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Smoke & Mirrors

It was makeup artist Linda Cantello who first laid claim to the ‘smokey eye’ when she created the look with Tom Ford during his Gucci days.



Dark eyes had traditionally been very defined in both the corner and the lid, but it was Cantello that thought to blend it all in, with the look quickly becoming a signature look for Ford, known as the ‘Gucci look’.

While the smokey eye has long since evolved, it is still marked by a lack of demarcation line between eyeshadow shades.

A versatile look that flatters everybody, you can keep it as simple as you choose, you’re not restricted to just a black/grey colour spectrum and you’re guaranteed to look like a
smouldering temptress if you pull it off.

The key is to always keep the darkest point at the lash line.

Sticking to no more than three shadows and a liner will make your eyes pop.

But the clincher when it comes to creating the ultimate smokey eye? Blending – lots and lots of blending.

When you’re creating a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go or what colours you use, it’s how well you can blend the liner and shadow that creates that sultry look.

Dramatic, daring and bold, it’s the perfect look for everything from a night out to a special occasion.


Botanical beauty

Last year green came in pistachio and lime green hues. This year, it’s all about a cool and refreshing aqua shade – Biscay Green. Wear it with any shade of pink for the prettiest springtime look. But if you’re wanting to liven up the application process of the vibrant hue, we’ve got the tips for you.



BIT OF A BLUR: If you’re going for a ‘too cool to care’ approach, then this technique might be the one for you. Apply the shade with a damp brush along the lash line and then blend it out until the shadow is dry and diffused around your eyelid.

POP OF COLOUR: We’re not saying the green is the only shade you’re allowed to use. Sometimes less is more and with a colour like green, that’s usually the case. You want to channel the Wicked Witch of the West… not become her. A pop of green on your lower lashline could be all you need to tie together a look.

LITTLE BIT OF LINER: You don’t need an extravagant smokey eye to pack a punch at a function. It can be as simple as a singular line, in the colour (you guessed it) biscay green. Clean-cut and chic, the only requirement is to not have shaky hands.


The eyes have it

Right now, it seems as if everyone in the beauty community is releasing an eyeshadow palette. It’s currently on trend to stand out from the crowd and there’s some amazing palettes on the market that can help you do just that.



Bright and bold colours have been all the rage in the beauty world – from Morphe x James Charles to the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy eyeshadow palette; both palettes encouraging the buyer to ‘unleash their inner artist’. With so much hype surrounding them, we thought we’d provide a few ways to experiment with your fancy new beauty toolkit.

Purrrfect – this look is the definition of ‘simple yet effective’. Choose the brightest shade you can find (try a neon green or orange) and line your lids, finishing it off with a wing. Who doesn’t love a cat-eye?

A clash of colours – you’ve probably spent most of your life trying to pair complementary colours together on your eyes. Well we’re telling you it’s time to forget everything you know and use shades that sit on opposite ends of the colour wheel. Swipe one across your eyelid and the other along your lower lash line.

Oh my ombré– Electric Avenue is happening 22 February… so it’s quite literally around the corner. If you’re not in to dressing to the nines but still want to stand out from the crowd, this look is perfect. A multicolour ombré is a great way to pack a punch when it comes to your eye look.