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Home Exterior Spring Prep: Styles Civil Ltd

With winter upon us, it is easy to neglect the outside of your home. Still, it is important to maintain home exteriors during the winter so they can be enjoyed once spring and summer arrive.



Styles Civil Ltd is your one-stop shop for everything exterior, making home maintenance less of a chore. As Sam Styles puts it, “We do everything outside. We’re your one point of contact for your outdoor needs.” One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is drainage, yet neglect often leads to water-saturated gardens that disappoint come spring.

Instead, increase your home’s curb appeal by utilising Styles Civil Ltd’s drainage and landscaping solutions or their other services such as driveway installation. Considering Styles Civil Ltd’s access to a large variety of quality materials, they will be sure to match your unique style.

Whether your outdoor project is big or small, residential or commercial, Styles Civil Ltd has you covered. The company offers a wide range of services, so be sure to check out the website,, for more information or for general enquiries. For a free quote, contact Sam at 022 469 6854 or Damian on 021 870 725.


Getting winter ready

We’re all familiar with the importance of getting your vehicle ready for winter – checking your battery, antifreeze levels, wiper blades and tread – but did you know there are some pretty integral steps that can be done to winterise your humble abode too?



Better yet, get in the pros – they know exactly what to do in their specialist fields to get your home prepped for the negative numbers set to hit the city in a couple of months.

Now’s the time to get your heat pumps serviced. The filters fill up with dust which prevents the unit from working at its most efficient. A professional clean out will ensure you get the maximum heat for your dollar.

Inspect your windows and doors for leaks. A professional can check the sealings around windows, door frames and other openings and replace where necessary.

Clear out your gutters of any debris such as leaves, dirt and sticks. Clogged guttering prevents rain from draining which can force diversion and create leaks.

While you’re up there, check the roof, eaves and shingles. If your roof needs attention, give your roofer a call to assist with any repairs and maintenance.

Disconnect any garden hoses over winter, drain the remaining water and store in the garage or garden shed for the winter months, preventing damage from water that freezes then expands.


Growing Team & Service Range: Oderings Landscaping

As Oderings Landscaping moves into its fourth year of providing landscaping services to the greater Christchurch region, it’s exciting to see how much it has grown. From a small team of three staff, it has grown to a busy team of eight. With this growth the team can now offer even more quality services to clients.


The addition of the qualified Landscape Architect Sasha was an integral step in this expansion process. Sasha’s primary role is to support clients through the garden consultation, planting plan and professional concept design process.
“Landscape design gives me the opportunity to get creative with plant composition, landscaping materials and spaces. Seeing a client’s landscape dreams come to life and seeing the joy it brings them is why I love being a Landscape Architect,” Sasha says.
There are many elements to consider when creating the garden of your dreams, especially around plant selection. Sasha encourages clients to think of the following points as part of the consultation process.
• Take stock of your current garden: What are your likes and dislikes? Are there plants that you want to retain? Think about any issues in your garden that you would like to address, for example, are there any privacy or noise issues? Drainage or soil problems?
• What kind of plants do you like and do you have a theme in mind? Do you prefer textured plants, flowers, colourful foliage and does the garden need to have fruit and veggies or be low maintenance? Do you like natives or exotics?
• How much time are you willing to spend gardening? Every landscape requires some maintenance to look good, so the time you intend to spend doing landscape maintenance plays an important role in creating the right design for your lifestyle.
With so much to consider it’s good to know you are in excellent hands. Oderings Landscaping prides itself on being able to see the whole process through. The team has all the experience and knowledge that has seen the Oderings family business thrive since 1929. Oderings Landscaping is there to help with your next project. Whether it’s a full landscape with decks and pathways or help with plant selection and planting plans, they can do as much or as little as you need.
Phone 021 913 747 or email

Lagoon Pools

Luxurious Leisure Pools: Lagoon Pools

Julie and Warren Hastings supply the range from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of composite fibreglass swimming pools – Leisure Pools – to homes in Canterbury and wider South Island.


