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A brave new you for 2020

The first thing we think of when reminiscing on decades past, is what people wore.


Photo from Meraki

The ’20s will have a definably different vibe. Seize this exciting time in space to reinvent and trademark the new era.

We have new looks for each season – but for the new decade why not dare yourself? It’s a brave new world out there, and we can still be totally true to ourselves while turning heads with a courageous new look.

  1. A little help from my friends
    A good friend is an honest one. They see the 360 degree version of their favourite person the most.Ask all your friends their advice and see if there’s a common thread. Be the influencer and lead the way amongst your peers. Have a blast trying on new styles together.

    Perhaps experiment with new looks, shapes and colours at affordable pre-loved fashion outlets such as Nurse Maude Hospice stores.

    “That’s so you!” is what we love to hear. But imagine the squeals of glee as their demure, minimalist mate rocks up in a ruffled frock in lime green.

2. Savvy advice from a retail expert
An experienced consultant will often coax the shopper to have a try on of something that’s not their usual pick. Humour them.

It might be a pleasant surprise, a game-changer even. They’ve seen all shapes squeeze into styles – and are in the know when it comes to what fits and flatters.

3. From head to toe
We can cling to hairstyles in habitual comfort – however, the new energy of a complete change in hairstyle is empowering.

If you haven’t got any colourful or shimmery sandals, lay safe blacks to rest, and walk on sunshine for the summer of 2020.

For those firmly grounded in flatties, there’s high heels that still feel like slippers, and conversely, flats with chunky platforms for high-heel confidence.

4.You deserve it
Buy that outfit you adore – the one you can’t really afford or see as too glamorous, but can’t stop thinking about.

That’s not an impulse buy; it’s fate! Instead of drooling over fashion pages with wishful admiration, imagine yourself there, and recreate a completely new look to suit your budget.

5. Embrace the future
Metallics will be synonymous with the sci-fi-sounding 2020s – so have some fun with futuristic fabrics. Leggings have been synonymous with the 2010’s, so leg it out of this last decade and try on hot pants, suits, or high-waisted loose-fitting pants.

We’re going to be time-travelling in fashion to both past decades and futuristic times – fasten your belts!

6. Rule out old rules
Fashion is now delectably ageless. Fabrics are flattering, trends are flexible, and boundaries keep on blurring.

You can still wear a maxi skirt if you’re pint-sized, out-there colours and cut-out styles if you’re over 50, sportswear if you can’t run a mile – and plus-sized models remind us to love our bodies.

Let the world know that leopards can change their spots – however we hear that rich yellows and polka dots are on the catwalks for 2020!


So very beautiful

Fortunately for Canterbury women, clothing boutique Molto Bella – is no longer Rangiora’s best kept secret. Here is where they will find that beautiful something that’s unique, made of natural fibres and is Italian made.


Proprietor Anette Drewery travels to the most prestigious of international fashion shows every year to scout out the latest looks and trends to bring back home.

Sifting through the racks of her clothing collections is one of the most pleasurable pursuits imaginable, as the eyes feast on labels like Haben, showcasing garments nothing short of delightful, such as a quirky plaid tunic and skirt in cream, charcoal and French Navy; while Purolino (from Positano) features duster-coats in crisp blue and white, in homage, perhaps, to their place of creation, “where Mount Vesuvius meets the sea of the Gulf of Naples”.

For avant-garde at its most superb, nobody does it better than Corrina Caon, while Sunshine and Made in Italy flaunt all the verve, vividness and romance of Mediterranean climes in frills, lace and gossamer silk.

Italian leather handbags, exquisite scarves and jewellery, not to mention stunning homewares such as cute and clever cushions, dreamy drapes for a pretty partition, heavenly candles to scent your favourite room, and must-have décor magazine Jeanne d’Arc, best encapsulate the ethos of Molto Bella.

