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Floral Fixation

Will floral prints ever go out of fashion? Never! But if you’re going to wear flowers, now is the time to splash out; if one thing screams ‘spring has arrived’, it’s blooming flowers! Check out our top tips for this season.




  1. Take inspiration from the tougher punk-style ensembles that incorporate delicate floral prints; a blouse bedecked in beautiful blooms paired with a leather skirt and knee-high boots is a fun look that’s equal parts feminine and edgy; perfect for both the office and after work drinks.
  2. If the beach is your fave summertime destination, surfer-girl hibiscus prints are hotter than ever – how about a bold jumpsuit in this playful print?
  3. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with interesting colourways and layered prints; up the ante with primary brights contrasting against pastels and lighter shades, or opt for 2019’s trendy tones of teal, peach and marigold. Feeling brave? Stand out from the crowd with a daringly feminine combo of a flowery dress and plaid blazer.
  4. While loud and bold is the look of the moment, let’s not forget about the elegant and classy; paler and prettier tones are still in style, and wrap dresses, ruched midi skirts and playsuits in pretty pastel florals are spring/summer 2019’s favourite silhouettes.
  5. Into a bit of the DIY? Jazz up a pair of old jeans with a flower patch or two – try a cluster of classic daisies or peachy roses.



If it suits

Suits are head-turning, confidence-creating and fabulously flattering – and have now relaxed into an exciting wardrobe staple. We check out the hottest suit styles for the coming season, to take us into 2020.




While women once minced in demure pencil-skirt and jackets of the 1930s and 40s, this season’s trouser suits are taking bigger, bolder strides leading into the next decade.

Anything goes in the material stakes. Ice-cream coloured pastels are a delicious summery wardrobe treat, while on the other end of the fabric spectrum, tweeds are teaming up as dapper trouser suits for dames. Everything goes, from slippery velvets, breathable summer-weight silk, perhaps black and white in a stylish wool-blend, hot fuchsia in cool linen, or metallic in modal. Suits make a unique statement.

Individual personality this season takes the suit far, far away from any corporate connotations – it’s all about suiting up and owning your own style. Celebrities from Michelle Obama to our royal influencers are flaunting floral-bombed patterning to gorgeous blocks of colours and timeless neutrals. In cute or courageous original outfits – the cue is to make your own mark.

Wide pants are swishy, slouchy comfort to the max – quite the opposite to what you’d expect to feel in the usual tailored two-piece. Go high-waisted and wide-legged from the hip, or do a glam Charlie’s Angel-style ’70s flare from the knee. Larger jackets have lots of wiggle room with full-on sleeves still a big fave. Teamed with high-rise heels or chunky flats – this look is quick to transform from daytime to drinks-time at the flick of a heel.

Cinched in via a wide tied belt or beautiful tailoring to show off the waist, a suit jacket adds flattering femininity. But equally so, the baggier, edgy boyfriend blazer will be strutting most of our streets, paired with perfectly matching pants. Structured shoulders are invited to team up with slouchy-crotched trousers. Tiny fitted tops are tasteful under long languid jackets; juxtaposition is, after all, hip.

Flattering for every figure, suits suit most bods. The silhouette-slinking sameness will elongate the shorter stature, and jackets and pants can be made to skim over or figure-hug any feature. No matter how casual the suit is stitched up, the wearer will always look somewhat polished and purposely dressed. Don’t forget, a tailor can alter any part of an otherwise perfect suit. Think about buying a suit that will look good with most of your summer shirts.

Emulate a dramatic three-piece with a matching coloured top. Plunging necklines also render a sassy suit, creating a sizzling contender to the little black dress.

And worth every penny is the suit’s sassy versatility in all weathers. Throw the jacket over the back of a chair and you instantly have a cooler, different look. There’s no need to find that co-ordinating summer jacket either – phew. It’s really a great two-in-one investment!



