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New Zealand’s most luxurious sleep: Dreamwool Beds

With summer just around the corner, the thought of beautiful, long warm days is an exciting thought, but for many, it also comes with the prospect of hot sleepless nights.



The good news is you can now say goodbye to waking up all hours in a lather and positioning fans around your bedroom to keep you cool.

Local company Dreamwool Beds really has thought of everything. “It’s all about controlling the bed micro-climate and that starts with the mattress and then what goes on top of the bed. We can help you with both,” owner David Henderson says.

For more than 40 years, the Henderson family has been perfecting the design of premium handmade mattresses, creating a specialist product featuring a thick layer of 100 percent natural merino wool designed for climate control. “We offer New Zealand’s most luxurious sleep.”

When it comes to their much-loved mattress products, Dreamwool sleep systems use the advancements in technology and a combination of pure merino wool, natural latex and micro-coils for breathability.

This all helps provide comfortable support without pressure. The mattresses are anti-static, dust repellent, and the natural probiotic fabric treatment uses no harmful chemicals. “Our mattresses are natural and have no hot foams or synthetic fillings that would hold the heat,” David says. “And they’re on flexible slat beds, rather than box bases.”

To add to the luxurious sleeping experience, Dreamwool Beds also has bedding options available that can help even the hottest sleepers experience a more refreshing sleep.

This season they’ve introduced a range of German-engineered Tencel Mattress Protectors, made with cellulose natural fibre. The Tencel fibre absorbs moisture to store it at night and emit it into the environment during the day, therefore providing a comfortable, dry and healthy sleeping environment keeping dust mites, bacteria and odours out.

For a more low-tech but equally beneficial alternative, they offer organic cotton mattress protectors, which their customers love.

Another European product on offer is a range of summer blankets, designed for a refreshing sleep during hot summer nights as they’re cool to the skin.

Made from Tencel and cotton, they have lovely drape-ability, and are weighted so hot sleepers can still feel the comfort of being covered by a beautiful soft blanket, yet enjoy the benefits of the sophisticated climate control concept of Tencel that ensures pleasant temperatures and a dry sleeping environment. The summer blanket range comes in six colour options.

Also available are resort-quality organic cotton sheets, which come in white or silver and are especially good for deep mattresses.

For more information, visit the Dreamwool Beds showroom at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, search, or call 0800 753 754.




Invest in a good night’s sleep: Dreamwool Beds

Gifted by Mother Nature from the sheep’s back to your back, merino is a miracle fibre. Imbued with the rugged beauty of New Zealand’s high country, created in icy temperatures, under the blue skies and sunshine, and within storms straight from the Southern Ocean, this material’s list of qualities can’t be beaten by anything created in a lab.



Every month brings more bad news about the effect of synthetic material chemicals on our health and environment. With a third of our lives spent in bed, we really need to know that our well-earned rest is doing us good, rather than just the opposite.

At Dreamwool Beds, David Henderson knows that the natural fibre of New Zealand’s own merino is the key to a night’s rest that is not only extremely comfortable, but healthier and good for the environment too. “Imagine the peace of mind of jumping into bed at the end of the day, knowing you’re sleeping on something natural, rather than a bed full of stuff other manufacturers might prefer you didn’t know about,” says David.

While once every bed manufacturer used Sample Boxes, clear display units showing the layers within a mattress, these have largely disappeared. Not so at Dreamwool, where David is very proud to display mattress composition – without you having to ask.

A queen size Dreamwool mattress contains 5–7.5 kilograms of merino wool, bringing its innate qualities of breathability, natural heating and cooling, wicking away of moisture, strength and resilience, odour resistance, quick drying, and static resistance. You just won’t beat that list with a 21st century techno fibre whose name ends with “…tex” or “…max”.

“You get superior control of the bed’s microclimate,” David says. “Your sleeping temperature is more constant and the fibre density of merino wicks away excess vapour before it forms into perspiration on your skin.”

Music to the ears of those suffering the dreaded night sweats, a reduction in dampness also minimises the environment for dust-mites – great news for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. “The built-in merino mattress topper zips off for simple airing and cleaning too,” David says.

The balance of the streamlined European-style mattresses is microcoils that allow air to pass through, and natural rubber latex. Then create a bespoke mattress choosing springs for a softer feel, or selecting from three densities of latex. Airflow is further enhanced because sides and bottom are not foam encased, and Dreamwool’s flexible slat bed system works in conjunction with the properties of the mattress.

Designing the mattresses himself, David says he “enjoys creating top quality products that make a big difference to people’s lives”. He could easily copy other products but that’s not what the brand is about. “I’m constantly aiming to increase the level of comfort.”

Begin your fresh start at Dreamwool, open Monday to Saturday (they’re sleeping on Sundays) with parking at the door. “Your best investment in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep.”



Better Sleep Solutions: Dreamwool Beds

If you find you’re often waking at night clammy and perspiring in an overheated bed, the cause could be that your mattress is of a synthetic composition.



“We hear many complaints about people having really uncomfortable sleeps with their new mattress,” Dreamwool Beds owner David Henderson says. “Initially it’s good, but two to three hours later, this great wall of heat rises beneath them and it doesn’t get any better through the night.”

Natural product is used both in the filling and the comfort layers of Dreamwool mattresses, which gives better control of the micro-climate in the bed, due to the aeration within the mattress. New models, the Paradise and Revolution, have thumb-nail sized micro-coils inside them which lift the body, resulting in more air being passed through the bed.



For women going through menopause, night sweats impede a good night’s sleep. David has received comments from a number of women who’ve said their quality of rest has become significantly better (due to the mattress remaining cooler and dry) since switching to one of his beds.

