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The perfect fit: Via Sollertia Jewellers

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting milestone and there’s plenty to consider when making this significant decision.



Thankfully, the highly-skilled team at Via Sollertia Jewellers can help streamline the process, with handy tips, friendly service and expertise.

Before purchasing or having something special custom-made, it’s important to consider your stone choice. Diamonds and sapphires are known to be harder-wearing, but if you have another stone in mind, the setting design can be adjusted to suit for daily practicality.

Of course, the engagement is just the beginning, so it also pays to think ahead and factor in wedding and eternity rings that will fit together in the future.

The important thing is not to feel overwhelmed by the process, that’s where the Via Sollertia staff can help. It’s easy to overcomplicate the design and it becomes a chore, rather than the enjoyable experience it should be.

To discuss the best options for you, visit the 11 New Regent Street shop, or phone 03 366 8001.



Destination Honeymoon

The honeymoon; that blissful life event in both time and place, when you get to have your new spouse all to yourself.



Nowadays, honeymoons are an evolving rehash on tradition, to fit in with our unique and crazy lifestyles, and new possibilities the world has to offer. Nonetheless, they are best totally tailormade to each twosome.

One thing is for sure, ironically even the most spontaneous adventures are best well planned. Booking your honeymoon in advance is always the best adage. This is to take full advantage of lucrative flight deals, exclusive sought-after accommodation and perhaps that coveted honeymoon suite. To be assured of getting in to the resort which has the most azure waters, or the room with the best views, it’s the early bride and groom that gets rewarded. It’s one big important job out of the way too, while wedding frivolities are filling up the diary.

There is plenty of evidence to suggests that looking forward to a holiday is just as pleasurable as being on one! Have the travel wallet ready on the mantelpiece and start dreaming. The destination and budget may not be a problem, but time is increasingly of greater issue to couples. Mini-moons are bite-sized holidays, where you can snatch say a luxury three-day romance across the ditch, and then save the fortnight full-on safari for a year down the track. It is sure to keep the flames of love flickering.

If you have a ho-hum budget, lavish it up locally and go 5-star all the way, without the travel expense. You’ll be far too busy looking into each other’s eyes to notice the familiar scenery anyway. Just be sure you are tucked away from everyone you know. Also, many new resorts and hotels have amazing opening specials. You could nab a 5-star experience for a 3-star price. This is where a travel agent in the know can be a godsend.

Honeymoons can have another purpose, perhaps to learn a new skill or share a mutual passion or hobby, even one that got you together in the first place. Perhaps a culinary educational tour for foodies or a cycle adventure. Find a romantic city and immerse yourselves in every crevice of its art and culture scene. Or flee straight to where the snow is falling and ski your hearts out. Eco-based holidays are also a choice of heart.

What lures most couples though is sunny beaches where toes entwine in white sand – with frozen margaritas to cool off. Sigh. There are romantic clichés for a reason. Check out resorts that families are unlikely to flock to. Pick the quiet season, or a secret spot with no crowds. Choose a cruise that’s not a party ship – one where you can have the option of dining and reclining alone together under the full moon.

Don’t forget to tell everyone, from the airline to hotels and restaurants, that this is your honeymoon. You never know your luck; many people in the tourism industry are only too pleased to dish out the royal romantic treatment.

Occurring once in a blue moon, this is the holiday that you’ll be asked to talk about until the end of time. The photos will up there with the wedding pics. So, make it a magical, memorable one – or two.



Gown Guidance

The sentiment behind your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important aspect, but let’s be honest here, the bride’s entry is the moment that all in attendance are waiting for with baited breath. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or simply dreaming of your big day, finding the perfect dress is perhaps the biggest decision.



If you are planning your big moment and looking for some guidance on your gown, then look no further. Bridal Fashion Week has just hit the global runways, from Milan to New York and Paris to London and we’re delivering a beautiful overview of the must-have looks for 2019/2020.

One of the biggest trends to hit the runway was capes; the new and improved version of the traditional veil. Now, if this is something you may be into, look for a super elegant lace cape that just covers the shoulders paired with a long lace train; it is sure to give the allusion you are floating down the aisle.

