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Beauty from the inside, out

For the longest time, we’ve thought beauty was something we created externally. From lotions to potions, we would put it all on our skin in the hunt for that beautiful glow.

But local company QT is revolutionising the cosmetics industry; QT is about beauty from the inside, out. Welcome to the world of internal cosmetics, for both him and her.

Each of the innovative products has been developed with the perfect mix of world-class research, technological innovations, dedication, persistence, passion, family and commitment.

They utilise only the finest ingredients, that are 100 percent natural, ethically sourced and GMO Free – synergistically engineered for the most effective absorption into the body to deliver optimum results.

With QT, you can experience the magical transformation of a youthful, even skin tone. Restore elasticity, heal imperfections, and holistically support your metabolism and digestion, so you feel more energised with every scoop.

It’s youthful, flawless skin naturally.


Parris Goebel’s dance to the top

She’s danced her way from New Zealand across the world, working for the likes of Rhianna, J.Lo and Justin Bieber. Now she’s back – albeit briefly – to pay more than a little lip service to MAC’s latest campaign. We caught up with global superstar Parris Goebel about empowering women and that bold red lippy.


Photographer – Guy Combes | Styled by – Dan Ahwa | MUA – Melina Farhadi | MAG – Viva – The New Zealand Herald

Last year was pretty epic for you, being tasked with helping create Rihanna’s show at New York Fashion Week, you were named as New Zealand’s entertainment and cultural curator for Expo 2020 in Dubai, and you were personally recruited by Jennifer Lopez to choreograph her highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime show before being recognised in the 2020 New Year Honours list for services to dance. What does 2020 have in store for you?

I have just signed with IMG New York so will be doing a lot more work in fashion.

Lots of work with various artists on their events throughout the year.

The big project for me is starting to work on my movie Murder On The Dance Floor which is very exciting and going to take most of 2020.

It was back in 2012, when a YouTube clip of you caught J.Lo’s eye, resulting in her asking you to choreograph for her world tour. Not many people can say J.Lo was their first real boss… How incredible was it to get to reconnect with her for her Super Bowl halftime show?

It felt like the world had spun 360° to be able to work with her on such a big moment in her career.

She is such a professional and works hard to put the best show on she can.

We get on so well and she trusts me and loves what I create. It was a highlight to be back working with her again.

Your list of accolades and accomplishments is growing by the month. What do you personally consider to be some of your career highlights?

Definitely opening my own studio ‘The Palace’.

We have had hundreds and hundreds of dancers come through our doors to be able to tour the world, dance for global superstars and enjoy a life through dance.

Doing 13 videos for Justin Bieber’s Purpose album was such a big challenge and it pushed me creatively and physically with the short time frame to shoot all the videos in.

Sorry made such an impact around the world.

Working with Rihanna is always special.

What we created for her SAVAGE X FENTY show in New York was special and such a statement for all women around the world and talked about self-love and believing in yourself.

You’ve been a fan of MAC Cosmetics’ iconic Ruby Woo lipstick since you first purchased it at 15… now you’re the face of their latest campaign. How exciting is that?

I was honoured to be a New Zealander on a New Zealand campaign.

I love MAC and we have a great relationship so was excited to be the face of the campaign.

What do you love about a bold red lippy?

Any lippy makes you feel like a real woman.

How important is it for you to be a role model for young women to be courageous, empowered, independent and to grab life by the lapels?

It is very important to me to instil self confidence in all young women.

Being Polynesian, having curly hair and being curvy growing up meant I didn’t have role models to look up to in mainstream media.

I want all young women to know they are all individually beautiful and can achieve anything in life if they set their mind to it.

Along with my two sisters we have created Sisters United which is all about empowering our young women,

What was it that first attracted you to dancing and choreography?

It’s all I remember doing as a young child. I was brought up with music playing all the time and I love to dance. It was my destiny.

What’s the best part about what you get to do?

I get to do something I love to do each day.

When someone gets big, from the outside it looks like overnight success. How much time, passion, hard work and sheer determination went in behind the scenes?

Overnight success takes 10 years.

I worked non-stop from the age of 17 years old and sacrificed so much to get to where I am today.

Nothing comes easy and you have to be willing to work hard, be passionate and be focused to achieve your goals.

What would your biggest piece of advice be to someone who wants to take themselves to the next level, whether it is professionally or personally?

Be you – to be unique and be true to yourself.

There is only one of each of us on this planet so don’t follow the crowd and just be you.


QT internal cosmetics

A Cosmetic Revolution: QT internal cosmetics

With sales figures growing 460 percent in a month, you’d forgive the Christchurch creators of QT internal cosmetics, QT Belle, QT Beau and Encore for resting on their laurels, enjoying the accolades and surfing the rising wave of their cosmetic revolution, while leaving early adopters to shout from the rooftops about just how effective these products are for improving hair, skin and nails, reversing fine lines and wrinkles.