Lagoon Pools


Leisure Pools incorporate patented technology to provide additional strength and durability, using corrosive resistant, 100 percent vinyl ester resin, ensuring the pool is kept safe, secure and free of damage; and a lifetime structural and osmosis warranty is provided for peace of mind.

From large pools 12m in length to sizes perfect for smaller sections, Julie and Warren of Lagoon Pools can assist with every stage of the planning and installation. Council consents generally take at least 20 working days to secure, and planning and landscaping can take time, so it makes sense to get the process started as soon as possible.

While the weather is still warm, it’s an ideal time to think about getting a pool installed, says Julie. “We are offering a special deal for people who sign up for an installation before the end of July. Our busiest time is from September onwards as people usually want their pool in by Christmas, so autumn and winter installs allow for a no-rush, stress free process and ample time to finish your landscaping.”

From Elite hideaway rollers, automatic cover systems, pool surrounds and fencing, to fountains, strip lighting and spa jets – as well as swim trainers and robot pool cleaners – the business offers the full package. “We never say no to anything and spend time with every customer to work out exactly what they want.”


Phone Lagoon Pools on
03 349 2160 or 0800 927 282.


NaturalFlow South

Quality Wastewater Systems: NaturalFlow South

Are you looking for a simple, environmentally friendly sewage treatment system that doesn’t require expensive, on-going maintenance?


NaturalFlow South


The NaturalFlow system not only provides an eco-sustainable sewage solution and produces a high-quality result to treat wastewater, but saves money and time. Keeping it simple is the company’s philosophy – using power-free, natural processes to treat wastewater. One of NaturalFlow South’s many satisfied customers say they came across the company after a large amount of research into septic systems for their new home in Glentui.

“Living off the grid with solar power meant that we had to make sure our system worked well for how we live and also how the system would fit into our property and lifestyle. The gravity-fed option was great as it has no need for any power at all. We have been very happy with NaturalFlow – from the initial quote with the owner, to the patience of Carina with council consents delays.

“The guys on-site were great and even managed to put in the trench without any damage to trees or plants. We are also using NaturalFlow for a UV filter for our household water as we are on a rural water scheme. Couldn’t have asked for better!”

NaturalFlow South owner Kingsley Kepple sells and supplies NaturalFlow systems to a range of customers across the South Island, from farmers and lifestyle block owners, to camping grounds and homestays.


Visit for more information or phone
03 323 8541.


Oderings Landscaping

Autumn: nature’s planting time – Oderings Landscaping

With the first signs of snow on the mountains and a distinct freshness to the air at night; it reminds us that autumn is upon us. There are several landscaping jobs to consider when getting your property ready for autumn and beyond.


Oderings Landscaping


Get planting
Did you know autumn is known as nature’s planting time? It is one of the best seasons to plant a garden, as it gives plants a chance to set their roots for spring growth and because soil is naturally cool and retains water.


Turn down the irrigation
With rainfall increasing, the length of time you need to have your irrigation on decreases. Check timers and re-programme where needed. Check spray heads and fix any leaks that have become apparent over summer.


Build a raised vegetable bed
Apart from being an excellent addition to your overall landscape design, there are many reasons to build a raised vegetable bed. Raising soil levels is excellent for improving soil drainage, which will encourage strong and healthy vegetable growth. It will also make access to planting and weeding easier.


Pruning your stone fruit should be a priority in autumn and should be done as soon as harvesting is complete. Hedges and most shrubs will also appreciate a prune before winter. Not sure where to start with pruning? Contact us – our maintenance team is here to help.


It’s important to have a year-round spray programme and autumn is an ideal time to start. After the stress of dry conditions, your plants will be more susceptible to insects, including thrips and mites. Don’t forget about the lawn; weather conditions will also see an increase in red thread and hydrocotyle.