One of the new – and most controversial – trends to catch the eye and imaginations of brides-to-be globally, is a touch of colour in the gown. While some designers are adding pastel tones like a soft pink or serene baby blue, others are going bold, adding red, deep purples and even yellow into the mix, perfect for the outgoing bride. Not feeling that brave? Keep the bold look for a second dress to slip into for the reception.

A new trend which is increasingly popular with the modern day bride is the ‘nude tattoo’; a white or nude tulle embellished lace which sits on the skin effortlessly, giving off a sophisticated, ‘tattoo’ effect. Another trend which ties in incredibly well to the nude tattoo trend is sleeves. Long, fitted, lace sleeves are ideal for early spring or late summer weddings when the breeze is still on the brisk side.

Exaggerated volumes and 1920’s inspo are definitely for the brides who aren’t scared to stand out. Whether it is the fringes, low waist, sequined look of the decade, or the flounces and multi-tiered tulle skirts that will have you feeling like a princess, adding a satin sash, a precious belt or even a brooch will help enhance your waistline. Any bride wearing these is bound to have fun on her wedding night.

With boho bridal on its way out, designers have stepped up the glam factor – and we’re not just talking layered skirts, ruffles and embellishments. Feathered frocks, plush details and plummage are taking to the aisle – after all, 2019 is all about the dramatic, the theatrical and the grand.

Lastly, if dresses or big puffy gowns are not your thing, one of the hottest tips to emerge from Fashion Week was co-ordinates; a skirt and top or even a suit eschews the classic design of the wedding dress and allows you to make a bold statement that will catch everyone’s eye – and attention.



Designed together to last forever: Via Sollertia

Planning a surprise marriage proposal but unsure of what style of engagement ring to choose? The team at Via Sollertia Jewellery have created a way to keep the proposal a surprise, but also ensure the ring is exactly what your partner wanted – The Nu Proposal.



Nu – French for nude – means the perfect diamond or gemstone is chosen and displayed inside an eco-friendly rimu ringbox for the proposal.

The next step: bring your new fiancé into Via Sollertia on New Regent Street to create a beautiful bespoke engagement ring together, designed around the selected gemstone, says manager Clare.

“We understand the pressure of finding a ring you know your partner will love, so we wanted to make it a little easier. When the couple comes in to see us, they are involved in every step of the process, from design through to completion.”

Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook.

Phone 03 366 8001 or visit 11 New Regent Street



Will you marry me?: Via Sollertia

Let’s face it, when it comes to proposals of marriage, nothing beats making it an unforgettable one. Who can resist the bended knee, the proffered ring and the view from atop the Eiffel Tower?



While it’s winter here, it’s summer over there, but you want this romantic getaway to be perfect – so you need to visit bespoke jewellers Via Sollertia at 11 New Regent Street!

Bring your thoughts and ideas to Clare and her dedicated team. They will craft and create that very special and unique ring that says everything about who you are as a couple and the love you share.

But even better, your beautiful ring comes with a bonus – it’s tax free! That’s a lovely surprise and incentive, isn’t it? So much so, that now you’re wondering about a gondola in Venice… or a beach in Bali… the Empire State building perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

Phone 03 366 8001 or visit



Tamed Tresses

Hunting for a hot hairstyle for your special day? Whether your dress is boldly bejewelled or sleek and simple, we’ve got the ‘do’ for you.



Your hair is your canvas – so why not decorate it? In 2019, we’re seeing statement hairstyles featuring bejewelled pins, barrettes, headbands and even tiaras and halos. A well-placed headpiece accentuates any simple hairdo – think sleek, straight locks or beachy waves held back by a pair of dainty barrettes or pins adorned with sparkles. A headband studded with pearls or a glittering tiara attached to a cascading veil makes for a look fit for a queen, as does a hair chain scattered with crystals.

The 2019 bridal year is welcoming nature-inspired crowns and hairpieces with open arms, from oversized floral headpieces to delicate leaves nestled into curls. Bridal catwalks are in full bloom, with recent shows from Rodarte, Alejandro Resta and Reem Acra bringing back faithful flower crowns in both delicate and bold silhouettes. Bridal hairstyles are also getting a whimsical touch of green, with delicate leafy hair accessories and horticultural halos proving popular too. Add a wild pop of colour to a traditional white ensemble or go for a more natural vibe by weaving vines into any classic updo.

