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You got us floored

When it comes to the home, flooring is something you spend a lot of your time cleaning, walking on, dancing on and (if you’re brave) sliding across. We check out what we’ll be walking on in 2020.



HORIZONTAL WHO? Having horizontal wood piece flooring is feeling all a bit plain Jane nowadays. Break the conventional side by side look by laying out your pieces in unique patterns. Those could be a herringbone or chevron pattern – each with their own quirks.

A PERFECT PAIRING: If you’re looking for more of a retro feel, black and white tiles might be the choice for you. The pattern designs available are endless and will fit nicely in a bathroom or kitchen.

WARNING…GRAPHIC CONTENT: This next recommendation is not for the faint of heart, in fact, it almost needs a warning sticker with it – graphic tiles! Yes, graphic tiles are a trend that any art lover can get behind with a wide and unique variety of patterns available.

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME: While bleaching hair at home might be possible… it’s probably not best to try the same technique when it comes to your flooring. While you should leave bleached flooring to the professionals, this softer white-washed wood is peaking in popularity.

In short, traditional materials and patterns are old news and when it comes to flooring, it’s out with the old and in with the new we say!


Utilising Valuable Space: Garage Carpet Pro

How much use do you get out of your garage in the colder winter months?



Ever thought about making the most of this valuable extra space by converting it into your own private gym or games room? Or maybe create a warmer place where you can escape the chill to work on hobbies and projects. Perhaps you have an outdoor sleepout or office that could be better converted into a much more productive space?

Since 2014, Garage Carpet Pro (a division of The Pro Group) has rolled out 215,000sqm of specialised carpet to create useable extensions in more than 6000 double garages. The Belgian product, made by one of the biggest carpet manufacturers in the world, turns cold concrete garage floors into cleaner, warmer spaces, with no more slippery tiles to worry about, or dust and dirt billowing throughout your home.

The space can be further protected from temperature extremes by insulating both the garage door and ceiling. A range of other flooring options are also available. Once you’ve installed the carpet and tidied up the area into the liveable, workable space you’d been hoping for, you can also check out their range of high-quality cabinets, shelving and wall mounted hanging systems to make sure everything remains perfectly organised and functional.

The Pro Group prides itself on quality service that is reliable and customer-focused, with the project personally managed by the franchise owner. For a no obligation free quote, phone Tim today on  027 349 0527, or visit


Warm your feet: Carpet Binders

With winter fast approaching, people begin to dread the feeling of walking on cold, hardwood floors. The team at Carpet Binders want you to warm your feet and your heart by enjoying the colder months with a professionally edged carpet square.




As a longstanding family business based in Christchurch that is highly respected amongst Canterbury’s carpet retailers, Carpet Binders is the only retailer in the South Island that offers a full suite of rug edging finishes, the woollen overlocking, narrow tape binding and the tassel fringing. Using their carpet edging service is useful when you don’t know what to do with extra carpet pieces after laying down new carpet, or if you need a custom sized rug for a specific space, let alone add comfort and warmth underfoot to a hard floor surface.

Carpet Binders has a pick-up and return delivery service for a nominal fee that services Christchurch and Canterbury, saving clients the time and hassle of loading their car which is not designed for carpet carrying. Team member Michelle MacWilliam reflects, “A lot of people work nine to five, so making it easier for our clients is a win–win for all concerned”. Profoundly deaf business owner, Richard Cassidy, draws on his 35 years to solve many customers’ needs, including handling large pieces of carpet that are up to 3.66 x 7.2m in size.

Phone team member Chris Goodwin to discuss your carpet binding needs or check out the comprehensive website which showcases why Carpet Binders are the carpet edging professionals. Phone 03 313 5026, 021 164 0938 or email