Visit Molto Bella at 199 High Street, Rangiora or go online for convenient inspiration to make this summer unforgettably beautiful! Phone 03 313 1366 or 027 531 4151, email or visit


Clothes women love

Fashion Designer Rose Keys talks fashion and designing for Lania The Label.



Where did your journey into fashion begin?
From a young age I was fascinated by fabrics and textures, and I was encouraged to follow what I loved. I often remind myself that I do love the business, as fashion involves many emotions and hard work.

How did Lania The Label come about?
After 15 years designing the Verge brand, I took time out before starting my own clothes brand – Fray The Label, which was recently bought by Longbeach and rebranded to Lania The Label.

What do you love about designing?
Starting a new seasonal range; travelling to new destinations and experiencing different environments; listening to feedback from customers and hard-working retailers to provide garments that women love to wear.

Is there a Lania look?
Lania is all about natural fibres and comfort; garments that provide both fashion and function, whether you’re working, travelling, or spending time with friends.

Do you favour any particular colour scheme?
I love khakis, inks, blues and berries, and a touch of soft floral… creating femininity with an edge!

Any favourite fabrics?
Lania loves quality natural fibres and textures. I love working with denim; hand feel and fit are important to me; there’s always a new take on denim.

An unforgettable Rose Keys design would be of…?
Heavy silk in rich colours, beautiful clean lines and draping to create a vision of simplicity. or on Facebook @laniathelabel

Fabulous Face-Framers

Prescription glasses have come a long way, from library to catwalk – these fabulous face-framers can be a true reflection of personality.




Being short-sighted has been a big bonus for celebrity cook Jax Hamilton. She has a designated drawer for her 36 pairs of spectacular spectacles and eight pairs of prescription sunglasses. “No one bats an eye-lid that I have 60 pairs of shoes,” she says. “So why not have loads of glasses – and they don’t have to break the bank.”

Jax even has her own name for signature eyewear. “I don’t call them glasses, I call them face furniture. I see them as an integral part of my face, just like a couch is integral to the living room. They are a part of who I am – it’s my dreads, glasses, and Cockney accent!”

Preferring her accessories large and loud, she wears big square or hexagonal shapes when she’s out and about. However, at home in Christchurch, Jax will be relaxing in her PJs with a smaller, comfortable, round Harry Potter-esque pair. The colourful character is attracted to bright, bold colours like reds and blues, and her newest pair is always her fave – her latest being black bat-winged prescription sunnies with wide tortoiseshell arms.

“I feel like a diva,” she laughs. “I love them.”

Jax always has four pairs with her when she goes out, and at least six when travelling. “As for me, it’s always how I feel at the time. I buy my glasses locally from Bailey Nelson, and it literally takes about 40 seconds to choose a pair.”

The trends to try on next year for 2020 vision are bejewelled, oversized, funky cat-eye, brow bar, and big, bold geometric shapes – so Jax will be in her element.

“It’s not if they suit me, it’s more about having the confidence to wear them. Most of mine are out-there – I just put them on and rock it.’




Bonkers for bamboo

This summer we’re bonkers for bamboo. While the material does make for great home furniture, it also takes centre stage in the fashion world – the reason being they’re extremely lightweight and compliment almost any outfit. You’ll definitely be the envy among your peers with this purchase.



Like most other bags, you can choose the style and shape to suit you. Some may prefer a clutch and others a shoulder strap.

Either way, it’s a wardrobe must-have – think of the ‘summer vibes’ it will bring to your collection of clothes. The bamboo bag or clutch provides a casual appearance without compromising on style.

A great thing about these bags is that you can find them at several different price points. From the high-end designers such as Yves Saint Laurent to the bustling Bali street markets for a bartered-down price – anyone can feel ‘bad and boujee’ as long as they wear it with confidence.

But if you’re sick of hearing about how you can wear must-have items this summer, you could always just prepare for winter by purchasing a bamboo bag in black and pairing it with a huge winter jacket.

They’re really such versatile bags!