Buns – they’re practical, versatile and above all, sexy and sophisticated. For a smooth and sleek bun that won’t unravel when you’re dancing the night away, we recommend using products that smooth strands and hold them in place. For a more romantic, carefree look, consider an undone chignon with trailing tendrils that frame your face – a perfectly chic ‘do’ that flawlessly complements any sleeveless gown. Elevate either of these looks with a minimalist wedding veil on a small comb and a pair of teardrop earrings – voilà!

Suitable for both the aisle and the after-party, a pretty ponytail might be your saving grace! Take your pick: will it be a polished pony high on your head or one with texture and volume that sits at the nape of your neck? Whatever your preference, 2019 sees countless variations – side swept, swept back, inverted… the list goes on. Too plain? A jewel-encrusted pin, a pearlescent headband or a pair of bedazzled barrettes is bound to dress it up.

Bridal braids are reigning supreme in the world of weddings, as spotted behind the scenes at Berta, Cymbeline and Suzanne Neville – romantic, classic, relaxed or bohemian, there’s a braid for every bride. Incorporating braided details into an updo is subtle way to add texture and detail, or if you’re feeling edgy, dramatic double braids might just be the answer. A braided crown is simply divine, especially when decorated with small flowers.


The Trend Report: Canterbury Bride

Getting married this year? Don’t worry, we have you covered with all the latest! Here are the top wedding trends for 2019 according to leading celebrity wedding experts.



  1. Ceremonial styling
    According to Colin Cowie, the party and wedding planner of choice for celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Seacrest and Kim Kardashian, we can expect to see more round ceremonies, eco-friendly weddings and, with that, we’ll likely see more vegan meal options. “Keep an eye out for the return of modern, contemporary, minimalist looks; this year, less is more. Out with the over-the-top floral walls and in with non-traditional florals composed of wheat or grass.”

  2. Bridal beauty
    Less is also more when it comes to bridal makeup, according to celebrity make-up artist Melissa Sassine. “What I mean by this is in the relation to the colour palette. Even though they want flawless long-lasting bridal makeup, they still want to look the best version of themselves, without overly dramatic eyes and harsh contours.” Her favourite bridal colour palette is neutral tones and light champagne shimmer on the eyes, fluffy lashes, natural bronzers to warm up the skin, soft highlighters, with pink/nude lustrous lips.

  3. Gorgeous gowns
    Using Bridal Fashion Week as our inspirational sounding board, we’re expecting to see plenty of bows, sparkles, statement sleeves, halter gowns, capes, touches of colour and multi-tiered dresses in coming months. According to celebrity couture designer who just debuted his collection at Paris Fashion Week, Alin Le’ Kal, we’re going to be seeing feathers floating down the aisles this year. “Designers are just loving feathers! It is going to be everywhere. Crystals and feathers, you can’t go wrong! I think we could possibly still see feathers in 2020.”

  4. Hot hair
    Bridal gowns are embracing bows this year and the love for bows doesn’t end there. Nicole Kidman’s hairstylist Kylee Heath, who has been trusted with the gorgeous locks of Margot Robbie, Sofia Vergara, Isla Fisher and Emma Roberts, suspects the ribbons and bows we’ve been seeing throughout award season will carry over to wedding hair. “I love the idea of a low ponytail with a ribbon tied in it or a bow to finish off the look,” she says.

    Meanwhile, Creative Director at Alan Buki Hair Tiffany Thurtell, who has worked on Miranda Kerr and Madonna’s hair, says hair accessories and ponytails are huge. “Hair throughout 2018 became so undone and relaxed giving a very bohemian vibe. Moving into 2019, hair is still looking relaxed with glossy loose waves. However, it is becoming more polished with a glam/luxe vibe.”

  5. Take the cake
    The famous and multi award-winning cake designer Faye Cahill predicts the trend of artistic and fun styles for 2019. “Think painted watercolour finishes, palette knife textures, fondant ruffles, drippy icing and abstract sculptures of chocolate and isomalt (a technical clear sugar). You will also find fun and optimistic cakes. “Following the announcement of Living Coral as the colour of the year, I think we will see a move away from dull neutrals to more vibrant hues.”


