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COVID-19’s impact on residential housing: Designer Homes

The world is going through a period of radical change with the arrival of COVID-19 and the economic impacts will be far-reaching. We caught up with Designer Homes Executive Director of Marketing Ajit Kumar about the effect of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s residential housing market.



Ajit, how does the situation look for purchasing property at the moment?

From data published by QV, we know that residential house values are increasing in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown, and property investments are still more popular than bank investments.

Current interest rates offer little reward for retaining cash investments and property is still considered a safe bet that doesn’t experience large down-swings, even during a recession or a pandemic.

What would your advice be to first-time home buyers?

The same advantages still apply – you avoid paying rent and capital gains secure your future.

Plus, you can’t beat the autonomy of owning your own home, avoiding the interference of a landlord.

As per a recent report released by Trade Me Property, first home buyers are flooding the property market to take advantage of low interest rates and the Reserve Bank scrapping LVR restrictions.

What is your take on getting into property as a new investor?

Examine your investment time-frame. Property looks to be a solid investment option if you are looking at an 8-10 year horizon.

Even taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Zealand property market seems to be comparatively better compared to other sectors: home loan rates are low and expected to reduce, while the current global uncertainly means Kiwis abroad might return to their roots, and either buy or rent, so there is an opportunity for investors to benefit.

How is Designer Homes placed to help with decisions about property investment?

We’ve been established since 2016 with our head office in Christchurch and our branch office in Auckland.

Since our inception we’ve had just one goal: to create affordable, innovative homes that reflect customers tastes and the way they live their lives.

What advantages can Designer Homes offer a first or second home buyer or investors?

You choose from a range of very affordable packages – house and land, or house only.

With Designer Homes as the central stakeholder, customers have a say in the architectural style of their home.

Emphasis on quality materials means the home will still look superb thirty years from now.

There is total flexibility in colour palettes, and you can access your construction status from anywhere using your unique I.D.

Select customers get Smart Home Options at no additional charge.

We also offer amenities like central air conditioning, and clients specify interior corners, facilities, ceiling, washroom and kitchen utilities.

We are handling 35 residential projects in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown and we would love prospective clients to view our work.

For more details please get in touch on


Unique approach to home design: Designer Homes

Designer Homes (DH) Senior Executive, Ajit Kumar, says it’s been interesting to follow the evolution of architectural designs over the last decade. Prior to then, New Zealand homes tended to be of one architectural influence – such as Victorian, English cottage, Greek Neoclassical, Cape Cod, Ranch and Spanish – but a far different approach to home design has since taken root and is flourishing; the finest examples of which can now be seen gracing our landscape up and down the country.

“We don’t see singular architectural designs in New Zealand any longer,” Ajit says.

“Today’s homes are about reflecting the lives of the people living in them. Our designs are client-driven because it’s paramount we meet their needs and requirements.”

Ajit says the typical New Zealand family home of 2020 might be a design that’s a blend of influences and styles – be it European, Asian or American – reflecting their cultural heritage and experience.

“For example, a client might request a kitchen reminiscent of kitchens in India, to give that touchstone of familiarity, as well as function and purpose, but the rest of the plan may well be something that has a ‘Kiwi feel’ to it, which complements and completes the overall design seamlessly.”

With a DH build, clients can choose from either their single level or double level plans and, with a template of pricing based on three build categories – Standard, Grande and Luxe – it makes for a straightforward and simple process when it comes to budget parameters.

Proud to uphold their motto that they build homes literally from the ground up, the team at DH follows an eight-step process (which can be viewed on the website under Our Process), to ensure each project undertaken is a full and collaborative working relationship with clients to achieve their dream home, from the moment the site is chosen right through to build completion when the keys are handed over.

With the team currently working on five residential projects in Auckland and Christchurch, clients are assured that their build is in the hands of extremely competent, professional people whose knowledge on developing bespoke interiors and exteriors is rich and vast.

The underpinning philosophy of DH has always been the close link between the disciplines of architecture and interior design. Key to achieving a home that’s beyond ordinary is to plan the home that is timeless and survives design trends.

“Our homes are distinctive because they not only reflect the individuality of the people with architectural designs of their choice, but they’re also the most innovative in design and, with an attention to detail as to colours and materials, clients are assured their home will look just as superb 30 years from now as it does today,” Ajit says.


The benefits of customised homes: Designer Homes

It’s the same routine for most of us; get up, exercise, have breakfast, go to work, work, come home, make tea, go to bed, repeat. However, what about other commitments? Picking the kids up from school, weekly shopping, meeting clients and hosting functions? Let’s face it, when you arrive home at the end of a working day, you want your place of residence to soothe your fevered brow, not prolong your stress.





If you have poured your hard-earned cash into creating a home you have always aspired to reside in, you must expect it to reflect your tastes and be tailor-made to suit that busy lifestyle. In other words, you want to have the final say about all aspects of the build process. Many times, people who have been kept out of the loop by builders and contractors end up with a home which really isn’t them at all.

Happily, Designer Homes knows this, and is aware that you are the most integral part of their work. The team thinks of everything, including the amount of light and even whether to build on a slope to ensure your home’s location is warm and inviting. Basically, Designer Homes is a one-stop home customisation shop, putting your personal tastes as their first priority. In other words, every carpark, wardrobe, floor design and open-plan kitchen is built to your exact requirements.

