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The Dynamic Duo

Two of the top dogs of the dental world are teaming up to bring you a service like no other. Richard Greenlees from Lovebite and Dr. David Kao from Christchurch Boutique Dental are trailblazers in their field and it is safe to say they make quite the pairing – certainly one worth smiling about.



But to appreciate them as a team, you must first delve into who these professionals are individually.

Richard is a master dental technician who has people coming to see him from all over the world to have work done.

He recently was inducted into the Oral Design Group which consists of 80 hand-picked individuals around the globe.

On the other hand, Dr. David is a highly skilled dentist and one of the only people in the country in dentistry, who works under a microscope.

His forte is complex reconstructive procedures and he takes on referrals from dentists around the country.

For two people who are so used to being highly observant and precise, their meeting was rather serendipitous.

Dr. David travels around the world to find master technicians who can deliver the quality and precision he is looking for.

After years of visits, Dr. David was asked by one of the technicians he worked with “Why do you travel halfway around the globe when you can work with Richard Greenlees from Christchurch?”.

The pair use the latest technology, make everything in New Zealand and do not outsource their work to other countries; to give every patient the best result on the market.

A partnership like this is worth every praise as Richard explains, “The fact that we are working so closely together, is the best way to get a result.

No one else is doing that in the country; we really work on a one-on-one basis”.

The team work with patients who have lost all of their teeth or even those who need implants in the upper and lower jaw.

They completely replace their teeth with varying options from dentures that are clipped onto the implants to full Zirconia.

With any surgery that takes place, David proudly says “Everything that we do here is pre-planned digitally.

We take a full digital scan of the patients mouth and combine it with their CT scan.

So, we can place implants virtually on the computer, exactly where we would want it and then mould a guide.

We can then use that guide to direct the implant”.

Precision is key in what they do, this leaves room for next to no errors and ensures that every patient is getting a product that is tailored specifically for them.

Both parties have a shared interest in working to the highest possible standard and creating the most natural appearance that they can get in the mouth.

“Back in the day, people would approach it from a functional sense,” David explains. “Nowadays, we look at how it is going to appear first; what it’s going to look like.”

With a smile on both of their faces, Richard says, “We don’t want to be the biggest; we don’t want to be the cheapest, we just want to be the best”.

In practice, they are following the DCNZ guidelines for COVID. You can see either of these professionals for an initial consultation.

For more information phone Dr. David on 03 925 9929 or Richard on  03 379 1222.


Dentists with a Difference

Fast becoming leaders in their field, we asked Christchurch Boutique Dental why they stand out from the rest.



What’s your point of difference?

We do everything in-house.

From general dentistry to complex procedures, such as implant surgery, complex root canals, cosmetic gum surgery, Botox and fillers.

Procedures are done under a microscope; with 30 times the magnification, we can work on things not visible to the human eye.

Also, because of our expertise, we’re able to offer patients a more holistic treatment plan that covers all of the bases.

The clinic has a bright, spacious vibe. How did you get it so right?

Our vision was for a dental clinic that gives a positive, uplifting experience, in which the needs of our patients are paramount, from their initial one-hour bespoke consultation through to their final appointment.

What about your fees?

We’ve structured our fees at an affordable level, with a view to stabilising the dental condition.

We build a solid foundation for dental health at a very reasonable price.

Your fillings have a 10-year warranty! How does this happen?

We utilise the first teaching in dentistry – the rubber dam.

The dam isolates moisture from the patient’s mouth; combined with the precision of the microscope, we can perfect our procedures from every level.

Without the dam, the tooth will never be restored to its full potential.

Find Christchurch Boutique Dental at 105 Wainui Street, Riccarton Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm. Phone 03 925 9929


Pamper your smile: Christchurch Boutique Dental

Does having an enjoyable experience at the dentist seem like an alien concept? Too many of us are still likely to be apprehensive about our visits to the dentist, but one Christchurch practice aims to make that fear a thing of the past.



You can’t help but relax the moment you walk through the door at Christchurch Boutique Dental. The reception area is light, bright and comfortable with couches and easy chairs. It’s an atmosphere more like a spa or a hotel than a dental practice. “We want our patients to feel pampered and to look forward to their dental visits,” says dental surgeon Dr David Kao.

The pampering extends to the clinical expertise offered by the practice. Dr Kao has dedicated his clinic to making high-end dentistry affordable. He has a passion for the precision of microscope-enhanced treatments that are minimally invasive for the patient and that deliver the best possible results. “Using an operating microscope allows dentistry to be performed on a level that was previously unheard of.”

Christchurch Boutique Dental is one of a kind in other ways too. It is the only practice in the country that offers not only general dentistry, but the full range of advanced dentistry specialities as well – orthodontics, complex root canals, surgical wisdom tooth extraction, implants and gum grafts. “We go the extra mile to ensure our treatments are tailored to our patients’ needs and that our care changes their lives.”

Find Christchurch Boutique Dental at 105 Wainui Street, Riccarton. Phone 03 925 9929 or email