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Finding fragrance: Fragranzi

Train your nose and develop your own signature scent at Christchurch’s new artisan perfumery. Fragranzi will offer a range of unique, in-house designed and manufactured fine fragrances and scented products when it opens in the Arts Centre on October 23.



The store will also offer a make-your-own experience in-store, workshops and courses in perfume making, consultation, and analysis services to train your nose like a professional perfumer.

Fragranzi is the latest innovation from distinguished chemical engineer Conan Fee who heads the University of Canterbury’s School of Product Design.

At Fragranzi, perfume customers can adjust the aroma of up to 20 fragrances from the in-house bases to make a 15ml, individually labelled, eau de toilette to treasure.

Or, book a guided design-and-make evening event to create an extra special scent for a wedding, significant birthday, or anniversary.

Conan can even customise a scent inspired by analysing loved but no-longer-available fragrances or existing fragranced products, and incorporate samples gathered from nature such as flowers and plant extracts.

More in depth courses will be available to train participants in the art and science of perfume making, so they can learn how to develop their own products.


Oat of the ordinary

Oats have long been a mainstay of the breakfast buffet, but now oat milk is adding to the lineup. Yes oat milk has joined the ‘dairy alternative’ hall of fame alongside almond, rice, soy, cashew and coconut milk, except it seems this new option is trying its best to inch ahead of the rest.

Consumers are choosing oat milk for many reasons: texture, allergies, sustainability and best of all, it makes the perfect partnership with coffee.

It’s hard to fault it really… it’s creamy in texture, has multiple nutrition benefits and is environmentally friendly to produce. Makes you feel like you’ve been drinking coffee wrong all this time, doesn’t it?

Made through harvesting steel cut oats, soaked in water, blended and strained, oat milk has especially been admired for being environmentally sustainable.

It uses the least amount of water during its production compared to other plant-based milks and oat milk has a small carbon footprint.

Heathline raves about it online stating that “it’s naturally free of lactose, nuts, soy and gluten (if made from certified gluten-free oats)”.

Great news for the nut and lactose intolerant amongst us, oat milk provides yet another alternative for their caffeine hit.

Next time you’re getting your morning coffee, ask the barista if they’ve got some oat milk; you might just be pleasantly surprised.