Designer Homes works closely with you every step of the way, breaking down the build process and give you an accurate timeline from design to handing you the keys. This means you can focus wholeheartedly on making your future home reflect your tastes. The Designer Homes team of builders, designers and architects, with decades of combined experience, know their stuff inside and out. There is no project too big or too ambitious.




Designer Homes can cater to all tastes and cover all bases, rising to every challenge. If ending your day in a spa pool sounds like your idea of unequalled post work bliss, then Designer Homes can even help with that too. Before the job is done, the team allows you to inspect every aspect of their handiwork to make sure it meets with your approval.

Designer Homes is also fully embracing the future of home ownership, by providing you with the option of ‘Home Auto’, the latest in-home automation technology. Having your TV, security system and air conditioning system able to be operated from your phone, or your doors, lights and switches from your Wi-Fi, is a mountain of convenience.

Designer Homes was founded in 2016 by Rajesh Thakur, who has over a decade of experience in the design and construction industry. Thakur’s industry experience, coupled with his tightly knit team of building professionals, have gained Designer Homes a sterling reputation in providing so many with the residence of their dreams.




From the ground up: Designer Homes

Trends may come and trends may go, but when it comes to houses there’s nothing more arresting than the sight of a magnificent home.



Designer Homes (DH) is a Christchurch company dedicated to the construction of magnificent and captivating homes that showcase distinctive, superior quality interior and exterior design. Established in 2015 by Managing Director Rajesh Thakur, the DH team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every building project.

Currently overseeing five residential projects in Christchurch and Auckland, Rajesh implements an eight-step strategy on every project undertaken, which, undoubtedly, is the key to his success.

They are as follows:

  1. Selecting the site
    DH focuses on selecting the right site in terms of plot shape, lighting, slope, access to amenities and a good sewer system.
  2. Design & budget
    DH designs the ideal home based on client requirements and their budget. An additional consultation is available for any plan changes, or if the client decides to increase their budget.
  3. Making the plans
    Plans are put into an actionable timeline. DH architects recreate the plan with dimensions approved by the client. Feasibility of selected plot and building guidelines is thoroughly assessed, ensuring no delay in plans and revisions suggested by the client.

  4. Selecting the finishes
    From doorknobs to flooring to carpentry, collaboration between the client and the DH team is integral to achieving the dream home. DH encourages clients to choose finishes they will love, both now and into the future.
  5. Getting approvals
    From land approvals, government clearances, land use restrictions, required documentation – even through to sourcing the best-fit financing, the DH team guides clients in an advisory role to help make the process as seamless as possible.
  6. Managing the build
    The DH project team monitors site progress and changes, while ensuring all required tasks are carried out properly. The project manager maintains project control throughout the entire process, redirecting tasks as and when needed. The construction process is time-lined with a tentative completion date for each milestone reached; from floor-slab framing, walls, roof structure and roofing to external finishes, windows and doors, rough-ins and internal finishes.

  7. Checking the quality
    DH builders and project managers conduct a thorough inspection of the structural design and concrete mix, and evaluate if wall thickness, fixtures and finishing are as per the discussed and completed plan.
  8. Handing over the keys
    The client receives the keys to their beautiful, bespoke home.

    The underpinning philosophy of Designer Homes is that the disciplines of architecture and interior design form a close link; the truth of this can be more fully appreciated once their full showhome opens in Rolleston in the near future. Keep an eye out – you will be entranced.

    Find the office at 234 Main South Road, Hornby, phone 03 222 2344, 03 222 2345 or 0508 DHOMES, or email




Designer Homes

Homes with wow factor: Designer Homes

Christchurch home owners can now inject more ‘wow’ factor into their properties with help from Designer Homes.


Designer Homes


Specialising in textured wall painting and ceiling designs, interior designer Rajesh Thakur takes inspiration from the ornate designs he has seen around the world and is now bringing his creations to life in Canterbury. He is a strong believer that a home should reflect those who live in it and stand out from the crowd, all while offering the service at an affordable price. Whether you need a small job completed, or have a bigger project in mind, Rajesh and the team can help you think outside the box.

As an interior designer, he creates complete ceiling designs, while working with specialists in the craft from Jordan and India. While they’re a popular feature in European, US and Asian countries, he says there’s nothing of its kind yet here in New Zealand.
“We have a very vast range,” explains Rajesh. “We can customise designs, for example, in kids’ rooms we can incorporate mathematics, stars, moons and hearts; we have designs for different ages and different moods.”

Now based in New Zealand after years working in the design field in India, Designer Homes has so far completed five homes in Auckland, but Rajesh has chosen to base himself in Christchurch. Because of the local interest, he is now in the process of creating a full show home in Rolleston so people can visit, understand the products on offer and discuss any questions they may have. “We create homes with the ‘wow’ factor… so seeing is believing.”

During your own project, Rajesh can guide you through every step of the process, working alongside a passionate team of designers, planners, architects, painters and carpenters. They can assist with everything from floor planning, to remodelling and will meet you onsite for quotes and progress meetings.

So, if you’re bored of the standard designs on offer, or want to personalise your home with your own unique taste and flair, give Designer Homes a call today to discuss the many ideas on offer to give your home a brand-new makeover. The possibilities are endless.