Lay paving or paths
Now is a great time to consider any of those annoying areas that get boggy and unusable in the rainy months. Adding a path or section of paving can be an excellent way to complete an otherwise non-functioning area, adding more living space regardless of the weather.


Oderings Landscaping is just a call away to help you with your autumn projects, whether it’s a new raised vegetable bed or help with pruning and spraying, our friendly team is ready to help, phone 021 913 747 or email


Willow Landscapes

Built to last: Willow Landscapes

Carl Gildea is passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces. He’s a perfectionist who after 15 years travelling the world and improving landscapes along the way, finally put down roots in the Garden City. What did he want to do here? He wanted to establish his own company and build gardens that will stand long and strong as peaceful oases for people to enjoy and cherish. And that is just what he has done.


Willow Landscapes


Symbolically Carl named his company Willow Landscapes after the strong, hardy, graceful and instantly recognisable tree. “Every deck, retaining wall, pathway, lawn and garden we design and create is constructed to last, just like our namesake.”

Carl‘s love of all things landscaping began on a working holiday in Australia where he thoroughly enjoyed laying paving and building retaining walls. “It was hard work, but I could be creative and it was very satisfying seeing the final outcome. Once I returned to the UK I knew this was the work I wanted to do and anyone who visits Westminster walks on paving I laid. Now I’m continuing that tradition here in NZ.”

Carl knows that preparation is the cornerstone for a garden. “My team and I put a lot of work into the foundations of everything we do. It’s what’s below the surface that makes the biggest impact. Even our mighty willow is only as good as its root system. We consider every element necessary to fulfil a client’s requirements – design vision, materials, environment and budget – to create a holistic outdoor area. Not only that but we really take great pleasure in every job. It’s wonderful to be outdoors and working hard.”

There is tremendous versatility to the Willow Landscapes’ portfolio. They can tackle everything from hard landscaping through to the softening final touches of planting. “Gardens come to life with plants. Since being in New Zealand I’ve developed a deep appreciation for this country’s native plants and I love to include them in the gardens we construct.”


Carl and Willow Landscapes take pride in the part they are playing in the legacy of our Garden City. For a free quote call Carl on 021 536 442.



Landscaping alternative: GrassPro

If trying to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn has been a struggle this summer, maybe the answer lies in a modern synthetic grass product.




GrassPro has transformed the way we view ‘fake grass’ and is becoming a popular landscaping alternative for gardeners world-wide who want the beauty of a stunning lawn, but none of the care and preparation involved. Christchurch GrassPro operator Tim Gerard specialises in installing the product in smaller areas, such as town houses, apartments, over 60s units and spaces that are causing a nuisance for the homeowner.

The company can supply and install a range of specialist synthetic landscaping grasses to suit your taste, and you might be surprised to know, you even get a choice on the blade thickness, length, texture and shade of green. All grasses are UV stable, include no nasty chemicals or heavy metals, and are guaranteed for 10 years.



GrassPro can also install the product at early childhood centres and day cares, and they work hard to ensure all Health and Safety requirements, and New Zealand regulations are met. As an added bonus for the sports fan, they’ve also combined landscaping grass with a specialist golf putting green grass to create the perfect green for every golfer. GrassPro is a part of the ProGroup, a Kiwi family-owned business providing ‘niche property transformation services’.


For a free, no obligation quote on how GrassPro can help improve your backyard, or a project you have in mind, call Tim on 027 349 0527 or visit,


Louvre Solutions

Louvred Luxury: Louvre Solutions

As the long summer days slowly drift into autumn, rest assured that your outdoor living experience can be extended all year with a Louvre Solutions roof system. Now is the perfect time to have Louvre Solutions create a stylishly comfortable oasis for you and your family.


