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Dux De Lux

An iconic anniversary: Dux De Lux

Christchurch has some iconic places that resonate amongst us. Dux De Lux is possibly the definition of this and has been a core part of Christchurch life since 1978, starting on the ground floor in the Arts Centre, before expanding into a bar in 1987 Live music, coffee and fresh fruit juice, yes fruit juice, were unique selling points back then.


Dux De Lux




Oh how far we have come. and it’s amazing to think that we are celebrating the 40th anniversary this month. It’s hard to think of Christchurch hospitality over those years not having the Dux as a core part of its hospitality fabric. It’s where the likes of Salmonella Dub and Shapeshifter got their start. It’s where Bic Runga was found by Sony Music and The Feelers by Warner. Dux was a hotbed of New Zealand music right in our own backyard.

Recognising there was a need for beer that was a bit different, the team started selling European styles. In 1989 Richard Sinke had a craft brewery humming along just as America was having its craft beer renaissance and well before it took off here.
The year 1990 saw its move away from a purely vegetarian menu to incorporating seafood, which has become such a staple in Dux Dining now and something the restaurant is well recognised for doing well at. I remember the moment I sat down for a fantastic Mexican dish which became a prime motivator in my career as a chef.


“We’re extremely excited to see what the vibrancy and life will look like in Christchurch in 10 years.”

So many of us have a Dux story to share. How many of us enjoyed the courtyard next to the Arts Centre on a balmy afternoon to meet friends or family over pizza and a pitcher of Ginger Tom, protected from a ghastly southerly or easterly wind?
Richard Sinke is proud of what he’s achieved over the years, but as he says, “Dux’s future is tied to Christchurch. We’re extremely excited to see what the vibrancy and life will look like in Christchurch in 10 years.”

Yes, our future in Christchurch is exciting, but I think it’s great to look back on the milestone that is Dux de Lux on its 40th anniversary and congratulate the business on not only surviving in such a challenging industry, but becoming the iconic gamechanger that it has been over the years. It has shaped what we’ve come to expect from hospitality in Christchurch. Here’s looking at you Dux De Lux. Cheers for the memories.




Terrace Tavern

Triumph at the Terraces: checking out Dux De Lux Group’s latest venture Terrace Tavern

I recently joined Richard Sinke and Lisa O’Brien Sinke, owners of the Dux De Lux Group, for a chat – and a taste – of the new Terrace Tavern at 134 Oxford Terrace, the area once known as ‘the strip’.

Terrace Tavern

The style of TT reminded me of a great mid-west bar and restaurant. Straying far from the standard restaurant fare, the menu features the likes of crayfish ravioli, Kaikoura octopus, crispy zucchini, Wakanui beef short rib and truffle fries.
The Dux Deluxe brought fresh vegetarian food to Christchurch, but the TT has extended its range of vegetarian and fish to include meat. “That was then, this is now,” Richard says. “We don’t want to exclude anyone now. Even though Lisa and I are vegetarian, we want to provide an all round great place to eat.”
BBQ Chef extraordinaire Tristan Anderson is creating something pretty special in the kitchen with ‘Beatrice’, the real wood BBQ which uses pure oak. “We’re keeping it real in the kitchen and bringing fire to the food with a great range of fresh steak and meat options every day. I’m always looking for opportunities to challenge the customers but keep them happy.”
‘South Pacific bistro, from the sea, plains and alps. It’s local food with a twist’, the menu states. With the true BBQ flavour Beatrice brings and the team’s eye for food, beverage and service, it’s so good to see some heart retuning to such an iconic area of the Garden City.
The Sinke family have added a “Barsterant” – their word not mine – to the central city’s ‘must-trys’.