Crazy for crochet

As we crawl our way out of winter, we’re starting to spend our days daydreaming about our spring and summer clothing collection. 2018 was the year of the basket bag, paving the path for a trend of all things woven in 2019; enter an abundance of intricately entwined fabrics – crochet, knit, macramé and netting – in a variety of palettes; earthy, pastel and bright ‘n’ bold.




A crafty aesthetic is sweeping through the spring and summer collections of some of the world’s biggest fashion houses; NYFW saw Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and more utilising the homespun look in inventive ways, with two-pieces, long-sleeved maxis, shorts, frilly dresses and bags in a multitude of woven fabrics making waves on the runway. Are you ready to weave the woven trend into your wardrobe?

  1. Dip your toes into the trend with woven wedges or sandals and accessories, or if you’re feeling crazy for crochet, full-on woven maxis and midi skirts are your statement makers.
  2. Pair crochet and macramé pieces with cool, minimal fabrics like white or washed denim, linen, and add funky texture and oomph to any ensemble with netting and sheer knits in vivid colours like sunny yellow, bright green and neon peach.
  3. Heading seaside? Give crochet swimwear a nudge, or channel your inner beach babe with a cute open weave cover-up; think a plain white, cream or black maxi or midi dress hemmed with fringing – perfect for throwing over the top of a brightly coloured bikini.



Shirting the rules

As soon as boyfriend blazers and boyfriend jeans hit the street style scene several years back, we were hooked by the casual and comfortable look that it offered us.



We can all agree that borrowing – or rather, stealing – our man’s hoodies and t-shirts is nothing new, and neither is women incorporating menswear into their personal style. In fact, this goes way back in history.

By the early twentieth century, a woman in beautifully tailored men’s clothes was a recognisable form of glamour – think the ‘suffragette suit’, created by the American Ladies’ Tailors’ Association in 1910, or Coco Chanel’s semi-androgynous style – namely cigarette pants and suits, or 1930’s actress Marlene Dietrich famously donning a top hat and bow tie on set.

Fast forward to 2019; we’re still seeing menswear influences within women’s fashion, and the boyfriend trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re particularly loving women transforming men’s shirts into the ultimate fashion statement.

A men’s button-down shirt can be utilised in a multitude of ways; worn over a dress, jeans or a pair of shorts; tied at the waist and paired with bright pants or a midi skirt; or worn on its own, cinched at the waist with a wide belt.

A men’s basic tee styled up with a blazer, leather pants and heeled boots makes for a perfect nine-to-five ensemble, or tone it down by tucking it into a pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a casual weekend look.



Red Hot

Red is the power player that has been vying for our attention, but in all the right ways.




As bold as it is brazen, red is the go-getter in the fashion stakes and its popularity is spreading like wildfire, as the fiery shade dominates the fashion shows this season. Symbolic of love, passion, fire and blood, few other colours are as bold and uncompromising. It’s shorthand for making a statement and designers across the board are making good use of it. Spring 2019 is definitely the season for experimenting with colour, so now is the time to go red hot or go home.

  1. Paint the town red: Pantone’s Spring 2019 colour list is packed with empowering and uplifting primary colours, with Fiesta Red and Jester Red topping the list. Whether you adorn yourself in this bold hue from head to toe, or play with fire and try a simple bold lip or heel, it’s time to paint the town red with this hot look.

  2. A fiery fiesta: Bright, fiery and almost orange, Fiesta is a hot fashion statement. But for those who err on the shy side, why not dip your toes in and pair your favourite jeans with a pair of fiery heels, or add some heat to your black blazer with a Fiesta Red handbag?

  3. Add some ‘kick’: Red is hot property for those wanting to add that ‘little something’ missing from an otherwise low-key outfit and it’s getting us all fired up about the possibilities in store for our wardrobes. It’s time to roll out the red carpet.

  4. All over red rover: If there was ever a time to rock a pair of red pants with a red blazer, red top, and red shoes, it is now. Yes, this is one time when it’s totally OK to opt for a bottom and jacket in the same hot shade, then mix it up with a top that creates contrast, whether it’s lighter, darker or perhaps patterned.