Silver/grey is the new black: V For Hair & Beauty Merivale

Going grey gracefully and letting yourself go… there is an enormous difference! In fact, according to Master Stylist Vicki Ogden-O’Fee from V For Hair & Beauty Merivale as seen on TV, you don’t have to be on the far side of 65 to be a ‘silver siren’!



Getting tired of the time and expense of getting hair coloured as soon as the greys show? Want to avoid the chemicals used to colour your hair? Perhaps you’re travelling more and don’t want to find a new hairdresser in every port you visit or maybe you’re ready to embrace your maturity and its natural beauty, now’s the time to rock your silver locks.

“Social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram feature women of all ages proudly wearing silver-grey hair with blending tones, soft shades and beautiful hues like sand, iris, silver, dove, lilac and silver ash – at all lengths too,” Vicki says. “Get inspired, search the net, talk to your stylist and have a change!”


Stepping Up: Canterbury Bride

Bridesmaids are stepping up the style this year! From bold colours to statement detailing, we’ve got the lowdown all the latest styles you can expect to see stepping into the spotlight in 2019.



  1. Sunny style
    Yellow is simply just magical isn’t it? This sunny colour appears to be trending everywhere in fashion as of late and it’s found its way into the world of weddings. Brighten up a dreary day or embrace warm weather with bright yellow dresses and complementing flowers and/or decorations. From pale buttercup yellow to deep golden mustard, there’s a shade for every maid.

  2. Wrapped up
    This simple, classic dress has been a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to its comfort, class, functionality and ability to flatter a multitude of figures, wrap dresses are certainly having a moment in the bridal spotlight. Elegant peaches, pastel tones and neutral shades are proving particularly popular for this effortlessly chic look.

  3. At the halter
    Halternecks give off the ultimate sexy Grecian vibe, particularly in shades like sage green, silvery lavender, pale rose and powder blue. This style is coming in hot after Meghan Markle stepped out for her wedding reception last May in that stunning Stella McCartney number, setting the precedent for other brides and bridesmaids in 2019.

  4. Get it white
    White bridesmaid dresses?! Shock horror! White has been a no-go for bridesmaids since the beginning of time, but it appears this trend is picking up the pace. The trick is to find the right white bridesmaid dress that will complement but not outshine the bride’s own gown – white is a particularly great option for bridesmaids if the bride is going for a coloured dress. Looking for something a bit more cutting edge? White jumpsuits might just be the answer.

  5. All in the details
    Embroidered detailing was big news on the bridal catwalk in 2018, and this year it’s made its way to the maids themselves. Intricately embellished gowns are feminine and elegant, and are proving to be a big hit amongst the maximalist and boho brides. Full-blown glitzy or a dainty touch of detail – either way, it’s sure to turn heads.

  6. Statement sleeves
    Long gone are 2018’s fitted sleeves as 2019 brings us sleeves of sophistication. A dress with barely-there capped sleeves that grace the shoulders is a pretty alternative to a plain old strapless number (top tip: a lace bodice adds a cute vintage twist). Flutter and ruffled sleeves are the ultimate combination bohemian and luxe, and they’re particularly ideal for maids who want to cover the tops of their arms. If you’re on the hunt for something a bit different – look no further: while flared sleeves are a bold choice, they’ve got just the right dose of dramatic flair.


Bespoke and sentimental: Via Sollertia

The true meaning of bespoke refers to handcrafted design, developed in close consultation with the client.



A bespoke ring crafted from a piece of jewellery with sentimental value is a meaningful way of re-creating something beautiful, says designer Clare of Via Sollertia. “We often have customers bring in jewellery from their great grandmother or a family member who passed away, so we can turn it into bridal jewellery or an engagement ring. It’s my favourite thing to create – I love the family story and sentimentality behind it. And there is no wastage, so it’s also an eco-conscious, sustainable option.”

Located in the heart of the city on iconic New Regent Street, the family-owned business provides a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and can work with any budget. “We’re willing to go above and beyond what customers expect. Throughout the creation process, they are involved every step of the way.”

Find Via Sollertia on Instagram and Facebook. Phone 366 8001 or visit for more information.