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Dress for the party

In the words of Fergie ‘a little party never killed nobody’, so why not dress to impress at your next gathering? As we’re quickly heading into party season, we check out some of the hottest looks in party frocks.



  1. Jump around: jumpsuits will never go out of fashion; they’re somehow a perfect mix of elegant and practical and can be styled for any occasion. Whether you’re feeling a classic black or a fun floral pattern, anything works.
  2. Sexy in silk: midi silk skirts are definitely in. They’re popping up in most of our favourite stores. Breathable and soft on your skin, you won’t be complaining about comfort when you’re dancing around at your next event.

  3. Trending tassels: they’re hard to miss when they’re hanging off most earlobes these days. Your colour options are basically that of the colour wheel… endless. They’ll always add a bit of personality to any outfit. A fun way to incorporate them into your outfit is by matching them with the colour of your shoes.

  4. Can’t be tamed: Animal print is a trend that definitely ducks in and out of the fashion trend cycle, but it’s very much in style this season. A leopard print midi skirt is a staple item and if you want to listen to our advice even more, don’t forget those tassel earrings!



Sequins and spice makes all things nice

We’re seeing sequins everywhere! They’re the hottest embellishment that you literally can’t miss. While a little black dress may be a classic in the fashion world, held up against an outfit showcasing sequins – eyes will more often than not be drawn to the latter.



With the warmer season just around the corner, it’s high time we gave you some tips on how to rock some summer sequins.

  1. All that glitters: While we did say that in a match against a little black number and a sequin dress, sequins would prevail, a hybrid of the two would make for a head-turner. A little black sequin dress is a sassy and sexy wardrobe must-have. It may not be the right attire for a trip to the supermarket, but it would definitely be appropriate for celebrating that new promotion, birthday or even the New Year.


  2. Time to reflect: If upon reflection you feel as if a sequin dress may be too much for you, there are other options. Dress pants are always a good idea to have in the wardrobe, especially if they’re made of matte micro sequins. These are perfect because they can be dressed up or down based on the top or accessories that you pair them with.


  3. A ‘subtle’ shine: If we’re being honest, there’s nothing subtle about sequins. They’re a look that shines… quite literally. But there are other ways to include them into your outfits that aren’t so extensive – one word: accessories. A simple clutch sporting sequins is a great way to add a finishing touch to any outfit. It’s an item that doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ but instead just politely asks for eyes to wander its way.


  4. Shimmy, shimmy: Combining both fringe and sequins may seem like a crazy idea but, like peanut butter and jelly, even though they shouldn’t work… they do. There’s something satisfying about being able to shake your hips and having your outfit move with you. The Rozela Dress by LEXI is a perfect example of style and fun coming together to provide some new-age glamour.


  5. Girl in stilettos: You can usually hear these shoes before you see them but with the addition of glittering silver-toned sequins, you can make sure they’re definitely seen as well. Having sequins line the straps of a black stiletto is a sure way to reinvent a classic design.




The timeless trouser

Call them pants or trousers, this fashion staple transcends the seasons in an assortment of styles, making them one of the most-worn items in your wardrobe. We look at the history and the future of the timeless trouser.




Trousers can be credited to inventor and entrepreneur Jacob W. Davis who coined the term when he made clothing more efficient by creating two seams to define what we now call trousers.

With a plethora of pant styles now available for both men and women, Elizabeth Smith Miller is credited as being the first woman to wear pants during the 20th century women’s movement. Before then, trousers were a staple donning the legs of men.

During the Victorian era dress reform was the new way. Pre-Victorian bodices and corsets paired with huge skirts or dresses constricted women and were also known to be a risk to health with their ultra-form fitting designs commonly cutting off oxygen and circulation to many women of the day.

The Suffragette movement advanced women’s rights even further and their right to comfortable clothing, which included incorporating functionality while still maintaining a sense of personal style. It was definitely the season for change as women moved into factory work and also sought fashion freedom in the form of free-moving trousers, which are now equally a staple of womenswear.

So what does the fashion forecast have in store for women’s trousers as we approach the warmer months?

This year you can expect to see plenty of leather, flared styles and cropped designs, with white trousers also making a comeback. High waists are still hot and animal print is on-trend again, if it ever really went away.

Wider legs in the form of culottes or harem pants are hitting the style consciousness. The voluminous silhouette of these bottoms make them ideal for the warmer months in fabrics such as viscose, silk and chiffon.

We can also expect to see breathable fabrics such as eco-luxurious linen, which is both beautiful and durable. The woven texture makes this fabric of choice resistant to stains and easy to care for. Linen’s sustainability properties are also an attractive
style perk, while its flax beginnings lend it well to cool and crisp fashion designs for spring and summer.

Utility has been the name of the fashion game for a while now, so we can expect to see plenty of beige, khaki, patch pockets, cotton drill and cargo pants.

Style tip: Look for easy care options that are machine washable and long lasting. Trousers may be your most worn garments so investing well is always advisable.





Bold Beauty: Add colour to your ‘robe

Life doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom when it comes to catering to the cold. With some of our most beloved designers plating up a course of statement shades this season, it’s time to embrace colour.


So we’ve put together our top tips to put your brightest foot forward in this season’s rainbow hues.

Bit of bold

If neutral is the name of your style game, then this one’s for you! Accessories are the easiest way to amp up an outfit. Add some vibrancy with just a ‘bit of bold’ – that is some red tassel earrings or a hot rainbow cross-body bag. Shoes are another exceptional way to add some colour to your life.

Opposites attract

Opposites attract is the very premise behind colour blocking, which involves pairing opposites on the colour wheel together to make complementary combinations. When it comes to your wardrobe, this means an orange sweater and navy cigarette pants. You don’t need to be loud and proud, colour blocking can work equally as well with pastel shades.


Top or toe

Rather than going bold from top to toe, why not try top or toe? Choosing one element of colour for your outfit creates a strong focal point and the rest of the pieces nicely complement the look. Keep the rest of your clothing and accessories neutral, think a hot pink top with black pants.



One colour wonder

Choose a colour and tone which suits you and go all out! Keep your accessories neutral in either black, white or beige tones to balance out the look. The key to wearing one colour well is to either match everything together with precision or mix and match noticeably different within of a colour family.