QT internal cosmetics


But no exoneration is needed, because the innovators at QT are so confident in the powers of their product, they have proceeded to enlist 150 ordinary Cantabrians to become evangelists for their product. Confident that every participant will go on to spread the good word, Marketing Manager Callum Stewart organised the ‘30-Day Challenge’.

The George Hotel hosted the volunteers who received a month’s supply of products. They were asked what they would like to improve with their skin and will rate their changes at the end of the challenge. The participants receive ongoing tips and advice on nutrition, skin, hair, exercise and motivation and they can share pics of their progress on a closed Facebook page. QT is excited to show you the evidence – the recorded results and before and after pics will feature in Metropol on completion of the challenge.

Become part of the QT crusade at and follow QT on Instagram and Facebook. You can buy QT Belle, Beau and Encore online, at the NZ Nutritionals factory shop in Sheffield Crescent and the range is coming soon to premier department stores and beauty counters around New Zealand.



Natural cosmetics

The good stuff: seeking out cosmetics that are good for the body and soul

Natural, preservative-free and organic are the buzz words of the culinary world, as we increasingly seek foods which are equally as good for our bodies as they are for our planet. Yet it’s not just our food which is getting the natural makeover, as we seek safer and simpler products to fill up our bathrooms.

Natural cosmetics

Clean, green and organic are just some of the terms that have crossed the culinary divide and made their way into mainstream makeups with, even more surprisingly, vegan and gluten-free also making an increasing appearance on cosmetic packaging, alongside fragrance-free and paraben-free.
Thankfully, New Zealand and Australia are proud homes to some pretty powerful players in the natural beauty space, including Plantae and Ethique.
And it’s not just the ingredients list that these top talents are taking more responsibility over, with brands such as the Goodness range of skincare products and Christchurch’s own Lauren & Louise makeups choosing to source and supply only cruelty-free products.
Germany was first to this consumer consciousness party, banning animal testing in 1986 and, by 2009, the entire European Union had joined in. Since then, Israel, India, Norway, New Zealand, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and parts of Brazil have all banned cosmetic testing on animals. We’ve roped Australia in too, with the country now committed to banning all cosmetic animal testing by July 2018.

Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor

Brow Queen takes salons by storm: how micropigmentation specialist Pip McGregor is now making waves in the cosmetics industry with her own brand Lauren & Louise

Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor is well known throughout the country for producing stunning eyebrows and now she’s set her sights on the New Zealand cosmetics industry. “Historically New Zealand salons have had it tough sourcing excellent product with healthy margins that clients love,” she says.

Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor
Micropigmentation specialist Pip Mcgregor

“It’s not enough to just sell a makeup anymore – makeup needs to be good for the skin, outperform pharmacy and retail brands for wear and pigment density and, really importantly, consumers are becoming far more socially responsible – makeup now needs to be cruelty free.”
Two years ago, frustrated by trying to find a brand to stock in her own successful Christchurch clinic Making Faces, Pip decided to create her own collection. The brand Lauren & Louise was titled over a glass of wine using Pip’s middle name – Lauren – and her collaborator and makeup artist Tammy’s middle name – Louise.
It took two years to finalise the collection, which is sourced predominantly from New York and Australia. “We tried hundreds of formulations from multiple high-end cosmetics manufacturers around the world and we couldn’t be happier with the final collection – our stockists’ feedback has been fantastic.”

Other than the manufacturing, Pip has been dedicated to sourcing New Zealand suppliers wherever possible. “I love that some of our suppliers are literally two minutes away. During the development stage I felt like I was seeing our packaging and branding experts every other day. The team at Pakworld did an amazing job, as did Spectrum Print and Riana Bennett from Ree Design, who also helped with our entire marketing image and print material. Another award-winning Christchurch business we worked with was Mint Design – they were integral in helping us with our online presence. We are asking New Zealand hair and beauty salons to support local, so it’s important we are walking the walk too.”
The new season’s 37 eyeshadow and pigment pots launching this month also tell a story and personalise the journey of the brand. To name a few there is Tawny Tammy, Samtastic Bronze (after Pip’s fantastic receptionist), Nelliata (after Pip’s best friend and Lauren & Louise National Sales and Marketing Manager Shanelle) and even a holographic fuschia named after Pip’s daughter’s colourful Nanny, Deborah. “Without these people Lauren & Louise wouldn’t exist so it’s just a small recognition of thanks and that they too are part of this awesome brand.”
For more information or to become a stockist, email

The Lauren and Louise range
The Lauren and Louise range