Louvre Solutions


Louvre Solutions’ roof systems are fully customisable with heating, lighting, ventilation, as well as offering integrated pull-down side screens. Each roof comes standard with an integrated rain sensor, which allows the roof to close automatically in the advent of rain. Canterbury-based Louvre Solutions, owned and operated by Craig Rogers, knows how to create the perfect outdoor space. Whether entertaining, relaxing, or simply expanding your indoor area, Louvre Solutions can bring your ultimate outdoor environment to fruition.

Louvre Solutions’ louvre systems are manufactured with quality elements, precision engineering and aesthetic options to realise your vision of the ultimate outdoor space. The patio louvre system is strong and conforms to nearly all wind and snow load requirements. The louvres integrate flawlessly into any architectural style. Louvre Solutions manufactures its louvres from extruded aluminium which offers greater durability than traditional patio covers. Unlike plastic or fabric, these components will outperform in heat and rain.


Louvre Solutions

“When we started out, these premium products were prohibitively expensive, reserved for the elite. While the quality of the products has never faltered, we have been able to make them accessible to a wider market and work with a number of clients ranging from entry level properties through to very high-spec homes,” Craig explains.

The benefits of a louvre roof are many, ranging from aesthetic to practical. They are a brilliant addition to homes and can be proactively planned as part of the design/build process or can be retrofitted once the need is identified post construction. “Following the earthquakes, there has been a significant shift to subdivisions where there is generally no established exterior cover. Houses are exposed and owners try to manage environmental conditions and the impact they have on their homes through other means, often with poor results. We collaborated with engineers to come up with the ideal system to mitigate these challenges and a louvre roof proved to be the ultimate solution.”


Louvre Solutions

With more than 10 years in the industry, Louvre Solutions’ reputation has been built on a solid foundation. Craig and his team pride themselves on their burgeoning portfolio of repeat and referred business generated through word of mouth, independent builders, architects, landscape architects and building companies.

Louvre Solutions manufactures its products at its Canterbury-based factory. A louvre roof can be ready for installation within four to six weeks, making today the perfect time to order yours to ensure maximum extended-summer enjoyment.



Visit for more information or contact Craig on 027 535 6286.



Tailor your garden space: Oderings

Whether it’s a blank canvas or an existing garden, taking the time to reflect on your landscape design now will ensure you have the garden of your dreams for years to come.




The design team at Oderings Landscaping encourages clients to consider the following when planning a new or improved garden.


How will you use your garden?
Is it space for your children to play, to throw a ball for your dog, or would you like to grow your own edibles year-round? Maybe the focus is on outdoor entertaining, or a secluded oasis to retreat to after a hard week at work?


What is your vision?
Do you have a design theme in mind? Do you like a formal or informal setting? Features to think about are plant textures and whether you like lots of flowers, coloured foliage, fruiting plants, low maintenance, evergreen or deciduous, natives or exotics, scented or edibles. If you don’t know where to start, take pictures of garden features you admire or search the internet/Pinterest for inspiration.


What are your must-haves?
What would you like to incorporate into your design? This may include water features, raised garden beds or a deck with plenty of lighting for outdoor entertaining. Don’t forget to think about pathways, seating, BBQ areas and fences.


Think outside the square
Are there any issues you would like to address? These include but are not limited to privacy, soil condition, sun and wind issues, noise, drainage and allergies.


How much time are you willing to invest in your garden?
This is where you need to be honest. Are you content spending time over the weekend on maintenance? It’s possible to have a garden with wow factor that won’t take up all your spare time. Oderings helps make the correct plant choices to suit any lifestyle.


Future Proof:
Now is the time to consider the what-ifs. Consider laying conduits under driveways, paths or decks as they are installed, allowing for any irrigation, power or lighting you many want later. Will you need extra water sources in the future? Consider installing multiple tap points around the property.

Feeling overwhelmed? This is where the professionals come in. The design team at Oderings has a Landscape Architect ready to help make this process as seamless and stress-free as possible, ensuring you get the best garden, every time.


For more information contact