  5. Boots ‘n’ all: Not everyone is ready to jump in boots and all when it comes to this powerful shade, so why not start from the bottom and work your way up? Hot red pants or a skirt can still create statement style without feeling over the top. Pair your choice with something simple or pared back.

  6. Rocking the red top: Red can turn any garment into a statement piece. Yes, that means it can make simple, pared-back styles pop. So pair a red coat with jeans or a red tee with black pants and you’ll be looking hot.



Time to In-Vest

If you were caught in a vest pre-2015, one might think you were trapped in a time warp. But walk down the street today and they’re everywhere, and it’s not hard to see why.



Not only has this 80s trend worked its way back into our lives, but it’s been given a breath of fresh air, with many of the biggest names in fashion, from Louis Vuitton to Gucci, putting their own spin on this wardrobe essential. From a bright fiery red to an earthy khaki green or a classic black, we’re seeing vests in every shape and colour, adding an extra dimension to any outfit.

They are the type of street staple everyone needs in their wardrobes these days, especially in Christchurch where you’ll find all four seasons in one day. Whether it is something to chuck on in summer for a night out with the girls, an extra layer of warmth for a leisurely stroll around Hagley Park in autumn, or perhaps you just need a bumblebee yellow vest to help you beat the winter blues.

When you want something to transform your outfit instantly, this is one trend worth in-vesting in!



Rocking the leather look

The leather jacket is an iconic silhouette which has crossed the sartorial divide from street star to high fashion, and it has remained there ever since.




With its cult street appeal, this amour of cool is a jack of all fashionable trades; toughen up a floral dress or pull together a chic, all-black ensemble – it’s all about adding a bit of exterior edge to an otherwise easy-going aesthetic. Our very own Trelise Cooper has done just that with the Whatever the Leather Jacket, pictured, in her soon to be released Spring 2020 collection.

Despite its tough exterior, leather can soften easily, so while you may have the crisp white shirt and patent leather shoes to make any mother in law proud, a pair of leather pants can add some much-needed edge to a play-it-safe look, or why not pair that leather pencil skirt with a light silk blouse to rock a completely different vibe.

Strong, tough and provocative, leather represents strength and that’s what you want when you’re heading to the office. An investment watch or briefcase is power dressing at its finest.

While leather can add luxe to your wardrobe, the latest leather looks aren’t all dark and moody. Brown leather is classic and sophisticated. It looks crisp and clean with white and can be thrown over a casual look to completely alter the ensemble at face value.

So, why not take a walk on the wild side and be a ‘lady of leather’?



Ice Ice Baby

Move over millennial pink, enchanting the runway this year is a brighter, bolder shade of baby blue known as icy blue. This hue brings to mind images of frosted lakes and snowflakes – making it the perfect colour to enhance your winter wardrobe.




Solidifying its place amongst the other bright and bold colours of 2019, icy blue is a fresh and welcome addition to the season’s traditional colour palette of blacks, browns and greys. This cool shade is on the brink of becoming a neutral staple thanks to its ability to be paired with almost all the colours under the sun! Convinced? Read on for our trendy top tips.


  1. Designers across the globe are reviving some of our favourite classics in this glacial shade, so be sure to stock up on other pastel pieces to mix and match; popular picks include pale yellow, lilac and powder pink.
  2. The slight silvery undertone of icy blue makes it easy to combine with classic neutrals like camel, stark white and classic black. Accentuate an all-white ensemble with one or two bursts of this beautiful blue.
  3. For sophisticated balance, add a powerful punch of colour by pairing icy blue with trendy hues like coral, emerald green, ultra-violet and even ochre. Avoid neons as they are likely to clash or outshine.
  4. Easily embrace the chill with an ice blue blazer or full-length wool coat – or cocoon yourself in a plush faux fur jacket in this divine shade. Not only does an icy blue jacket elevate any monotone outfit, it’ll keep you nice and toasty too.
  5. Dare to bring on the bold? Go head-to-toe for serious impact; a jumpsuit, matching two-piece or tailored suit in this shade are three must-haves that are sure to have you looking ‘cool’.
  6. An old crowd favourite, navy is a signature winter neutral that provides just the right amount of contrast when combined with icy blue.
  7. Warm up your winter with a little sparkle – this magical blue works well with or as a glittery statement piece. Silk, patent pleather and lace are also proving to be particularly popular fabrics for this demure shade.
  8. For a sweet splash of blue, pepper in some accessories in this colour to any formal or casual look; think a coordinated combo of high heels, a chunky belt and silky scarf.
  9. Activewear is undergoing a serious sartorial transformation as of late so you can expect to see this bold colourway amongst the athleisure arena. For the ultimate trend-forward look, team icy blue bike shorts with a neutral hoodie and you’re ready to go!
  10. Winter weddings call for a cooler colour palette, so if you or a special someone is getting hitched this season, why not rock a dress or suit in the dreamy hue of icy blue?