“Our move to merino has enhanced sleep comfort even further. Our top-line Queen size beds run at over 7.5kgs of merino wool. Other beds on the market may have around 500 grams of wool – so naturally, that huge difference is going to impact on the sleeping experience. And that’s the word I want to emphasise – experience – because to sleep on one of our mattresses is an experience,” David says.



There are two choices of mattress support – pocket spring and natural latex. With the aid of a see-through sample box, customers can see precisely how each mattress is layered with its natural components. The mattresses sit on European flexible slat frame beds, which provide the best in comfort, but also give ventilation under the bed and through the mattress.

“The lighter frame doesn’t take up space visually, unlike big box bases; the beds look finer, so you have that pared down ensemble. It’s very much that ‘less is more’ take on design,” David says.



With a flexible slat frame, each side of the bed can be customised, allowing for that all-important flexion of shoulder and hip. The showroom is airy and uncluttered. Colour coded blankets – blue for a firm mattress, lime for a medium, and lilac for a soft mattress – allows customers to try all the beds at their leisure.

“Once we’ve explained the blanket colour codes, we often find customers literally rolling from one mattress to another to find their perfect bed; we make buying beds easy!” David laughs.

Find Dreamwool Beds at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, freephone 0800 753 754 or 03 343 5105 and email or visit


Sweet Dreams: Dreamwool Beds

As we embrace the warmer weather and dream about the balmy days of summer ahead, the downside of scorching hot days, can be sleepless nights in bed.


Dreamwool Beds


Many people can become quite uncomfortable in summer at night as they are too hot in their beds, so they just can’t get to sleep,” says Dreamwool Director David Henderson, who can provide the best solution to ensure a consistent, comfortable slumber. Specialising in natural, breathable mattresses and bedding – no glues, foams or polyester fillings are used – only New Zealand wool, spring systems from Denmark and quality Vietnamese latex. “We also provide cotton and Tencel based fabrics, which are known for their breathability.”

He says the reason mass-produced factory beds generate so much heat is because they are full of synthetic, man-made products, such as polyester, foam and gel. “Dreamwool is all natural and breathable. We use 2.5kg of Merino wool per square metre, which provides a buffer underneath the body to allow the air to circulate, keeping you at a constant and more even temperature throughout the night.”
Wool also makes a drier bed, is anti-dust mite and anti-microbial – and of course, the flipside to keeping you naturally cool in the summer, is keeping you naturally warm in the winter. “You can’t sleep if you’re too hot or cold.” Manufactured on site and made to order, the mattresses provide for firm, medium, or soft support, customised to body weight and contouring to each partner.

The range of Dreamwool Underquilts enhances the cooling effect, with one option featuring tiny micro-coils, within temperate-controlling wool layers. The springs act like tiny balloons lifting the body, allowing air to circulate, keeping the bed cool and dry. The company’s European flexible slat bed systems also provide more comfort, by allowing air to pass under the bed. An important point to consider when purchasing a beautiful, handmade Dreamwool mattress, David says, is the right mattress protector. “An organic mattress protector allows the bed to breathe, rather than wrapping it up with a plastic mattress protector, which makes everything hot.”

A true family business, David’s father bought it in 1974, renaming it around the millennium to reflect the transition from entry level to a top end wool-based product. David is hands-on in the Sydenham showroom, where customers are also welcomed by Nicky.


Visit Dreamwool Beds Ltd, 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, phone 03 343 5105 or visit


Dreamwool Beds

A site for SLUMBER: Dreamwool Beds

“Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care,” wrote Shakespeare. He was right. Sleep is a physical necessity allowing both the body and the mind a chance to recover and repair themselves after the stresses of the day so you wake refreshed and recharged. Adequate sleep is just as important for your health as eating well and exercising.

Dreamwool Beds
The best investment in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep

David Henderson of Dreamwool Beds says, “The best investment in tomorrow is a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately too many of us are missing out on that. There are simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your chances of getting a good night’s rest and one of these is to choose the best bed you can. We spend about a third of our lives in bed so it’s vital to invest in one that gives you the comfort and support that is right for you and your lifestyle.”

The beds at Dreamwool Beds use no synthetic materials – no glues, foams or polyesters – only New Zealand wool, Australian fabrics, pocket spring systems from Denmark and quality latex. “Wool makes for a drier bed; it’s anti-dust mite and anti-microbial, as well as being naturally cool in summer and warm in winter. We have been making our beds for 40 years using New Zealand wool from Perendale and Southdown sheep. Now we are using only 100 percent merino wool. Everyone knows the quality and luxury of merino in clothing. That’s what you get in our mattresses. They are exceptionally comfortable and supportive and we are the only bedding company that uses merino.”

Dreamwool Beds

David explains that merino is lighter and finer than other wools and very springy, allowing his company to put a greater density of wool into their mattresses. That means real benefits such as better comfort and insulation. “We have increased the amount of wool in each mattress by 25 percent with the queen size mattress now containing up to 7.5kgs of wool. And merino does not have that lanolin smell.”
There may be more wool in the merino mattresses, but they are still slim, fine and not bulky. The European-styled mattresses sit atop equally slim European-designed slat-system bases and visually they take up less bedroom real estate. “They are also very easy beds to make because of their design.”
Firm, medium or soft support can be customised to body weight and contouring to each partner. There are nine ranges from a basic model up to the Heaven, Paradise and Euphoria ranges. “All mattresses are manufactured onsite and made to order. There is no compromise on quality or performance across the ranges, just variation in comfort layers and spring systems. Customers can look forward to enhanced quality of sleep on our beds.”

Visit Dreamwool Beds Ltd’s new warm and bright showroom at 96 Disraeli Street, Sydenham. There is plenty of onsite parking. Phone 03-343 5105 or go to