Just make sure not to accidentally drop it into the panda enclosure at the zoo…you won’t be getting that back.


The hottest designer rentals around

The sunny season is just around the corner and with it comes many quintessential summer events that call for lavish ensembles to make you stand out from the crowd. So, what will you wear?!

Well, local news has it that Designer Wardrobe has opened its second rental store here in Christchurch and it has almost 2000 top-quality designer pieces to choose from! Rental is perfect for a one-off wear – you are not only going to look fabulous, but you are also playing your part in being environmentally conscious!

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a warm, friendly smile and discover beautiful pieces perfect for all ages, styles and sizes from 6-18. Dresses, jumpsuits, two-pieces and more – from the likes of renowned designers Zimmermann, Juliette Hogan, Trelise Cooper, RUBY, Bec & Bridge and more – plus one-off designs created uniquely for Designer Wardrobe by New Zealand designers, all hang in bright and beautiful colour coordination on their racks.

Pieces are generally rented for a four-day period, but this can be extended – fantastic for those well-deserved Christmas/New Year holidays as well as all those summer weddings.

Designer Wardrobe will be open over the Christmas and New Year period, only closing for public holidays.

Visit the rental store at 171 Victoria Street, and browse the latest styles online at


Style staple: shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are the most practical style staple for an active life, leaving hands free to juggle phones, children, dogs, Christmas shopping – and giving hugs!


It’s all about the strap with the shoulder bag. There is a return of the ’80s chain straps seen in slim gold to bold twisted metal through to chunky plastics.

Chains are getting a reaction swung over the shoulder on the catwalk.

Classic structured styles are the latest adventurous shoulder-bag style in mock croc, zebra, calf skin, python and lizard.

Slouchy bags are making a comeback too and these make the ultimate shoulder bag. They hug the silhouette of the body, which makes them comfortable to cart around. The satchel look is also hip.

Bags are generally getting smaller. Designers are also bringing out the teeny tiny bag with the long, long strap; a must-have for hitting the dance floor this party season. However, on the other end of the spectrum, bag lovers are bearing oversized totes with big enough straps to sling over the shoulder – a winner of practicality.

Some bags can now even do a double act and transform from cross body shoulder style to a belt bag.

In essence, a shoulder bag becomes part of your outfit. When choosing one, make sure it’s comfortable on both shoulders before the big purchase. It will be like a pair of ill-fitting shoes if it doesn’t feel right.

A shorter strap won’t look right on a tall frame and a too long strap on a smaller silhouette can swamp. Check the straps are long or short enough to balance out your height and feel comfortable.

Most have adjustable straps, so it’s not a problem. If the strap is long enough to wear across body, even better.

When buying a bag to wear with a certain outfit, try them both together. A great shoulder bag can really finish the overall look.

Getting the style, the balance and the comfort just perfect will ensure the wearer and their bag are inseparable.


Stepping up their game

Since ECCO Shoes’ story began in Denmark in 1963, the company has evolved to become a revolutionary shoe manufacturer like no other.

Enter the SHOCK-THRU collection – a range of sleek, athleisure-inspired sneakers that incorporate brand new ground-breaking technology.

At the core of ECCO’s ethos lies a determination to provide shoes with optimum comfort, style and quality – three important factors that ECCO doesn’t compromise on.

Their design team have been exploring and developing ‘shockpoint’ variations that break through all the layers of the outsole and embed a soft cushion core directly between your heel and the ground.

This has come to fruition with the recent launch of SHOCK-THRU™, or ST.1. The integration of the cushion core adds 17 percent more shock absorption and rebound and combined with their existing innovative ECCO FLUIDFORM ‘Direct Comfort Technology’ – which you will find across the ECCO collection – makes for the ultimate hybrid shoe that’s sure to suit any occasion, purpose, environment or style.

For those of you who remember the American buck shoe from the 1950s, the all-new ECCO ST.1 HYBRID can be classed as its sleek, contemporary cousin which is both relaxed and formal.

