or dance based workouts that are so much fun it will make you forget you’re exercising

Whether you’ve got fantastic rhythm, or two left feet, we’re going to help you find your groove. Balboat, ballet, ballroom and other traditional forms of toe-tapping fitness have received a major facelift with a new generation of dance taking the world by storm.


We’ve got the rundown on the moves you need to make your own with some fabulous dance fusions.

Bollywood Kathak Fusion Dance: Pioneered in New Plymouth, this new flavour of Indian dance sees traditional Indian choreography paired with contemporary, upbeat tunes with a good dose of Bollywood thrown into the mix for eclectic measure. It involves plenty of over the top animated movements and works everything from the face to the feet.

Lyrical Dance: This is all about expressing yourself. Resembling ballet and honouring the technical elements of classical ballet, it loses its conservative streak by paying homage to the fluid and freedom focused aspects of jazz, comtemporary and modern dance. It’s based on choregraphy as well as self-interpretation of a musical beat with emotion leading the way.

Zumba: Perhaps one of the most famous exports of the 90s, Zumba blends hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo. It remains a viral fitness programme with approximately 15 million people taking classes across the world every week. Capable of helping participants burn up to 600 calories per session, it targets the abs, thighs, arms and muscles throughout the body.

Clubbing collectives: Inspired by the nightclub scene, people throughout the world are taking their cues from sweaty dance parties to meet their fitness needs. Live DJs and disco lights inspire you to dip a little lower and bring those knees just that little bit higher for those who want to seriously let loose without having to stay out quite so late on a school night.

Hula hoop dancing: A total body workout that offers a great level of fitness, hula hooping is as much fun as it is a recreational option. Set to music, hula hooping is a complete core workout (cue the killer abs!), activating some 30 muscles in and around your body’s core, but the best part about this is the fun factor, with hooping classes offered at many gyms and dance fitness studios.

On Point: Barre Workout

On Point: The latest fitness craze is barre (and we love it)

The fitness industry has forged an almost cult-like following because, although the fads come and go, a healthy diet and exercise is the closest formula we have to a fountain of youth.

On Point: Barre Workout

The latest craze turning heads faster than a pirouette is the barre workout and this is one recreational activity which we can honestly say is on point.
Taking its cues from sculpting ballet warmups, the barre workout has spread in popularity in much the same way as spinning, CrossFit and yoga. There’s no tiptoeing around the benefits of this recreational powerhouse:

  1. Be core-ful: You core is about so much more than getting a 6-pack, try a 29-pack! The core includes some 29 muscles and barre workouts can be used to engage them all!
  2. Super strength: By targeting the large muscle groups in the body, barre workouts can effectively burn more calories! By increasing your resting metabolic rate, your body will continue to burn calories even once you’ve finished your workout.
  3. No pressure: The controlled, body-weight focused exercises of barre workouts increase muscle endurance and stability, which reduces pressure on joints, tendons, ligaments and the spine.
  4. Fabulously flexible: Of course, don’t forget that barre training is a great way to enhance your flexibility while significantly improving strength. Improved flexibility ensures joints are moving freely, which can improve your posture.