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Quiz for a good cause

The ‘Dark Destroyer’ Shaun Wallace is heading to the city this month and it’s all for a good cause – or several good causes in fact.



After a chance encounter with Diabetes Christchurch Manager Lynne Taylor at his book launch earlier this year, Wallace agreed to attend the Diabetes Christchurch event for free.

Five Christchurch charities (including Diabetes Christchurch) will be involved in the quiz night on Wednesday 20 November. Each charity will be paired up with a local celebrity through a secret ballot system and the celebrities will compete against each other for the final victory.

Wallace has been a champion of the long running BBC general knowledge quiz Mastermind, a finalist on the first series of Are You an Egghead?, a contestant on Fifteen to One and The Weakest Link, plus the British adaptation of Greed. He’s been a celebrity contestant on Catchphrase and appeared as a guest in ‘Dictionary Corner’ on the Channel 4 gameshow Countdown.

Since 2009, he has been a ‘chaser’ on the UK television series The Chase. But to change things up from his usual ‘chasing’, Wallace – along with popular local musician Tim Beveridge – will be the one posing the questions to the well-known local celebrities at the Shaun Wallace Celebrity Charity Quiz Show.

Former Mayor Sir Bob Parker, Brett and Angel from ‘Married at First Sight – NZ’ and Metropol’s very own Editor, Melinda Collins, are some of the locals who will be vying for a win for the range of charities, which include The Christchurch Kidney Society, The Bone Marrow Cancer Trust and Age Concern Canterbury.

The proceeds made from the quiz will go to Diabetes Christchurch and the prize money to the winning charity.

The Shaun Wallace Celebrity Charity Quiz Show will be held at the La Vida Conference Centre, 34A Hansons Lane, Upper Riccarton.

Book now by calling 0800 224 224 or online at For more information on Diabetes Christchurch, visit



Melinda Collins

Editor’s Perspective: 7 November 2019

“Health is a crown that the healthy wear but only the sick can see it.” – Imam Shafi’ee


Melinda Collins
Melinda Collins


You hear about broken hearts all the time. What you don’t hear so much of are stories of broken pancreases.

The pancreas plays a pretty important role in the body, producing insulin which keeps blood glucose levels in check. November is Diabetes Action Month and Shaun Wallace, the Dark Destroyer himself, is heading to the city to lend his support to this very worthy cause (page 28).

Two of the most common forms of diabetes are Type 1 and Type 2. For Type 2 diabetics – the most common type – their bodies don’t effectively utilise insulin. For Type 1 diabetics, their bodies no longer produce insulin. An autoimmune condition that has resulted from one’s immune system over-compensating its attack on a virus, Type 1 diabetes is a lifelong condition, for which there is no cure. And, from first-hand experience, I can tell you this makes for one crazy rollercoaster ride!

I have some pretty clever gadgets which make the journey a more palatable one, including a continuous glucose metre (CGM) that reads my blood sugars 24/7 and this is connected to an insulin pump, both are attached to my stomach at all times.

They’re a bit like having an accountant do your taxes; you still need to feed the accountant the right numbers or you will end up in a world of hurt, but they take the pain out of the job – quite literally when it comes to blood testing!

So, while you hear about people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, now you can say you know of someone who wears their pancreas on their hip.