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Mindful Beauty: Earth Organic Hairdressing

At Earth Organic Hairdressing, mindfulness and beauty are inseparable. Their ethos is outward-looking and concerns the salon’s global impact on the environment and treatment of animals. However, when you walk through the salon doors, you know you’ll get that one-on-one attention from your hairstylist you’ve always wanted.


With biodegradable packaging, plant-based and cruelty-free hair products, you might think that this salon is too focused on the big picture to notice your specific needs. On the contrary, intentionality saturates Earth Organic Hairdressing. When you arrive for your free consultation, your stylist will discuss your unique hair needs and find natural and organic solutions for you. The stylist you meet at your consultation is the same stylist who will guide you to your desired result – no rush, no surprises, just a naturally beautiful you.

Traci Aylmer, salon owner and stylist, loves to share new natural, organic and cruelty-free products with her clients. Along those lines, Traci affirms, “People trust their hairstylist. I’ve tried everything we sell at the salon, so when you spend ages trying to find a product that works it’s nice to spread the word.” Traci and her team of stylists are excited to share a new skincare line which shares the same values – and as a bonus, it’s made in New Zealand!

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Earth Organic Hairdressing

Loving our hair: Earth Organics Hairdressing

Traci Aylmer of Earth Organic Hairdressing wants us to love our hair better by treating it better and the best way we can do that is by not using harsh petrochemicals on our crowning glory.


Earth Organic Hairdressing


Formerly from Brighton, England, Traci has worked in the hair and beauty scene for more than 30 years and, although passionate about her work, has long had concerns about the chemical content and animal testing of many salon products. “Some of the laboratory animal testing was, and still is, little short of torture,” says Traci, “I thought there had to be another way.” When Earth Organics Hairdressing opened in November 2017, Traci’s dream was finally realised.

The exquisite floral murals adorning her salon walls reflects Traci’s core philosophy that using natural, organic products are not only kinder to our hair, but also safeguard and benefit our overall health. “People with skin problems, cancer worries, or people who just want to look beautiful without resorting to toxic products of questionable origin, this is the salon for them.

Our point of difference is that here you get the complete certified organic package – our gorgeous hair colours are 100 percent plant based, and the majority of our products are 100 percent vegan. None of our products are animal tested, and all packaging is 100 percent biodegradable and sustainable.”



Open Tuesday to Saturday in the hip new hub of High Street, isn’t it time you treated your hair to a whole lotta love?

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Earth Organic Hairdressing

Eco-styling: Earth Organic Hairdressing aims to keep hair AND the planet beautiful

Creating beautiful hair in a vibrant, welcoming oasis on High Street, Earth Organic Hairdressing is an eco-friendly salon with a focus on sustainability. “Our aim was to have as small a footprint as possible,” says owner, Traci Aylmer.

Earth Organic Hairdressing
From the styling stations to the skirting boards, the salon furnishings were beautifully handcrafted by Traci’s husband Ollie, using recycled timber from earthquake-damaged buildings

From the styling stations to the skirting boards, the salon furnishings were beautifully handcrafted by Traci’s husband Ollie, using recycled timber from earthquake-damaged buildings. The carefully selected organic product ranges and hair colours consist of Angel Du Provence, De Lorenzo and Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi collection. “We wanted to keep everything authentic to the image we are creating and really care what goes into the products we use.”

Traci hired talented Kiwi artist Flox to paint the walls with stunning botanicals – an array of beautiful natural properties used in the hair products, such as lavender, ginger, aloe vera and mint.

Originally from Brighton, England, Traci has been in the industry her entire life. She fell in love with New Zealand five years ago when travelling with her family and opened Earth Organic in December last year. Through word of mouth referrals, Traci’s clientele grew so quickly she now leads a team of three to keep up with demand – two experienced senior stylists, Caitlyn and Hannah, and a talented apprentice, Alice. “My staff are wonderful and we all have a strong commitment to keeping up with the latest trends and techniques.”
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