The shoes effortlessly blend traditional style with revolutionary comfort technology – say hello to the ultimate versatility that will take the modern man from the boardroom to the ball game.

Available in a number of classy styles both brown and black; the shoe for you has arrived just in time for Christmas.

Check out the collection online at


Hello Yellow!

Let the summer sun freshen up your wardrobe this season with a flash of our favourite citrus hue: yellow.

Many zesty shades are trending, from pastel and lemon through to marigold and amber.

While these punchy hues aren’t always the easiest to wear, they pair well with existing capsule pieces you’re bound to already have – a white blouse, perhaps, or a pair of washed denim jeans.

You can’t go wrong by injecting a bright bolt of yellow into an otherwise plain ensemble by way of accessories, shoes or even a striking blazer.

Yellow pieces with floral prints or embroideries bring a laid-back, bohemian flavour, while a slinky silk dress in a saturated hue like mustard or marigold is both fun and elegant – and the ultimate stand-out silhouette for all of summer’s quintessential events.

If strong yellow shades are a bit out of your comfort zone, try a more mellow pastel tone.

Shades like buttermilk or lemon give off a graceful chic vibe perfect for that garden party or lunch date.

Top tip: It’s smart to invest in easy, versatile pieces like jumpsuits, maxi/midi dresses and tailored pants that will take you from the high street to the party in effortless sophistication.


Master of Millinery

Fresh from the races and heading into the summer season, award-winning Christchurch designer Susi Meares, of Seventh and Figg, won best young designer at Riccarton Park Races this year and her avant-garde creations made the front page of The Press.


With the races done and dusted, we caught up with the busy mother and entrepreneur to chat all about the hat.



How long have you been a milliner?
I started professionally seven years ago but I have always been a lover of hats and I made my first hat for myself many years ago. I think a hat/headpiece completes an outfit just like the icing on a cake.

What does Seventh and Figg mean?
The name came from my travels as a young girl in New York. I was standing there wide-eyed and looked up to see a sign that read ‘Corner of Seventh and Figg Street’ and never forgot it.

What inspires your creations?
Anything from the materials I source to a beautiful fabric or amazing flowers. I often look at milliner Philip Treacy who has changed the perception of what a hat should look like and given me the confidence to know that any creation is never too much.

How did you feel that morning after the Addington Races and saw yourself on the front page of the paper?
For both Michael Stanton (pictured with Susi on the cover) and I, it was a huge thrill and wonderful achievement. Michael and I wanted to push the boundaries of traditional fashion and the response was extremely positive. People love to see something different which is what keeps fashion alive and new.

Do you have a few favourite pieces from over the years?
It is so hard to choose a favourite as I still love pieces from today and many years ago. I am currently using an all-natural material called jinsin that forms artistic lines that I am loving at the moment. The wonderful thing about most of my hats is they never date – they’re timeless.

What does 2020 have in store for Seventh and Figg?
2020 for Seventh and Figg will be full of some great opportunities. I will be featuring in a book about creative women in New Zealand. I will continue to work with WORLD, making this my third year with the brand; Francis Hooper has some amazing ideas. I also have clients already making contact for race day 2020!

What do you offer your clients that keeps them coming back?
I am very fortunate to have the most gorgeous clients. Some have been coming to have hats made with me for many years and once you know your client well enough, you know exactly what their style is and what sort of hat they would like. It’s my responsibility as the milliner to make sure the hat is just perfect for the client’s personality and outfit.

What hat tricks can you give our readers to be confident and comfortable when wearing a hat?
I think the trick to wearing a hat is that there is a hat for everyone; it just has to be the exact hat for them; something that they, as the wearer, are confident in and which also brings out their personality, whether it’s avant-garde or classic. If you think you are not a hat wearer, then my advice is to start small and grow from there. Also wearing the right hat can grow your confidence enormously. You can have so much fun wearing an amazing hat!