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An exceptional update: Elmswood Retirement Village

“Our residents are just so excited. They can hardly wait to see their refurbished serviced apartment or studio and move back home after being off site,” Elmswood Retirement Village sales consultant Donna Monk says.



Donna is equally thrilled about the makeover renovation that is happening in the Avon Wing at the village.

“Twelve serviced units are being updated with new carpets, new lighting, new tapware, beautiful benchtops and tiled bathrooms – a stunning fresh look. These Avon Wing serviced units will be ready for occupation in mid-September and we have three available for purchase.”

The large serviced units with stylish furnishings have been designed to enhance the living space – “plenty of room to entertain guests” – while at the same time retaining original features.

“One of the great advantages of the serviced units is that they are all on ground level and open out to their own private patio and the village’s gardens. Being able to walk straight outside easily is extremely important for many residents.”

Another innovation of the refurbishment is that a cosy social area has been incorporated into the design. “This fully utilises all the available space in the wing and gives the residents another option to meet with friends and family.”

Another six serviced units will be refurbished following the completion of the first stage.

“It’s all part of a major project for the whole village that will include the rest home as well.”

To find out more about the serviced units for occupation, phone Donna Monk on 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979.


Exciting Times at Elmswood

It’s thrilling times ahead for Elmswood Retirement Village as they finally move into the first phase of a makeover renovation, starting with their classic villas and the serviced units wing within the main building.



The villas’ remodelling and interior overhaul will see each villa fitted with an impressive designer kitchen, spacious open plan living and a new guest toilet. The outlook to the beautiful established trees, garden and green spaces will remain.

Soon available is one classic villa that’s had its renovation and remodelling work nearly completed and will be ready to move in to for Christmas.

The serviced units within the main building are also in their first stage of renovation. The work will be carried out in stages so that the transition is smooth and seamless.

Mid-2020, newly renovated apartments and studios will become available and are now pre-selling.

The renovations of these apartments and studios will see some major changes designed to enhance the living space, while at the same time original features will be retained. The renovations will give a fresh look and feel very much the same as the new attached hospital.

Sales Consultant Donna Monk says it’s exciting to see the changes happening day by day. “We’re working on similar footprints as before, but the renovations will bring the village up to where it needs to be for our residents going into the future.”

Find Elmswood Retirement Village at 131 Wairakei Road, phone 03 351 0974 or 021 241 9979.

For more information, email or visit



Cornerstone of social life: Elmswood Retirement Village

Fun, friendship, family and stimulation are the cornerstones of social life at Elmswood Retirement Village. “Every month features a theme for our entertainment and activities,” Sales Consultant Donna Monk says. “We had a whale of a time in March, when the theme was dance.”



The village hosted ‘The Elmswood Hop’; an afternoon that celebrated the entertainments of the 50s. The revelries began with a parade of classic cars through the lanes of the village, which then offered rides to residents keen for a cruise down memory lane.

Inside, the 50s-style afternoon tea and ice creams did not receive the attention they merited, with residents and their families, friends and staff more interested in jiving, lindy hopping or even jitterbugging to band Sharvelle who kept the 50s and 60s hits coming. “It was the perfect era, with one of our gentlemen saying ‘I thought my rock ‘n’ roll days were over, I’m so thrilled to do it again!’” Donna says.

Another month, a pets theme saw staff and families bring their pets to visit and residents have fun with dog washing! Pets are always welcome though. “We don’t expect visiting family to leave their four-footed friends at home,” Donna says. “Our residents love the opportunity to meet family pets.”

Activities also extend far beyond the borders of the Village, with recent trips to Sumner for a fish and chip lunch, The Groynes, The Birches and the new Central Library to experience the virtual reality technology. Currently there are vacancies at the village, contact Donna on 03 351 0974 for details.


Donna Monk

A family vibe: Elmswood Retirement Village

Donna Monk is the Sales Consultant for Elmswood Retirement Village. Donna tells us why she loves the village and her role there.



Donna Monk


Donna, why is Elmswood special?
It has a soul and a personality of its own. The buildings are well-established and the gardens are just stunning – there’s an area to explore or relax in around every corner and there is a genuine village feel as you come through the gates.

The family vibe is created through being small enough for everyone to know each other.

Residents can be as involved in the in-house social side as they like and maintain all of their outside interests.



What types of living does Elmswood offer?
We have a selection of living options: villas, serviced apartments and studios, the resthome and hospital-level care.

It is so important for people to be able to future-proof their choices and join us as an individual, or as a couple, at a level of care according to need.

Even for villa-living we can organise for internal and external services to be wrapped around residents, so they can retain their independence for as long as possible.

There are currently some vacancies in each option and we’d love for people to come and see for themselves.



What do you really love about this village?

I love the people. We have a laugh, the team and the residents, and I wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. We seem to have a really happy mix that makes my job a pleasure.



Elmswood Retirement Village

Where Your Journey Begins: Focus on Elmswood Retirement Village

Donna Monk is the Sales Consultant at Elmswood Retirement Village and, although she is not a resident there, it feels like a second home.

Elmswood Retirement Village
Where your journey begins.

Donna, why is Elmswood special?
Our residents love our location. We are central, so families from a great range of suburbs find it easy to visit. Access is great for our residents too: close to shops and services and on a good bus route. Our mini-buses go out several times a week, on shopping trips, for lunches, or on scenic drives. Our village is a cosy, comfortable and safe base from where journeys as adventurous or as gentle as you like can begin!

What happens each day in the village for the residents to get involved with?
We offer an ever-changing range of entertainment and activities every week – the concerts and garden tours are very popular. Everyone chooses their own level of involvement in the social life – you can be as busy or as private as you choose.

At what age would people ideally think about moving to Elmswood Village?
Our youngest residents are around 80; any time between then and 85 is a great time to come and see our village, even if it is a future plan. We offer gorgeous villas, assisted living in apartment studios, rest home care and hospital care. We have our own full time registered nurse and a weekly GP clinic. We are privately and locally owned with a family feel; we’re not too big and our staff love knowing every single resident by name.