Reptile revival

Slither your way into some seriously ssssssexy snakeskin numbers this season – long skirts, short skirts, coats, boots, bags…. you name it, it’s having a reptile revival.




It’s time to swap your leopard spots for some snake-y scales (not literal scales, of course)! A sartorial safari of animal prints have staked their claim on all things fashion, with the ever-popular patterns of leopard, zebra, tiger and crocodile proudly prancing their way down many a runway recently – so we’re not surprised to see that now the punchy python pattern is having its well-deserved moment.

Lunging itself into the fashion forecast for 2019, this sassy style is standing strong – and with an infinite selection of silhouettes to choose from, your fashion prey drive is bound to go wild. Every possible fashion item from bags and belts to boots and blazers is getting the serpent treatment – patent midi skirts, wide leg pants and trench coats in particular are popping up left, right and centre in the street-style sphere. And while sandy shades and greyish hues are the go-to tones for this print, flashier colours are having their way with the pattern as we see everything from neon numbers to vivid shades like teal, moss green and magenta.

Easily weave this trend into any 9-to-5 ensemble; keep it classy by pairing a neutral snakeskin skirt or shirt with other fellow earthy colours; think camel coat and white dress pants, and if you dare to embrace a vibrant touch of the trend, some fierce snakeskin boots in sunny yellow or bubblegum pink are sure to have you strutting in style.



Winter Warmers

We’ve collated this season’s hottest accessories to help you confront that icy breeze with ease.




Statement scarves
You don’t need us to tell you that scarves are the staple of any winter wardrobe and this season there’s an emphasis on the statement scarves, with hot prints like tartan, houndstooth and leopard still going strong. Oversized chunky knits are your go-to for when that silky neckscarf just won’t do; these winter warmers are still very much à la mode, particularly in hot hues like mustard, emerald green and dusky pink.

Heavy hitters
Calling all fashionistas – we’ve got the winter shoe for you! Chunky black boots are stomping into style this season and there’s many different sorts of shapes to go around, from utilitarian, lug-soled combat boots perfect for the snow to more contemporary platform silhouettes for the office. As if we needed an excuse for a new pair of shoes…

Glamourous gloves
You can never go wrong with a pair of supple black leather gloves – they’re versatile, functional and sophisticated, what more could you want? This season, black and grey are making way for punchier colours, varying lengths and statement detailing. Metallic or neon? Perfectly plain or boldly bedecked? Short and sweet or long and elegant? Whatever you fancy, these hand-warmers will keep you toasty.

Bright tights
Warm up your winter by trading in your trusty black opaques for a bolder, funkier pair. Dress your legs in block colours like red, white and green, or inject some fun into a plain ensemble with tights imprinted with monograms or the trendy patterns of leopard print or snakeskin. Side note: a colourful fleece-lined, ribbed or cable knit pair is a sure-fire way to keep your legs cosy under dresses and skirts this winter.

Hot hats
Berets have remained every fashionista’s winter must-have for many seasons now and we’ll continue to see them in every material imaginable this year, alongside other old-school styles like newsboy caps, regular caps, cloches, trooper hats – even good old fedoras! We’re pleased to note that beanies aren’t going anywhere either.