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Prep your feet for summer: The Shoe Room

“We only have one pair of feet.” That may seem an obvious statement, but inherent in it is the message that we need to take care of those feet if they are to serve us as well as possible throughout our lives.



Therefore, we really should be pampering our feet and making them a priority in our regimen of health and wellbeing. Pampering can take several forms, from moisturising and removing hard skin in preparation for strappy summer sandals, through to what footwear we put on our feet.

There is a perception that comfortable shoes cannot be pretty and fashionable as well. That is a fallacy which the team at Feet First Podiatry want to blow out of the water. For a number of years they have been selling comfortable and fashionable footwear from their Main South Road clinic. They have had such excellent feedback on the range from customers who otherwise may have difficulty buying shoes because of foot problems that they have decided to expand to a stand-alone retail shoe store.

The Shoe Room will open in early November at 355 Riccarton Road. It will be dedicated to providing fashionable and functional footwear with a more extensive range of the shoes that have been so popular at the clinic. Frankie4 and their stunning active flats, Taos and their great range of sandals, and Revere’s orthotic friendly range are some of the top brands that demonstrate just how comfort, function and style can be integrated.

Email, phone 03 929 0927 or visit




Fabulous Feet!: Feet First Podiatry

In the 24 years they’ve been operating from their premises in Upper Riccarton, Feet First Podiatry truly has been putting the feet of our community first.



Podiatrist and Owner/Director of Feet First, Charlotte Russell, says the well-established clinic takes pride in being a general, family friendly podiatry practice. “We see everybody – from children with foot issues to adults who, for instance, might be suffering from ‘high risk feet’, due to chronic conditions that affect the feet, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as providing general foot care for the elderly.”

If you’re a keen walker or on your feet a lot and experiencing foot or heel pain that’s impeding the enjoyment of your outdoor pursuits, Charlotte says prescription orthotics can make things significantly better. “Walking problems impact on everything in life. We do an in-depth bio-mechanical assessment of the client’s feet and base our orthotic prescription on that.”

A wonderful point of difference with this podiatry clinic is The Shoe Room; the perfect opportunity to not only purchase fashionable and functional footwear, but to be fitted with the right shoes to meet your needs, thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the Feet First Podiatry team.

With four podiatrists at the clinic, and satellite clinics held at Redcliffs, Marshlands, Oxford and Darfield, it’s great to know Cantabrian feet are in the best of hands! Find Feet First Podiatry at 37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton (onsite parking and wheelchair access), phone 03 348 7910, email and visit



Feet First Podiatry

Happy Feet: Feet First Podiatry

Whenever you are looking for a foot specialist, it is important to find a practice with the experience and knowledge to provide you with a one-stop shop to help you maintain healthy feet. In the world of podiatry, Feet First Podiatry is that practice.


Feet First Podiatry


Established in 1983 by Charlotte Russell, it has since grown, with four podiatrists serving the Upper Riccarton area and satellite clinics in Redcliffs, Marshlands, Darfield and now Oxford.

The practice has also expanded to include the Shoe Room with fashionable and functional footwear and quality retail items such as Gewhol foot creams and Spirularin anti-fungal treatments.

Feet First Podiatry provides general care for all ages, children to the elderly. Services range from common issues such as corns, calluses and ingrown toenails, to specialty services for those who require custom made orthotics or those with diabetic or health related issues, as well as treatments for fungal nails issues.

This family practice can be your one-stop shop for foot health so put your best foot forward. See what Feet First Podiatry is all about at the Women’s Lifestyle Expo during the weekend of 29 September where you can view the footwear and speak with a podiatrist.

Visit 37 Main South Road Upper Riccarton,

or phone 03-348 7910 for further information.


Feet First Podiatry

A foot above the rest: tread more comfortably thanks to Feet First Podiatry

It would hardly be an exaggeration to claim the majority of us take our feet for granted, not putting them first in our health and wellbeing regimen. Charlotte Russell of Feet First Podiatry says that treating feet is not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Feet First Podiatry

A podiatrist for more than 30 years, Charlotte knows what she is talking about and the clinic she established where four podiatrists now practise, has been on its prominent Upper Riccarton site for 23 years.
“Take the first step to healthier feet with us,” she says.
“We provide specialist footcare advice for everyone – children with foot problems, the elderly with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, sports enthusiasts and people seeking relief from corns and calluses, heel pain or ingrown toenails. It’s often only when our feet start to give us pain that we realise we only have one pair and we need to look after them.”
Charlotte emphasises how important it is for diabetic patients to have regular podiatry visits. “Poorly controlled diabetes may lead to nerve damage which impairs sensation. Preventative treatment is key to avoid ulcers or gangrene.”
Prevention and management are two words you will hear constantly from podiatry specialists. “Many foot issues can be managed through physical stretching or the use of orthotics – shoe inserts designed to support, align or improve the function of the foot. We custom make these and have a great range of quality, stylish podiatric shoes in our retail Shoe Room.”
You can find Feet First Podiatry at 37 Main South Road, Upper Riccarton. Phone 03-348 7910.